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Original Friendship Tattoos

Original Friendship Tattoos


It is said that friends are brothers that you choose yourself, they are with you in good times and support you in difficulties. Some are passengers and others, well, they are forever and ever.

Friendship tattoos for friends in Perth

To celebrate the joy of having a super friend or super friend in your life, how about a friendship tattoo together? , definitely a hallmark of a lifetime for those good moments that we all long to have and that surely, if you are very lucky, you will continue to share throughout your life.

Original friendship tattoos

Without a doubt, friendship tattoos are original, great and full of meaning since they are usually developed by the friends who are going to wear them and the tattoo artist, in a joint effort. They are usually minimalist, with your initials, or the memory of a very special moment, for example, a paper plane to commemorate an unforgettable trip.

Eternal friendship tattoos

It can be the same tattoo for both of you or for the whole group of friends or, tattoo designs that complement each other, such as puzzle tiles, keys and locks, dice with different numbers, tattoo of flowers , cars and roads, the symbol of infinity , the word Friends, a tattoo of a phoenix bird and many, many more.

Eternal friendship tattoos

A true friend is with you through thick and thin and not only applauds your virtues, he also points out your defects so that you can improve, he is the one who knows your tastes the most and shares with you that complicity that you cannot find with anyone else. And why not celebrate it with a beautiful tattoo?

In general , friendship tattoos are fun, if you have taken a trip with those special friends, how about something that reminds you? Mountains, the great paper plane tattoo , landscapes or the sea ​​wave tattoo , they are small and They look fabulous on your skin, and they are sure to bring back wonderful memories.

The arrows with the infinity symbol, feathers, moons, your favorite animals, the fruit they like the most, identical roses, hearts of the same style but the color that each one likes.

There are really many styles that you can choose from depending on the meaning you want to give to these wonderful symbols.

Mountain tattoos friends in Perth

Meaningful friendship tattoos

There are many tattoos that represent the strength of a friendship, but we bring you some significant ones … Which one would you encourage?

Footprint Hearts:

That’s right, they are cute, medium in size, can be made in many colors, and look like they were made with fingerprints. They are great and represent that that person has left a mark on your heart. They can be worn on the wrist and are widely used to represent lasting friendship.
Seagulls flying:

They are spectacular if you like friendship tattoos, they are done in sets of three, especially these types of tattoos on the wrist are very popular , and the best thing, when you put them together you can see as if they were flying forming a large triangle. Really highly recommended, it is quite elegant and symbolic.


They are wonderful because they can be done in a minimalist way. Both on the wrist, behind the ear , at the ankles … well, they really give you a lot of options to do them. Very significant since an anchor is a firm point where you can support yourself, they are quite used to represent friendship.

We at Baltasar, our Tattoo Studio in Madrid , specialize in minimalist tattoos with fine lines , if you have any ideas do not hesitate to contact us!

tattoo ideas

Punctuation marks friendship tattoos:

The coolest thing about these tattoos is that each of the members of the group can choose the sign that most represents them,

Period, comma, Colon, Exclamation marks, question marks, Ellipsis, in different colors but all belonging to the group of punctuation marks, very symbolic indeed and quite funny.
Words with meaning:

The Latin phrases can be the most striking, Carpe Diem (seize the day), Amor Omnia Vincit (love conquers everything), Beatus ille (happy that time), Hic et nun (here and now) and many more are quite a lot. Significant and you can also accompany them with a symbol such as a heart, an arrow among others.

Linked hearts:

Special for friends of the soul and also with the advantage of being able to link as many as you want depending on whether your group of friends is large or small, each one can choose a color that represents them, and they are usually minimalist which gives them a touch of elegance without equal.

Dolls talking on the phone:

If you are one of those who spend hours talking on the mobile with your best friend, you will love that tattoo, it is original and fun.

To achieve this effect, it must be prepared by professionals like the ones you will find in Elite Look Tatto Perth, who will help you choose the most beautiful tones so that they stand out with your skin color, and you can even give a 3d vision to this great butterfly.
Animal Footprints Friendship Tattoos:

They can be a good tattoo for a group of friends, tigers, bears, wolves, they all have a different footprint and a particular meaning and the best thing, you can add a footprint for each friend that is in the group, they are very common among men.
Kawaii figurines:

Special, fabulous, tender, minimalist and undoubtedly widely used by teenagers, these figurines are a good resource to symbolise a beautiful friendship.