How long blush lip tattoo last and choice of colour

How long blush lip tattoo last and choice of colour.

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As was mentioned before, after the cosmetic tattoo procedure (it refers to traumatic ones), rehabilitation is required. The length of the recovery period depends on the complexity of the technique.

Immediately after you get a lip tattoo, the colour of your lips may seem too bright. But this should not be a cause for concern, because soon the colour will return to normal. A few hours after the procedure, the lips often swell, this condition will also gradually disappear. Someone’s edema subsides quickly, while someone needs more time – this is influenced by the individual characteristics of the body. Usually, the discomfort and painful sensations are the strongest on the first day, then the skin slowly heals.

After about 2 days, crusts will appear on the lips. Lips will, of course, look ugly, the itching will appear, but you cannot peel off the crusts, you need to endure this period and wait until the crusts fall off by themselves – otherwise, there is a high probability of scarring. They will cross out all efforts – there will be no beauty on the lips.

It will take about two weeks, and the lip tattoo will look natural, and the appearance will be transformed due to richer colour and a visually larger lip volume.

It is difficult to say exactly how long the result of lip tattooing will last; different factors affect the timing: both the state of the body and adherence to the recommendations for care during the recovery period and after.

You can take care in advance that the lips after the procedure look natural and beautiful, by choosing the right tones for a lip tattoo. You need to focus not only on your desires but also on the laws of colour compatibility, taking into account the type of appearance, shades of hair, eyes, skin.

Blondes with fair skin, blue or green eyes do not lose if they stop at delicate shades of pink and raspberry. Light-eyed girls with fair hair and fair skin will look most attractive with lips in honey, coral, and crimson shades.
For owners of dark skin, dark hair, and eyes, colours such as ochre and caramel are suitable for lip tattooing. The choice in favour of nude shades can also be considered successful.
Very dark-skinned brunettes will have terracotta gamut and variations of cocoa shades to the face, while girls of a dark race with a characteristic skin colour should prefer brown-beige tones.

If it is difficult to choose a shade on your own, it is better to seek help from a master: as a professional, he will select the right tone that will emphasise the merits and help hide any imperfections in appearance.