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Eyebrow tattoo, do I wax them before or not? Which design is the best?

Eyebrow tattoo, do I wax them before or not? Which design is the best?

Eyebrow tattoo in Perth

This post is about a very frequently asked question when someone is going to do an eyebrow tattoo, and that is if the eyebrows should be plucked first, and the design, which one do I want, which one is the recommended, and really if there is a perfect eyebrow or not. And finally, eyebrow tattoo removal as an option.

Well, as you may have seen, I have not written a post for a long time, and it is something that my followers ask me to write to answer questions that arise from both users and professionals. I have had a hard streak and I have hardly had time to write, although I have been solving your doubts via email or via WhatsApp, as you were contacting me.

This time I want to talk to you about a constant that is being repeated among the most frequent doubts of users.

The first is, do I pluck my eyebrows? My answer is NO resounding, we must not leave them depopulated, at all. What is convenient is to fix the shape, but without leaving the eyebrow hairless, since that will be our limit and our reference, and as a result of that previous shape of the person, we will redesign an eyebrow according to that initial shape, the type of face and the base color. When we redesign the eyebrow, WE CANNOT LOAD THE BASE EYEBROW, and another question: Template yes or template no? Obviously, NO TEMPLATE, and why, from what I have previously said, each eyebrow is adapted to each face for each eye, our face is asymmetrical, and we must take some reference values ​​(here we use standards) and apply them to the face with the That we meet.

But we have not talked about the great problem of waxing, the eyebrow even if we wax it, it grows back, and what happens when the hair grows? And if that hair has been removed to make a new design and the hair grows in another direction from the design made, then here we have a serious problem, and that is why it is better to be sensible and honest and say to the user, DO NOT I shave them, but some eyebrows are made following your basic design, because then we can find real disasters.

But what happens when I find a hairless eyebrow, well, things change here. we will find a face that does not have eyebrows, and we must give it eyebrows that are consistent with that face, and another variable, what were they like before? And what impact will seeing themselves with eyebrows again have on that person? Then what do we do…. Well, we will take a reference of the face, the size of the eyes, how they are separated from each other, the eyelid (more less drooping …) and we will make a design according to that face and the most important thing THAT THE USER CHOOSES AND DECIDES HER DESIGN At the end of the day, she is the one who is going to see herself in the mirror, but she must wear eyebrows according to her face, not put a template and just leave it.

And the other case we come across is “I want this eyebrow tattoo” or “we make eyebrows like this.” These two items do not help me either, firstly because the eyebrows of the famous person or the photo in the magazine probably do not match the face of the user, and secondly because the pigment once catches on the skin does not remain the same as makeup, because it is not makeup, so you have to be very sure of what you are going to do. Or before the item “we make the eyebrows like this” and they show us a photo of a single case and they all make them the same, because I don’t agree either, you have to have some references, but the professional will have that and adapt it to each face.

Lastly, how to remove it? since the elimination is laborious. It cannot be done at least until a month after the pigmentation has elapsed, we will have to wait for the skin to heal and it will be necessary to give between 2-3 sessions spaced 3-4 weeks, and sometimes it does not always disappear completely, but it is the best option. In this case, if a slight shadow remains, a correction could be made, but in these cases, users do not want to hear the word micropigmentation mentioned again, although the biggest problem is when ink (tattoo) has been used instead of pigment because the pigmentation fades over time but the tattoo is what really costs more to remove.

They tell me that there are acids to eliminate, but would you wear something that could be harmful to your body? the acid gives reactions… the best option although slow is the laser. As you can see, I am not in favor of depigmenting methods, risk benefit, there are more risks than benefits, burns can be done … well, better not.

Now I’m going to give you different cases and examples of eyebrow microphones with their explanations. I hope they are useful to you, and if you are thinking of doing an eyebrow micro, or eliminating that micropigmentation that you do not like, or an assessment, you can make an appointment with me through the email

Eyebrow tattoo

CASE 1: Micropigmentation of the eyebrows of a person who underwent medical treatment, has no hair at all, and I find myself with very sensitive skin and phototype 2. The most important thing was to ask for a photo of how I had them before, to be able to perform the design. I use light shades.

CASE 2: In the following case, the patient does not have hair on her eyebrows, but she does retain a little hair at the base, so I follow that line for design, and I find one eye more droopy than the other and smaller , with great asymmetry. I do design and it takes two complete sessions, a first to fix a base and a second to make hair by hair. Skin phototype 2

CASE 3: Patient with remains of hair on his own base. I remake eyebrows according to their shape, adjusting and correcting the design to his face. I combine hair-to-hair technique with blending. Skin phototype 3

CASE 4: Unpopulated eyebrows, I follow the base of the eyebrow, shaping it, using the hair-by-hair technique. skin phototype 2-3

CASE 5: Depopulated eyebrows without shape. Here the user wants to shape and increase volume to widen her eyebrows. Hair-to-hair technique use.

CASE 6: Patient who comes from another center, has undergone a micropigmentation of the eyebrows, but the eyebrow was plucked to give a shape, and what has happened is that after growing the eyebrow hair, he has found an eyebrow that it has two tails. In this case, the importance of NOT waxing and following basic forms is observed. The laser is applied.

As you can see, I show you several cases of eyebrows, so that in this way, you have where to compare, document yourself, and know that each user is unique, their eyebrows also and the techniques used for each user will also be personalized.