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Does lip tattoo hurt?

Does lip tattoo hurt?

Lip Blush tattoo

When aesthetics and technique advance in parallel, women, in general, are in luck. The arrival of tattoo, without going any further, was a huge advance, because thanks to this aesthetic specialty, certain features can be corrected, modified, beautified and semi-permanently balanced. Like for example the eyebrows, the eyes and the lips.

At Elite Look we were pioneers in introducing this technique in Perth, a long time ago, and since then many women have passed through the hands of our specialists, eager to forget about makeup for a good season. And they have succeeded.

However, throughout this time we have also observed that there is some fear of lip tattoo. Many women, when they come to see us, ask us “ does lip tattoo hurt? “Or directly they affirm:” they have told me that it hurts a lot, but to show off you have to suffer, right? “

To all these women we solve their doubts personally and with sincerity , because do not you think that it is a shame that we stop doing things that we want, because of unfounded fears? Exactly. We think the same thing.

That is why we have decided to dedicate a post to this topic so that once all your doubts have been clarified and with reliable and first-hand information in your possession, you can decide for yourself if you want to take the step of lip tattoo or not.

What is lip tattoo

If tattoo is known as semi-permanent makeup, it is because this technique consists of depositing organic pigments just under the skin, to give it a semi-permanent color . To understand us, it would be like a kind of tattoo, only, of course, the result is extremely natural and healthy.

Hence, tattoo is recommended both to exclusively achieve an aesthetic purpose (to beautify lips, eyebrows, eyes), and to help certain people regain their normal appearance as much as possible, after having gone through a genetic mismatch or disease. In that sense, tattoo can help rebuild the eyebrows and even the breast areoles. Imagine how useful it is.

Does lip tattoo hurt?

Surely you have heard all kinds of stories about tattoo: that it hurts horrors, that it is an undesirable experience, that it has side effects … And the truth is that all of these are either urban legends or they are testimonies of women who, indeed, they had a hard time getting their lips tattoo.

But do you know why? They probably googled “free tattoo Barcelona” and went to any pseudo-beauty center, without stopping to look for second opinions, without asking friends or acquaintances for references and, worst of all, without thinking about the consequences. In short, they did not do it in the right place, nor did they have the expertise and good work of the best professionals. Therefore … it is logical that the lip tattoo hurt and that the result was disastrous.

However, at Elite look we make sure to do everything in our power to avoid pain , don’t panic. So much so that we are not talking about pain, but discomfort. Before starting the procedure, we prepare the area that we are going to micropigment and apply an anesthetic cream to reduce discomfort to a minimum.

Naturally, depending on the area to be treated and how sensitive you are , you will notice it a little more or a little less, but of course our professionals will be there at all times to ensure that the experience is not unpleasant.

In the case of lip tattoo, which is the one you ask us about the most, we take the procedure absolutely seriously. We apply lip tattoo with all the guarantees , with all the care and with all the care, aware of how important it is for you to achieve a flawless result. And so it always happens.

Consequences of lip tattoo

Since to perform this technique we need needles with which to deposit the pigment at the epidermal level, usually after the treatment an inflammation of the micropigmented area occurs. Several hours later a scab comes out, of course, to heal, but it falls off a few days after receiving the treatment.

So, calm down, if you were fearing that you are going to be a Christ, as they say, you were wrong. It is clear that the first days the result will be more intense than you expect, but it is gradually softening. To the point that, after a month, the pigment fixing process is complete.

How long does lip tattoo last?

Depending on the type of skin, tattoo requires a review between 2 and 5 years . That is, you can forget about delineating your mouth during a good season. What liberation!

Of course, we are talking about lip tattoo, but we can also make you a semi-permanent eyebrow or eye liner , if that is what you want. Here you will find all the information you need.

The colors of lip tattoo

What are the best colors for lip tattoo? This is a question that many clients ask us when they come to our beauty salon. To be able to answer you, it is best that we examine in detail what the natural tone of your lips is and, only then, can we tell you which is the one that will best fit your skin.

In general terms, you should know that what we always recommend is to opt for those colors that are more similar to those of your original lip, in this way, we will achieve a very natural and beautiful result. Here are some more tips to help you choose the best shade for you:

    Avoid browns: although you like to paint yourself with brown lipsticks, it is discouraged to do it through lip tattoo. Why? Well, because these pigments tend to darken over time and, therefore, you may not like the end result.

    If you have cold skin color: in these cases it is better to avoid red or garnet color because, due to the natural tone of your skin, this color can change and end up being purple. In your case, it would be best to opt for orange tones that will give more light to your face.

    Lighter lip liner : when making your lip tattoo, it is important that the lip liner we use is two shades lighter than the one we use for the wedding. With this, we will be able to delineate the lips well and make them look beautiful and, above all, very natural.

    The best colors: without a doubt, pinkish and tile colors are the most suitable for tattoo of the lips. They will help you highlight this part of the body in a warm and soft way without making you look excessively made up.

Are there side effects of lip tattoo?

The truth is that NO. The only thing that this treatment can produce is a slight swelling in the treated area, as well as a slight redness of the lips. But you should know that these effects are mitigated with the passage of days and that they are typical of the treatment itself.

If you usually have skin sensitivity, what we recommend is to carry out a sensitivity test beforehand to rule out any unforeseen reaction that could endanger our well-being. At Vanitas Espai we want to make sure that the results obtained will always be as expected.

Anyway, we, if we were in your place, we would not think about it. and we would make an appointment at Elite Look right now to get a lip tattoo. You can’t imagine how gratifying it is to lose sight of the makeup kit for a time and even forever.

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Lip Blush tattoo