Everything you ever wanted to know about sugaring

Everything you ever wanted to know about sugaring


Smoothly epilated skin in areas of unwanted hair growth is the dream of all girls and women striving for the beauty of their bodies. It is especially important to achieve the effect in such a delicate place of the female body as the deep bikini area. Removing excess body hair is part of the culture of self-care. Therefore, intimate hair removal is one of the most common services of beauty salons. The procedure itself can cause some discomfort and be quite painful. But the beauty industry is not standing still, offering more and more versatile methods of epilation. Sugaring is especially popular now.
“Sugar” epilation – what is it?

The name of the sugaring procedure comes from the English word sugar – “sugar”. This “sugar epilation” allows you to delicately remove hair even in the sensitive bikini area. Therefore, of all the available methods, women most often choose sugaring as the least traumatic and painful.

With the modern development of cosmetology, sugaring is best suited for epilation of the intimate area of the body. It is made using a thick sugar mass with the addition of components for the best effect. The caramelised paste is applied against hair growth and penetrates into the root zone of the hair follicles. Then it breaks down along with hair growth, which makes it possible to reduce the painful sensations of the tug. Epilation does not imply destruction of hair follicles. Therefore, after a while, unwanted hairs begin to grow back. This happens in about 2-4 weeks, depending on the characteristics of the organism.

In the future, the structure of growing hair becomes thinner, the hairs themselves become soft and sparse. Repeated procedures are already less painful compared to the first.
What is included in the concept of “deep bikini sugaring”?

The bikini area is called the groin area. There are several types of sugaring for this intimate area: classic and deep bikini.

Hair removal in the bikini area along the panties and from the inner thighs is called classic. The area to be treated can vary. In fact, only the hair that is visible from under the underwear is removed.

Unlike these types of intimate styling, epilation of the deep bikini area implies complete disposal of unwanted vegetation on the entire surface of the groin area. Hair is removed from the pubic area, groin folds, the area around the anus, from the inner thighs. This is a rather sensitive area, the skin is especially thin here. Therefore, sugar hair removal is indicated for her as the most highly effective and gentle method of hair removal. The result of the procedure is smooth skin without irritation.

Sometimes salons offer such types of sugaring as “Hollywood” or “Brazilian” bikini. In fact, these are just variations of classic and deep bikini hair removal.

What materials are used

Sugar paste depilatory products are available from many manufacturers. They can be conditionally divided into three types: soft pastes, medium and dense. The choice of product depends on how hard you want to remove hair. For soft hair, soft pastes are suitable, for hair of medium hardness – medium. The thickest and coarsest hair is removed with a thick sugar mass.

The basis of the composition for sugaring is very simple. It contains sugar, water and citric acid. Some manufacturers add other components as well:

Plant extracts. They help to moisturize the skin and protect it from irritation.
Oils. It is advisable that they are in a paste intended for the treatment of sensitive skin. Products with chamomile or eucalyptus essential oils soften the skin and prevent irritation.

In addition to components that improve the composition of the sugar mass, some manufacturers may add not the most useful additives to the recipe. These can be chemical flavours or abrasive particles that can trigger an allergic reaction to the paste. Before buying and using a cosmetic product, you should carefully study its composition.

The salons offer certified products of good quality. However, it is still worth asking the master about the composition of the product with which the intimate zone will be epilated.


What to do when preparing for the procedure

To make epilation of a deep bikini as easy as possible, you need to follow a few simple recommendations. A day or two before visiting the salon, you need to treat the groin area with a soft scrub. Scrubbing will help exfoliate the top layer of dead skin and remove ingrown hairs. A few days before the appointment with the master, you need to give up the tanning bed or tanning in the sun. The effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin can lead to peeling or irritation after processing with sugar mass. For several days (and especially on the day of the procedure), the intimate area should not be treated with any cosmetics. All the necessary processing before the start of epilation will be done by the master.

No special preparations are required for the procedure. The most important thing is a positive attitude towards caring for the beauty of your body.

What can help reduce pain?

Sugaring is considered a rather gentle way of epilation, however, pain is still present. They appear differently for all clients, depending on individual sensitivity.

For those who are afraid to carry out the procedure without anaesthesia, the use of local anaesthetics can be recommended.

The first two drugs are applied directly to the skin in the area of ​​the procedure. These medications have contraindications and side effects.

Anaesthetic cream “Emla” is used for surface anaesthesia. It contains lidocaine and prilocaine. The duration of application of the cream on the treated area of ​​the skin should be 1-2 hours. After removing the dressing, the duration of anaesthesia is two hours.

The active component of Light dep gel is anestoderm. It relieves pain and discomfort from painful cosmetic procedures quite effectively.

How the procedure is done by the master in beauty salons

Sugaring in the salon is done using a manual or bandage method. The work is done by experienced craftsmen. Before the procedure, the client is given local anaesthesia with one of the above drugs.

For epilation in the salon, the most optimal bandage technique:

The caramel mass is heated to 40 degrees.
The deep bikini area is treated with disinfectants.
Talc is applied to the treatment area, which degreases the skin. Another of its functions is to reduce the possibility of strong adhesion of the caramelised mass to the skin.
Sugar paste is applied to the skin with a spatula in the direction against hair growth. Then the composition is stretched in a thin layer.
The top of the paste is closed with a cloth bandage.
After a few seconds, the bandage is torn off with a sharp movement of the master’s hand.
The skin is re-disinfected, then a soothing cream is applied.

The manual technique differs from the bandage technique in that it is performed without the use of fabric strips. In this case, the heated sugar paste is applied to small areas of the skin, evenly distributed and after about 20 seconds, abruptly, but neatly, breaks off. The treatment of the skin before and after the procedure is the same as with the bandage method.

