Eyebrow correction for women

Eyebrow correction for women

Eyebrow shaping with henna tinting is most often required in cases where the shape of the eyebrows is correct and neat, but the hair colour is not perfect or does not match the hair colour. Professional eyebrow shaping in the salon is never performed “blindly”: the procedure is always preceded by a consultation and determination of the optimal correction methods for the client.

Eyebrow shaping with eyebrow tinting can transform the face and make it noticeably more attractive. This is best illustrated by the photos of our work – before and after. Appreciate how neat and well-groomed eyebrows of the correct shape flawlessly frame the eyes and make the look more expressive.

Shape correction can be done in different ways:

With the help of a thread – optimal for sensitive skin, since it is a painless and fast enough way to eliminate excess hair;

With tweezers – a traditional simple and easy way;
using wax or sugar paste – makes the skin on the eyelid very soft and smooth, as even thin and invisible excess hairs are removed.

In Elite Look, the price for the eyebrow correction procedure corresponds to the quality of the master’s work and is always justified by the result. An irresistible look, well-groomed eyebrows and a long-lasting effect after the procedure are all undoubted advantages that each of our clients receives. Hurry up to sign up right now!