Sugaring hair removal in the bikini area

Sugaring hair removal in the bikini area.

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In the world of beauty and women’s struggle with unwanted hair on the body, there is one new interesting way of hair removal – sugaring. This is hair removal with … sugar! Or rather sweet and pleasant to the touch sugar paste, which is prepared on the basis of fructose or glucose. This bio hair removal method is very common today due to its advantages and inexpensive cost.
100% natural hair removal and impressive results

You have probably heard that you can make yourself a bikini sugaring at home, i.e. make a paste (photos and videos of a sugar paste recipe can be found on the Internet), or maybe you even tried to do sugaring hair removal yourself. And of course, you didn’t succeed. This is understandable since you need not only the skills of hair removal in the bikini area but also special education, experience, professionalism. By the way, it is extremely difficult to cook pasta at home, it never works the first time.

Therefore, deciding to do a bikini with sugar, go to Elite Look cosmetic tattoo salon in Perth. There you will find:

Professional tools and materials (in spas and beauty studios, they use a special paste from European manufacturers, means for preparing the skin and caring for it after hair removal);
the best masters are real cosmetologists who know everything about bikini hair removal by sugaring, they have a medical education, which allows them to competently carry out the procedure, taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin of each client;
complete sterility and safety of the bikini sugaring procedure (experts use disposable gloves and other consumables, so the risk of infection is excluded).

Sweet hair removal is available to everyone

The benefits of bikini waxing with sugar paste are many. This procedure can be called universal since even the most sensitive skin and the bikini area belongs to it, will not be covered with irritation and red spots after sugaring.

Hair removal with sugar is convenient. The professional paste is easy to apply and rinse off with plain water.

Sugaring bikini refers to as bio hair removal, everything is natural and organic. Therefore, after the procedure, you will not have any irritation or allergic reaction. Sugaring is suitable for all skin types.

Sugaring hair removal is effective in several ways. Firstly, using sugar paste, you can remove hairs in the bikini area quickly and completely. How long the effect is enough – it all depends on your characteristics, the hair is removed along with the root, the result is enough for at least a month.

Secondly, the sugar paste contains ingredients that are good for the skin, so the skin after the procedure will be tender.

Sugaring will save you time, as professionals do it quickly and painlessly.

How is hair removal done with sugar paste:

1. The master in the salon prepares the couch, be sure to wash his hands, put on sterile gloves, and heat the sugar paste to a certain temperature.
2. The master cleans the bikini area with a special lotion, the skin is decreased so that the hairs are better removed, and the treated area is disinfected with an antiseptic.
3. The skin is sprinkled with talcum powder so that the paste less adheres to it, and captures only the hairs.
4. The master takes a small amount of the paste, applies it to the area against the hair growth, smears it on the skin, the paste is pulled off quickly strictly according to hair growth.
5. After complete processing, the remnants of the sugar paste are removed from the skin by the master using cosmetic water.

As a result, the skin is moisturized and calmed, since the tension still exists.

Sugaring works very well for hair removal of the bikini area. To make the procedure even better, a couple of days before arriving at the salon, experts recommend doing a skin peeling at home, for example, using your favourite scrub. Thanks to peeling, the skin will become smooth, and the hairs will “rise”, it will be easier to remove them.

Want a sweet bikini hair removal? Then we are waiting for you in our salon in Moscow! You can leave a request right now on our website. Our specialist will call you back and make an appointment at a convenient time. Believe me, beauty doesn’t require sacrifice. Sugaring is cheap and effective. How much does hair removal with sugar paste cost, you will find out from our specialist.