Eyebrow tinting with henna

Eyebrow tinting with henna

Eyebrow Tint and Lash Tint Perth

It is based on special brown or white henna. The natural composition and the absence of chemical effects on the body make it possible to dye eyebrows with henna even for pregnant and lactating mothers – absolutely without harm to health.

Changing the tone of the eyebrows with henna has a number of advantages:

– Relatively stable effect, rich shade lasts for several weeks;
– after tinting with henna, the eyebrows look thicker, and the hairs become smoother and stronger;
– the procedure is absolutely painless even for people with sensitive skin;
– eyebrow tinting has no contraindications and side effects, except in cases of individual allergy to henna.

It is important to note that the eyebrow tinting with henna procedure is not fast: to obtain the required tone, the colouring composition must be kept for about 45-60 minutes. But for many of our clients, this disadvantage is compensated by the result.

If you want to try henna eyebrow tinting, before and after photos will help you visually imagine the future effect. The works of our painting master are presented in as much detail as possible. You can see the photo “before and after” and decide on your wishes and preferences for future tinting.

In Elite Look studio, the prices for eyebrow tinting in Perth are as affordable as possible, and the quality of work always remains at its best!