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Freezing My Face For Bigger Lips

Freezing My Face For Bigger Lips

-The lip flip, it was traditionally used for women

who were bothered by their vertical lip lines

above the upper lip.

We also noticed over time that people who are having this treatment done thought their lip looked just a tiny bit fuller.

It’s a nice, temporary procedure so that you can kind of see what your lip would look like a little fuller.

However, we recommend doing lip tattoo instead, which will allow you to achieve better results and for a longer time.

-Hi, I’m Jordyn, and I’m getting a lip flip done today.

I want to get the lip flip done today

because I’ve always had a slight insecurity about my lips.

I’ve always felt that my upper lip

was a bit smaller than my bottom,

and I always wanted more fullness in my lips.

And so, that’s why I wanted to try out this procedure.

I actually don’t usually like to smile with my teeth

because of my lips.

I feel like my upper lip kind of goes away

when I smile with my teeth.

So I’m definitely excited to show off my teeth

a bit more once I have this procedure done.

I would say I’m a little nervous of how it’ll turn out

because, you know, when you see other procedures done,

everyone’s face is different.

But I have heard great things about this doctor,

and I’m confident that she’ll do a good job

and will know how to enhance them in the right way.

-I’m Dr. Nancy Samolitis.

I’m a Board Certified Dermatologist and owner

of Facile and Facile Skin Care in Los Angeles, California.

I specialize in cosmetic dermatology,

but I’m really a big advocate of healthy skin in general.

So, the lip flip is a treatment that is done

to relax the muscle partially just above the lip.

And what happens when that muscle is relaxed

is that the upper lip is able to show a little bit more.

So it makes the lip look a very small amount fuller,

but it also prevents the lip from puckering too aggressively.

So it can prevent those upper lip lines

that are very difficult to treat later in life.

And it can also make the lips show more when you smile.

Where that muscle is quite strong — so, right here.

And then, we also come in a little bit right here.

-Mm. -And do that big smile again.

So you can see how when the lip rolls

under here and here, it’s gonna help to achieve

a more full look when you smile when we treat it that way.

-Perfect. -Oh, great.

Are you ready to get started? -I’m ready.

-Okay, let’s go.

First, I’m going to reconstitute the bottle of Botox.

What we do is, we take bacteriostatic —

normal saline — and inject 2 1/2cc

into the Botox bottle.

This makes the Botox into a liquid

that’s able to be injected into the patient’s skin.

This is a really nice, simple, introductory treatment

for somebody who’s nervous.

It also helps that the treatment’s so easy

that I think she will be more comfortable with repeating it

or maybe moving on to other procedures in the future.

The needle that we use to inject is the finest needle

that you can actually squeeze a liquid through. [ Laughs ]

It’s 33-gauge needle, and you barely feel it.

Then, I’m gonna go ahead and draw up the amount

of Botox units that Jordyn specifically needs

for her treatment.

In this case, I’m gonna be drawing up

just four units of Botox,

which is a very small amount of liquid.

Next, I’m assessing where my injection points will be

by asking Jordyn to make a pucker face.

So, when I see her pucker her lips, I can see that I need

two injection points per side.

Now I’m going to go ahead and start injecting.


The entire procedure from start to finish,

including drawing up the product,

takes about five minutes.

The price range for a Botox lip flip

probably varies depending on where you live.

It can probably range anywhere from $150 to $300.


Now I’m gonna go ahead and clean Jordyn’s skin

with an antibacterial white wipe.

Next, I’m going to hand her some ice

just to give her a little bit of anesthesia.

Typically, topical numbing cream

is not required for this procedure.

Ice is totally adequate because it’s a very fast procedure.

Now, time for the reveal.

Okay, go ahead and take a look.

-[ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh.

-So, you can see, everything looks pretty normal.

-Yes. -You can go on about your day.

And then, you wait for the excitement happen.

-Oh, I’m excited.

I feel great.

I think the procedure went really well.

And I’m looking forward

to seeing how they look in two weeks.

Hello. So, this is me a little over two weeks

after the let slip procedure,

and I’m absolutely obsessed with how they turned out.

It’s nothing, like, too dramatic.

It’s just a little bit, you know, extra thickness

in my upper lip.

And you can tell a little bit, especially when I smile.

So, there. [ Laughs ]

And even when I talk, you can see that that upper lip

is a little bit more thick.

And I’m just so happy with the results.

Highly recommend the procedure,

especially if you’re, like, a little bit hesitant on,

you know, filler and just kind of want to see

what it would look like with a little bit extra fullness.

-Jordyn did so great.

Even though she was nervous, she didn’t flinch.

She didn’t ask to take a break.

Most patients do really well with this procedure.

It’s pretty simple.

So, the aftercare is pretty simple.

Most of your normal activities are totally fine.

I typically recommend not doing any strenuous exercise

or doing something where your head might be inverted —

like yoga or laying face down on a massage table —

just for about 24 hours.

I typically like to check in with my patients

after about two weeks when I know the treatment

has fully kicked in to see how they like it.

Typically, when we use Botox or other neuromodulators,

the results are known to last about three to four months.

In this case, we’re using a very small amount of product,

so we typically expect the results to be

of a shorter duration —

usually about six to eight weeks.

But everybody’s different, and some people’s product

can wear off a little faster

or lasts a little longer than we expect.

-So, I feel that after this experience —

that I have a way more positive outlook on plastic surgery.

And I think we’ve moved into a new time where

it’s okay to get work done

and it’s better to discuss how it went.

I’m looking forward to the extra boost of confidence

that I’m going to have, and hopefully,

my story helps others become more confident as well.

Thank you for watching.

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