Facial care starts with cleansing the skin. You need to regularly wash or wipe it with tonic, remove makeup every evening, periodically do peeling and cleansing masks. But even careful regular care does not deeply cleanse the pores. Dust gets into them, mixes with skin secretions and clogs them. With combination to oily skin, clogged pores are often inflamed and acne breakouts. If there are no inflammatory processes, black spots are visible on the face. With dry skin, the clogging of the pores is hardly noticeable, but the supply of deep layers of the dermis with oxygen decreases, and the complexion worsens. To completely remove all impurities, to cleanse the pores, you need to regularly cleanse your beautician. In the Elite Look cosmetic tattoo beauty salon in Perth, soft and painless ultrasonic cleaning is performed, but sometimes cosmetologists recommend a mechanical method or a combined procedure. It provides deeper cleansing than ultrasonic treatment.

About the procedure

Mechanical (manual, manual) or combined, with the application of peeling, cleaning is used for deep cleansing of the epidermis. It is recommended for acne, black or white sebaceous plugs that clog the pores. To remove them, a mechanical effect is carried out on the skin with hands or with a specialised instrument – a Uno spoon.

Cleansing causes unpleasant painful sensations and injuries to the skin. To minimise them, you need to choose a beautician with experience and “light hands”. Attempts to squeeze out the sebaceous plugs on their own increase the risk of introducing an infection, provoking the development of the inflammatory process: there are more damage, and they heal longer.

You can also sign up for a combined or manual cleaning for rashes, black dots in the neckline, on the shoulders and on the back.


Mechanical cleaning of leather was carried out in Ancient Greece. And today thousands of women in different countries come to cosmetologists for this procedure every day, preferring it over the hardware room, despite the innovative ultrasound equipment in salons, peels, masks and creams.

The advantages of manual cleaning:

Release of sebaceous ducts to the very base – ultrasound cleansing does not give such an effect;
improvement of blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells contributes to the healing of the dermis, levelling the relief, increasing tone and reducing the number of wrinkles;
normalisation of the sebaceous glands, uniform distribution of sebum with combined skin type;
the cost of manual cleaning is lower than ultrasonic – no specialised devices are required to perform it.


Mechanical cleaning has several disadvantages:

The procedure cannot be attributed to relaxation – squeezing out the sebaceous plugs causes unpleasant sensations;
trauma to the epidermis – the formation of microtrauma, the appearance of redness is inevitable;
possible allergic reactions to the drugs used, the substances contained in the masks – the risk of allergic manifestations increases when performing the combined procedure;
the recovery period lasts from 2-3 days to a week.

The unpleasant moments when using mechanical pore cleaning cannot be avoided. But the degree of their severity depends on the qualifications of the cosmetologist, the threshold of pain sensitivity. After a correctly performed procedure, redness, damage disappear quickly, scars are not formed, pronounced swelling, and the appearance is noticeably improved.



The manual method of cleaning the epidermis is recommended less frequently than ultrasonic. But in case of problem skin, it is better to come for a procedure that will not hide the defects for several days, but will improve the condition, normalise the secretion of sebum and supply cells with oxygen.

Manual cleaning is recommended:

With combination or oily skin type, even in the absence of rashes;
with acne, acne, pimples;
with an unhealthy complexion;
with wen and milia;
with clogged pores – sebaceous plugs can be black or white;
with a decrease in the elasticity of the dermis.

The mechanical method is most effective in dealing with teenage rashes. During puberty, a girl or boy needs to be registered with a beautician to get advice on skin care and to start cleaning it in time, before acne appears.


Manipulations involving mechanical action on the skin of the face are undesirable for certain diseases and at certain periods. Before the procedure, the cosmetologist asks if there are any contraindications to cleaning. They can be absolute or relative. The absolute includes:

Pregnancy at any time;
bronchial asthma;
diseases of the circulatory system;
increased fragility of blood vessels – the beautician will advise other methods of cleaning;
dry, flaky skin – it is well cleaned by ultrasonic waves;

Relative contraindications include high blood pressure – it can be stabilised with medication and measured before the procedure. It is not recommended signing up for cleaning during your period. With a low pain threshold, the decision is made by the woman independently, having previously discussed with the beautician the possibilities of other procedures.

Order of conduct

To reduce the soreness of the procedure, trauma to the skin, reduce the risk of infection, mechanical cleansing of the face is carried out in several stages:

Makeup removal, face, neck and décolleté cleansing with tonic and thorough disinfection;
if a combined type of procedure is performed, a light superficial peeling with a low concentration of acid is applied to the face;
steaming – softens the surface hardened layer of the dermis, facilitates the easy removal of dead cells;
mechanical cleansing of pores;
disinfection of the skin;
application of a mask that soothes the skin and tightens pores.

