Pink and blue eyebrows after microblading eyebrow tattoo

Pink and blue eyebrows after microblading eyebrow tattoo.

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Ladies resort to the possibilities of permanent eyebrow makeup in an effort to look perfect. High qualifications and experience allow a master to achieve good results and fully meet the expectations of clients. However, in some cases, the master’s mistakes lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of blue or reddened eyebrows. In this article, we will explore the reasons why and how it is happening?

An unnatural eyebrow colour as a result of the microblading eyebrow tattoo is a harsh reality. The main factors that a salon specialist must take into account when carrying out permanent makeup are:
– the depth of penetration of the colouring pigment;
– features and skin tone of the client;
– the correct combination of a palette of pigments or colouristics.

Colloristics is a specific science, basic knowledge that allows to avoid the fatal mistakes of the wrong combination of pigment colour and skin tone in permanent makeup tattoo. It is important to consider how the embedded composition in the skin will show itself:
– the blue colour of the eyebrows indicates the presence of paint in the pigment, which a real professional will never use for this procedure. To create dark brows, a dark brown colour is applied. Another reason for blue eyebrows is the inexperience of the master, who injects the pigment deeper than the tattoo technique requires.

In the deep layers of the skin, the colouring composition takes on an unaesthetic cold – bluish tone.

Pink or red eyebrows is the result of the use of the wrong pigment. The red base of the brown pigment in permanent makeup gives an unpleasant pink effect after healing. But it also depends on the individual reaction on the particular colouring composition by the body. However, it is quite easy to correct. Usually, a reason for annoying pink appearance of the eyebrows after the tattoo is the master’s attempt to save on quality pigment. The tattoo master doesn’t want to spend money on brown pigment. Some “experts” mix black, intended for arrows, and red, for lips. As a result, a different structure of pigments is expressed in the form of reddened eyebrows. The master can foresee each of the above problems in advance if he or she studies the theoretical base of his trade and practices competently and responsibly.

It happens that in Perth, the problem of blue and pink eyebrows after a tattoo is widespread. Women approach Elite Look often asking to fix these types of defects after an unexpected result of microblading eyebrow tattoo.

The main methods for solving the problems of pink and blue eyebrows after microblading are laser removal and eyebrow tattoo removal with a remover, or a combination of these techniques. Customers can choose the most correct way to correct low-quality permanent makeup after a free consultation with our master Elena.