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Eyebrow tattoo removal in Perth

Eyebrow tattoo removal in Perth

Eyebrow tattoo removal

Permanent eyebrow tattoo is very popular among many girls. And this is completely justified because with its help women can look great without spending any effort. Despite this, there are times when it is still necessary to remove the eyebrow tattoo.

Many women wonder how eyebrow tattoo removal is done and whether it can be done without harm to health, as well as quickly and inexpensively. In this article, we will cover this.

– Can eyebrow tattoo removal in Perth be done quickly and inexpensively?

First, let’s talk about what a low-quality eyebrow tattoo is and give its most common signs:

Incorrectly selected pigment;
poorly or incorrectly drawn contours;
uneven colour, spots, or too bright colours;
the presence of scars;
the bluish tint of an eyebrow or arrowhead tattooing on the eyelids;
the inappropriate shape of eyebrows, lips, arrows on the eyelids, asymmetry.

All these shortcomings indicate that the master made the eyebrow tattoo of poor quality. The result depends on the experience of the master and the materials used by him and the quality of the equipment.

In all cases described above, it becomes necessary to remove permanent makeup. There are two common ways to remove a tattoo:

– using a laser;

– a remover.

The use of each of them depends on such factors as the type and condition of the skin, the depth of its colouring, the quality of the pigments used, and individual characteristics.
The removal procedure will not be quick or inexpensive – it will take a lot of effort and patience. Therefore, when choosing a master for eyebrow tattooing, in no case should you save money, so as not to remove the consequences of poor-quality work later.

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal in Perth
We will focus on this, the most effective and safest option for tattoo removal. This procedure is performed using a laser beam, which, in contact with the skin, absorbs the colouring pigments by warming them up.

Under the influence of high temperature, they disappear, and this heat is transferred to neighbouring cells, covering the entire surface of the skin with a dye. After that, the damaged skin cells with the dye are excreted from the body.

To remove cold shades of pigment, three to four procedures are required; for warm shades, more procedures will be required. Each of them is carried out at intervals of one month.