Four types of permanent eyeliner tattoo

Four types of permanent eyeliner tattoo

Permanent eyeliner tattoo

During the application of this type of permanent makeup, the master draws a line almost along the eyelash edge, resulting in a very natural effect.

Suitable for: all women, regardless of the eyes. This technique will especially appeal to lovers of nude makeup.

Advantages: due to the fact that the space between the eyelashes has pigment, the eyelashes look thicker and darker. In addition, this arrow looks great with or without makeup.

The eyelid permanent can be of the following types:

with a small arrow in the outer corner of the eye;
with soft shading.


If you are tired of getting up early every morning to do your makeup with perfect arrows, we advise you to pay attention to this technique. The master will select the width, length and shape of the arrow that is right for you, and the look will be irresistible. You can make a light eyelid makeup, and a dramatic one, like a movie star.

Who is it for: those who are used to arrows and cannot imagine daily makeup without them, as well as girls who naturally have a lowered outer corner of their eyes and an open upper eyelid.

Advantages: permanent eyeliner tattoo last especially long and allow you to create the effect of “cat’s eyes”.

Note! If you are not sure what kind of permanent makeup technique is right for you, make an “eyeliner tattoo”, and you can add an arrow at any time if you wish.


Arrow with feather

This techniques main feature is the master draws a thin arrow along the eyelid, which smoothly and gently turns into shadows or light haze. After the main arrow is drawn, the colour is stretched from saturated to less intense. At the same time, eyeliner tattoo can be performed in absolutely any shade, although most often clients choose calm colours that match the colour of the iris.

Suitable for: Permanent eyeliner tattoo with shading is ideal for women with ageing skin, since it is impossible to draw clear lines on it. Also, using this technique, you can give an almond shape to round eyes.

Benefits: The shaded arrow visually corrects the overhanging eyelid and drooping outer corners of the eyes. If you do just such a permanent make-up, you can significantly save on eyeliner and shadows, and also not waste time on morning beauty rituals. The permanent shaded arrow looks moderately bright, which is great for a daytime look.

Permanent eyeliner tattoo on the lower eyelid

The lower eyelid is often added to the shaded arrow. Usually, dull colours are used for this, for example, grey or brown, since the black arrow here looks rough and visually reduces the eyes.

Suitable for: This type of eyeliner is ideal for permanent makeup on round large eyes.

Advantages: if you choose eyeliner tattoo the right colour, you can successfully correct the shape of the eyes, and make your eyes bright and expressive.

Note! Permanent makeup of the lower eyelid is not suitable for women who have pronounced dark circles or bags under the eyes, as well as wrinkles. All of these flaws will become more visible.

Relative contraindications for permanent makeup are:

Feeling unwell, common cold symptoms, runny nose without fever, stress or sleepless night (postpone the visit to the master until the day when you are healthy and full of energy);
inflammatory processes in the field of applying permanent makeup, exacerbation of skin diseases (for the result of the procedure to please you, permanent makeup should be done during the period of remission of epidermal diseases);
taking potent antibiotics, corticosteroids, anticoagulants, retinoids, etc. (it is permissible to carry out the procedure two weeks after the end of treatment);
the presence of moles or warts in the area of ​​the procedure (permanent makeup can be done only after the removal of benign neoplasms);
breastfeeding (there is no clinically confirmed data on the negative effect of permanent makeup on a child, but it is better not to risk the baby’s health and postpone the session until the end of lactation);
allergic reactions (before doing permanent makeup, it is necessary to test the tolerance of the anaesthetic and pigment);
menstruation (usually during this period the pain threshold and blood clotting decrease, it is best to do permanent makeup in the middle of the cycle);
minor age (in this case, permanent makeup can be done only in the presence of serious cosmetic defects as an addition to the methods of aesthetic surgery).

Contraindications for conducting eyeliner tattoo

Before deciding on a permanent makeup procedure, it is important to familiarise yourself with all the contraindications and side effects. According to the recommendations of cosmetologists, you should stop drinking alcohol for two days and not drink coffee a few hours before the session.

Before the procedure, it is better not to take blood thinners, and also to check if there is any allergy to the pigment used.

The absolute contraindications to the permanent makeup procedure are:

Violation of blood clotting;
cardiac pathology;
systemic lupus erythematous;
tendency to form keloid scars;
viral infections;
taking medications that thin the blood;
oncological diseases;
rheumatoid arthritis;
active skin diseases;
allergy to anaesthetics;
diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent, type I);
the state of alcoholic and drug intoxication;
previous chemotherapy course.