Epilation or hair removal during pregnancy – choosing the safest method.

Epilation or hair removal during pregnancy - choosing the safest method.

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Epilation hair remova during pregnancy. The health of mom and baby is first.

Smooth skin and pregnancy – combine business with pleasure!

Pregnancy is a very gentle and delicate period in a woman’s life, when a young mother cares primarily about the health of her baby. During pregnancy, a lot of things are under the sign of a ban (photo), including a number of cosmetic procedures. But what should future and modern mothers do if they want to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and want to get rid of unwanted hairs? We will tell you about each of the epilation options so that you can choose the method that works best for you.


Those who do not dare to epilation because of pain use a razor. Probably every person on our planet has tried this method of hair removal at least once. Various machine tool manufacturing companies are vying with each other to offer us different types – with protective strips, with gel nozzles, with vibration pads and so on. But when you buy a razor, you immediately fall into “machine-tool slavery”, because the same Gilette company adheres to such a policy that for each razor there is its own type of machine, the price of which is growing with enviable constancy. In addition, the razor often causes skin irritation, especially in the intimate area, where the skin is very delicate. The method is inconvenient both in that it requires an almost daily repetition of the procedure, and the inconvenience of epilation of such areas as the intergluteal fold at home. The razor has no contraindications, it is suitable during pregnancy, but in the process it is better not to use soap – it dries the skin excessively. Better to use a special shaving gel;

Depilatory creams.

The main competitor of the razor. Both methods have the same advantage – they are painless, and the same disadvantage – they are not effective enough, the very next day you will need to repeat the procedure. The cream is applied to the skin, destroys the composition of the hair, then it is removed with a light spatula along with the remaining hair.
Electric epilator. Manufacturing companies are vying with each other to offer us all new models of epilators, luring us with different attachments. The method is quite painful, therefore, it is not recommended during pregnancy.

Wax, sugaring, resin, etc. The procedure is quite effective, it allows you to remove hairs for up to a month, plus it differs in that it creates additional peeling of the skin, which makes it especially smooth after the procedure. But it is quite painful, and it is very difficult to epilate such areas as the intergluteal fold or labia on your own – in the first case, you will have to sit in the position “above the bidet”, in the second, without proper tension, when you pull off wax or sugar, you risk breaking the integrity of the skin. It is not recommended during pregnancy because of pain, and heat depilation (for example, wax) should not be done at the site of visible inflammation of the veins. Expectant mothers are prone to allergic reactions, therefore, before bioepilation, a tolerance test should be performed on the skin of the inner surface of the forearm (even if this depilatory cream did not cause problems before).

Photoepilation is a type of hair removal in which a broadband light source is exposed to the regrown hairs (photo). The light pulse is absorbed by the hairs, namely the special pigment melanin. The light energy emitted by the device turns into heat, affects the hair follicle, and thus it dies off. The safest method of epilation during pregnancy, absolutely painless. The main thing is to choose a good beauty or cosmetic tattoo salon and consult an experienced specialist.

Laser hair removal. Dermatologists and other doctors have not come to a unanimous opinion about the use of this method of hair removal in pregnant women. There are no obvious contraindications to laser hair removal. The main thing is to get competent advice from an experienced specialist, to choose a professional salon. The only caveat is that during pregnancy, the hormonal background especially jumps, this can lead to the appearance of age spots on the skin. It should also be remembered that the laser will not remove vellus and light hair.

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