Sugaring hair removal on the stomach

Sugaring hair removal on the stomach

sugaring hair removal

Can stomach hair be removed as naturally as possible?

Sugaring hair removal will remove hair using natural ingredients
Hair removal of armpits and legs is now a quite common procedure for many women. But not everyone decides to remove hair on the abdomen. The skin in this area is delicate and sensitive, easily injured by an incorrect procedure. The hair itself on the abdomen is in most cases thick and coarse, and has large, deep-lying follicles. So what should those of us who don’t want to try either Elos or laser hair removal do?

Sugaring hair removal, or just sugaring, will help solve the problem. This method belongs to the natural methods of bioepilation and is perfect for those who recognise only natural cosmetology. Its essence is to pull out hairs by the roots using a thick, sticky sugar-based paste.

Why Sugaring Hair Removal?

Ancient Egypt is considered the birthplace of sugaring. Modern technologies were not available to our ancestors, but they knew a lot about natural ingredients and natural cosmetics. The recipes for folk remedies were carefully kept and passed from mother to daughter – after all, Egyptians were strictly attributed to have perfectly smooth skin all over the body, including intimate areas.

At that time, natural compositions for hair removal based on plant resins, honey and wax appeared. Such mixtures not only effectively removed hair, but also looked after the skin, made it velvety.

Modern cosmetology has adopted this method and brought it to perfection. In the world’s leading laboratories, special professional sugaring formulations have been created that combine natural ingredients and advanced formulas for better adhesion to the hair.

Sugaring hair removal on the stomach

For sugar hair removal on the stomach, the master usually uses special formulations with honey components. Honey gently cares for delicate skin, perfectly nourishes and accelerates the regeneration of microtrauma after hair pulling out.

After sugaring, your tummy will become flawlessly smooth for several weeks and velvety, like after visiting a spa. Regrowing hairs will not form a stiff stubble like after shaving. At the same time, regular hair removal along with the root will help weaken the follicles. Hair will grow thinner and thinner each time, which is why sugaring hair removal has earned a reputation as the most suitable method for removing excess belly vegetation.

Technique for performing sugaring hair removal on the stomach

Sugaring hair removal on the stomach looks like a manual massage for hair growth. During such manipulations, dead particles of the epidermis are also exfoliated. In other words, sugaring is a hair removal with the effect of several procedures:

light peeling;
deeply moisturizing the skin and saturating it with natural nutrients;
the effect of venotonic massage, which stimulates blood circulation.

Pros of sugar abdominal hair removal

Sugaring has several advantages over other abdominal hair removal techniques.

It is:

Naturalness of the composition: there are no artificial colours, fragrances and other chemical additives in the pastes;
Almost 100% absence of allergic reactions, inflammation and redness. The high composition of glucose and fructose in the paste prevents the growth of bacteria and the appearance of a purulent infection;
The delicacy of the procedure for delicate skin, no thermal burns – the paste heats up to the temperature of our body;
High-quality hair removal of different structures and lengths – from 1-2 mm;
Pastes penetrate deep into the hair follicle and do not break them when removed;
The sugaring procedure is inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

Contraindications to sugaring hair removal on the stomach will be:

any damage to the skin in the epilation area,

In more detail about the course of the procedure, possible restrictions, as well as how much it costs to do abdominal sugaring, you will be told at a preliminary consultation at a cosmetology salon.

The disadvantages of sugaring hair removal include the fact that this procedure is permanent, that is, it must be done regularly, it does not permanently remove hair. However, the low prices for sugaring will serve as a consolation. And if you’re lucky, and you find a discount coupon online or get to a salon promotion, abdominal hair removal will be very cheap.

In addition, judging by the reviews, many do not consider it painless and prefer preliminary anaesthesia, for example, they drink pills half an hour before the start of the master’s work. As a rule, people with a low pain threshold do this. To finally calm down, find photos or videos of sugar hair removal procedures on the Web and you will understand that you should not be afraid.

To understand to what extent this procedure is painful for you and how long one sugaring session lasts, you can only on your own experience!

Sign up for sugaring hair removal at the Elite look cosmetic tattoo studio in Perth right now, and your tummy will be grateful to you!