Eyebrow Tattoo made by Elite Look

Eyebrow Tattoo made by Elite Look

Eyebrow tattoo

The fashion for eyebrows is changing all the time, and many women blindly follow it. They pluck it, leaving a thin thread over the eyelid, then they outline the bend. Day after day, painstakingly, artistically, they achieve the desired effect, removing excess hairs and drawing on the missing ones with a pencil, because the eyebrows require colouring and the correct shape in order to give the look expressiveness, sensuality, passion. Every woman strives to create her own unique image, trying to correct what nature has endowed her with: turn rare, light, straight, bushy or even fused eyebrows into the same “spreading eyebrows” that will give the makeup and the image a complete look. A professional eyebrow tattoo will help create a captivating look – you will feel more confident knowing that your eyes have become even more beautiful in a beautiful eyebrow tattoo.

Permanent makeup has conquered modern women with its affordability, durability and efficiency, and one of its main type – eyebrow tattooing – is a procedure that will not take much time and will not cause any particular inconvenience. A fine needle is used to inject a pigment into the top layer of the skin, which retains its colourfastness for at least two years. You will no longer need to draw and shape eyebrows on a daily basis. Another important advantage: unlike conventional makeup, the tattoo is not afraid of moisture, heat, water or UV, which means it will not “float” and will not spread at the most inopportune moment. Of course, over time, pigment is removed from the skin, but timely touch up will easily correct the situation.

For the women living in Perth, the salon Elite Look offers all the services of permanent makeup, including eyebrow tattoo, which is done in two ways. The first, hairy, creates the effect of “sable” eyebrows – thick, expressive, creating a complete illusion of luxurious natural. The master paints each hair with pinpoint precision, applying several shades of paint to create the effect of volume. It is used when your eyebrows are not thick enough. The second way is soft shading. Suitable for sparse, light eyebrows that do not have a clear outline. The master creates a line, gently shading it, and the eyebrows look like they are gracefully drawn with a pencil.

Before going to the salon, carefully consider the desired shape of the eyebrows. A week before the procedure, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, visiting the sauna, solarium, sun exposure. Check if there are any contraindications for you: diabetes mellitus, tendency to form keloid scars, skin diseases. The tattoo is done with anaesthesia; the master tattooing one eyebrow for about 40 minutes. The skin in the area of ​​the eyebrows is less sensitive, so the procedure is considered the safest in permanent makeup. Redness and swelling of the skin will disappear on the third day.

The result of visiting the salon Elite Look will delight you for more than one day. From two to five years, depending on the individual skin characteristics, you will look irresistible, make eyes, raise your eyebrows in surprise, frown coquettishly and drive men crazy. The modern image of a well-groomed, impeccable woman will allow you to conquer new heights and give you self-confidence.