Getting ready for cosmetic tattoo.

Getting ready for cosmetic tattoo.

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

“How to prepare for the cosmetic tattoo procedure?” – 99% of clients ask this question to masters. We decided to compile a special instruction for you. These tips will help you not to worry before the tattoo procedure and get the best result.

Choose a cosmetic tattoo technique. Skin type, medical contraindications and the desired effect of permanent makeup are the three main points about which you should consult with a professional. Remember that each specialist has his own aesthetic taste. Explore the portfolio and choose the one that suits your idea of ​​the ideal. Study carefully the portfolio of the master. Do not risk your health and beauty. The Internet is replete with negative photo reviews: we don’t think you want to join the ranks of those who are dissatisfied with their appearance. Ideally, you need to see the work of the master not only in the portfolio, but also on clients. Do not hesitate to ask questions to those who have already done this procedure with a particular master.

Do not visit a beautician Cosmological procedures will have to be postponed, but scrubbing of the area where the tattoo will be made can be done the day before: you will remove dead skin cells from the skin, which contributes to better pigment penetration. Do not do anything yourself At the beginning of work, the master will draw a shape with a pencil – no one will immediately do a tattoo without agreeing on the result with you. Therefore, do not touch your eyebrows or pluck hairs until you visit the studio: entrust the perfect shape to the master. Remember your health Taking antibiotics? The procedure in this case is best to postpone. We recommend postponing tattooing in case of a viral infection or severe stress: the body will need strength to heal after tattooing. For a complete list of contraindications to the tattooing procedure, see the article “Contraindications.”

Do not drink alcohol and strong drinks. Tea, coffee and alcohol are contraindicated on the eve of the procedure. This affects the blood flow: anaesthesia may not work well. Also, do not take aspirin or other blood thinning medications. Do not be afraid the Master uses application anaesthesia. Clients often compare their feelings during tattooing with a slight tingling sensation: the way it is – progressive movements create just such an effect.