Sugar epilation at home – is it possible?

You can make wax with sugar paste at home. Most often, a manual method is used for this. It’s easy to do it yourself.

The sequence of steps when performing sugaring at home:

Treatment of the epilated area with disinfectants and painkillers. After them, the skin should dry.
Applying talcum powder to the groin area intended for epilation.
Heating the paste in a water bath to a temperature of about 37C.
Application of the prepared paste to small areas of the skin against hair growth.
After 10-20 seconds, abrupt but careful tearing off the hardened paste in small areas in the direction of hair growth.

After finishing the processing, the remaining sugar mass can be easily washed off with water. Since the deep bikini area is rather difficult to access, there is a risk of poor quality epilation at home.

Simple rules for post-procedure care

After completing the procedure, you need to provide proper skin care. There is also nothing complicated here:

Apply a special cream to the treated area after epilation. It will protect the skin and slow down the growth of new hair.
Try to avoid excessive sweating immediately after sugaring. It is worth excluding physical activity or visiting the bathhouse and sauna on this day.
Scrub the skin periodically between treatments to prevent ingrown hairs.


You can ask for more information about sugaring during your visit to Elite Look cosmetic tattoo salon.


How to eliminate possible irritation

In some cases, the procedure can have negative consequences in the form of allergic reactions, dry and itchy skin, pustular inflammation. They can arise for the following reasons:

Improper technique for applying or removing sugaring composition;
the use of an insufficiently heated mass;
lack of skin treatment with disinfectants and emollients.

What to do if such a nuisance happened? The problem can be eliminated within 3-5 days using antiseptic agents: gels, ointments, solutions.

You can treat with healing ointments, such as Levomekol or Syntomycin. For skin injuries, herbal infusions based on chamomile or sage help. The active substances of these herbs have a soothing effect on the skin. Infusions are applied in the form of lotions to irritated skin areas.

Sugaring: pros and cons

The effectiveness of the procedure. After it, the skin is perfectly smooth.
With each epilation, the soreness decreases as the hairs become thinner and thinner.
Lack of pronounced pain and discomfort.
Ease of manipulation. They can be done even at home.
Long-term preservation of the result. The smoothness of the skin lasts up to 4 weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.
The minimum risk of developing an allergic reaction, since the paste contains hypoallergenic components.
Low prices for sugar hair removal.

There are much fewer minuses, but they are still there.

After any epilation, hairs may grow into the skin. For sugaring, this is no exception. But this problem is easily solved by regular use of scrubs.
With particularly sensitive skin, there is a possibility of developing allergies to such ingredients of the paste as caramel or lemon juice.
Soreness during manipulations is still present, although it is less pronounced than with other methods of hair removal.
There is always a risk of purchasing a low-quality sugaring composition. It is recommended to use a paste from well-known cosmetics manufacturers.

The advantages of sugaring over other methods of epilation

If we talk about exactly such a removal of excess vegetation on the body as epilation, then there are very few competitors for sugaring. These are mainly ways such as:

Waxing (hair removal with a liquid wax-based mixture);
chemical epilation (depilatory creams);
hair removal with a razor.

By the way of carrying out the procedure, sugaring is similar to wax epilation, but there is still a difference between these methods. The main disadvantages of using wax are:

High risk of skin burns with hot wax;
soreness of the procedure.

The fact is that after cooling, the wax strips come off the skin against hair growth. It feels much more painful than removing the sugar paste.

Using a razor is less painful but not effective at all. After shaving, the skin may turn red or become covered with pustules, itching of the treated surface is not excluded. But the main thing is that after a couple of days, hard spiky hairs appear on the skin. Aesthetics in this case is out of the question.

The same can be said about the use of depilatory creams. They are not particularly effective because they cannot completely remove tough hairs in the bikini area. Perfect skin smoothness cannot be achieved with this method.

Thus, sugaring is best suited for epilation of the deep bikini area.


Are there any contraindications to sugaring?

Bikini epilation using the sugaring method is safe, but even for it there are some contraindications. Among them:

different types of cancer;
the presence of neoplasms in the epilation area (papillomas, moles, etc.);
skin defects (violation of the integrity of the skin);
hypersensitivity to some components of the caramelised mass.

During pregnancy, it is undesirable to do sugaring. First, excitement and pain can have a negative impact on fetal development. Secondly, pain can provoke uterine tone. This can lead to early miscarriage or late premature birth.

Separately, it should be said that it is undesirable to do sugaring during menstruation or immediately after it. This is not a contraindication, but during this period, women’s skin is more sensitive to pain. Therefore, the procedure can be more painful than on other days of the cycle.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to make the procedure more comfortable:

For those who do sugaring for the first time, you can start with the classic bikini option. When this intimate area gradually gets used to epilation with sugar mass, you can move on to a deep bikini.
The length of the hairs during sugaring should be 4-5 mm. If the hairs are shorter, they may not be captured by the paste and will remain on the skin. If the hairs are longer, the procedure will be more painful.
On the day of the procedure, it is better not to wear too tight underwear or underwear made of synthetic fabrics.
For recording, it is better to choose days in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The skin during this period has the least sensitivity.
Treatment of the same skin area twice in one session is prohibited. If there are single hairs left, it is better to remove them with tweezers.
Before the procedure, you need to tell the master about the presence of contraindications in order to exclude possible contraindications.

You can sign up for deep bikini sugaring on our website or by phone. Choose Elite look cosmetic tattoo salon and a convenient time for the procedure.