It is not recommended to over cool the face after the procedure. If cleaning is done in winter, in severe frost, you need to stay warm for another 20-30 minutes.



Before the procedure, the beautician disinfects the instruments, takes out a sterile napkin. The master puts on sterile latex gloves. But in some women, contact with latex provokes allergic reactions. Tell the beautician before the procedure. Mechanical cleaning can be done without gloves. But you need to disinfect your hands well.

Before visiting the salon, no special preparation is required for cleaning, carried out by a mechanical or ultrasonic method. It is not necessary to remove makeup if a woman feels uncomfortable without it. The master in the salon will do this in a few minutes. There is no point in preliminary home steaming of the skin. This should be done immediately before mechanical cleaning, immediately after disinfection.


After removing makeup and disinfecting, applying peeling with a combined cleaning method, the top layer of the dermis must be steamed. This step lasts a few minutes if wet steam is used, and about 10-15 minutes if hot-melt gel is applied. The thermo-warming gel prevents excessive fluid loss.

But with dilated vessels on the face, their close location, with dry thin or sensitive skin with rosacea, cold hydrogenation is used to loosen the upper layer of the dermis and remove dead cells. The gel does not raise the temperature on the surface of the epidermis, but saturates the cells with moisture. They swell, increase in volume, and intercellular communications weaken. The gel is applied for 20-25 minutes. The duration of the mechanical procedure is slightly increased, and the injury rate is reduced. After steaming, it is advisable to make bros sage – mechanical treatment with a rotating brush.

Skin cleansing

The beautician treats a prepared face with 3% hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectant and unclogs the pores with a Uno spoon. It is applied so that the hole is above the black point, and slightly pressed. In some areas of the face, it is more convenient to remove sebaceous plugs, slightly pressing down with your fingers, through a sterile napkin. Cleansed skin areas are immediately treated with hydrogen peroxide or disinfectant lotion.

A Vidal needle is used to remove deep-seated comedones and acne. The skin near the comedone is slightly stretched and a superficial puncture is made through which the sebaceous plug and pus are removed. Such defects of the dermis can be removed only by a mechanical method, ultrasonic radiation does not penetrate deeply clogged pores.

After cleansing the face of comedones, the beautician treats the skin with the other end of the Uno spoon.


The final stage

After completion of mechanical manipulations and disinfection, a mask is applied to the face. The cosmetologist selects its composition for each woman, taking into account the type and condition of the skin. Its composition with normal, combined, fatty and dry types is significantly different. The main purpose of the mask is to remove unpleasant sensations, relieve inflammation. But it can also contain whitening ingredients that make dark spots on the face less visible, and substances that help narrow the pores.

The masks used after cleaning include cosmetic clay, starch, extracts of medicinal plants, oils. They consolidate the effect of the procedure, improve the complexion, increase the firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.

How often should you clean your face?

The need for mechanical pore cleaning depends on the skin type:

Dry – according to indications, with deep blockage of pores, it is performed no more often than once every three months, necessarily alternates with ultrasonic procedures;
normal – it is recommended to do the procedure every 2 months, but periodically the mechanical one can be replaced with an ultrasonic one;
combined – depends on the condition of the skin, the degree of expansion and contamination of the pores, you need to regularly visit a beautician in order to do the procedure on time;
oily – monthly cleaning is recommended, it is important to prevent clogging of pores and the development of inflammatory processes, the appearance of acne, it can periodically be supplemented by ultrasound.

Care after cleaning

In order for the face to heal faster after mechanical cleaning, a number of restrictions must be observed:

Do not visit the bathhouse, sauna or solarium for a week after cleaning;
do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, or minimise the number of cigarettes smoked;
before going outside in sunny weather, be sure to apply sunscreen on your face;
do not use hot water, soap, alcohol-containing preparations, scrubs and peels when washing, wash with mineral water at room temperature with cleansing cosmetics for sensitive skin;
drink more fluid so that the cells receive enough of it for intensive regeneration;
apply a moisturizer;
treat damage with an antiseptic;
do not use foundation and other decorative cosmetics for 2-3 days.

Possible complications

Not only ultrasonic, but also manual cleaning of the skin must be done in the salon, having signed up with a qualified cosmetologist. If you do the procedure at home in violation of technology, there is a high risk of complications. With professional care, clear skin without redness is observed in 2-3 days. If redness persists within three days, soothing masks or cold compresses from herbal decoction should be done.

When combined with a chemical peel, irritation may appear. Allergic reactions are also possible to the components contained in the warming or soothing mask. Reception of anti-allergic drugs contributes to the rapid disappearance of edema, redness. If symptoms persist within a week, you need to see a dermatologist.