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How to prepare for sugaring in Perth

How to prepare for sugaring in Perth


The most delicate and painless way to remove hairs is sugaring. Epilation is a nightmare for many girls.  Advantages:

Lack of chemistry, natural composition.
Allergies and rashes appear in 1% of girls.
Minimal pain.
Silky, smooth skin.

But in order to get the expected effect from your sugaring procedure in our Perth based salon, it is important to prepare. Success depends not only on the master’s technique, but also on the condition of the skin.


Optimal hair length for sugaring

Preparation for sugaring begins with determining the size of the hairs.
The intensity of the discomfort, the effectiveness of the removal, depends on how long the hair you are epilating.
If the size is larger than 8 mm, they may break off and not be removed completely. At the same time, the girl will feel pain.
The hairs are shorter than 3 mm. sugar paste will not capture, they will remain on the body and will soon grow back.

Desired length

Ideal: 4-5 mm.
Extreme borders: 3 – 8 mm.
If you used a razor before: 5 – 7 mm.

Small hairs need to grow, that is, wait about a week, and only then do sugaring.
Long ones can be cut or shaved off. But after shaving, you’ll have to wait again.

Hygiene procedures before sugaring

After cleansing the skin, hair is removed more easily. The risk of ingrown hairs after the procedure will also decrease.

Two days before epilation, use a scrub.
Take a shower immediately before your procedure. Do not use a hard washcloth. Use proven gels and shampoos to avoid allergies.

Preparing the skin before sugaring

A sequence of simple steps will help you optimise the procedure and avoid complications.

Preparing the skin for sugaring includes:

Moisturising. Start at least a week in advance. Apply a moisturizer and solution to the skin, especially dry areas. On the day of epilation, you do not need to do this.
Opening of pores. During the shower, make the water as warm as possible, apply a warming compress (gauze and hot water) to the areas in the armpits.

Degreasing. Alcohol-based lotions are used.

Anesthesia. Not everyone needs it. Only for women with a low threshold of sensitivity. You can drink a systemic drug (analgin, ibuprofen), one hour before hair removal, or use a spray with ice caine.

Psychological preparation for sugaring

The excitement before the procedure is understandable. Especially if the girl had not visited the salon before. It is important to tune in morally.

How to prepare for sugaring for the first time?

Correct perception. Master as a doctor. You do not need to be shy, even if it is Brazilian hair removal.
Patience. Mild discomfort, sometimes pain. If you divert attention and not concentrate on the sensations, you will not have to resort to pain relief.

What should not be done before the procedure?

How to prepare for sugaring? Refrain from the following steps to avoid the complications and frustration of epilation:

Sunbathing, visiting the solarium.
Apply greasy creams, lotions.
Injury the dermis (rub with a brush, squeeze pimples).

Restrictions apply on the day of hair removal.
Contraindications to shugaring

Allergy to the components of the paste.
Irritation, presence of open wounds.
Papillomas and large moles.
Venereal diseases.
Vascular pathology.
Fungal skin lesions.

Contraindications to sugaring do not include the period of menstruation. But when it is necessary to remove hair in the bikini area, discuss the situation with the master. If both sides are comfortable, you can use a tampon.
Skin preparation for sugaring, optimal hair length, emotional attitude will make epilation as comfortable as possible. After 3 procedures, the pain will disappear. The effect will last 3 – 4 weeks, after which the procedure will have to be repeated.


Eyebrow sugaring as a type of correction

Well-groomed eyebrows are now an important part of the image. Regardless of your gender, beautiful eyebrows suit everyone. That is why both female and male eyebrow sugaring in Perth is so popular today.

Eyebrows can be treated in a variety of ways. The standard methods are flossing, plucking, and waxing. Currently, a new technique is gradually being introduced, known as sugaring – a type of eyebrow correction that uses sugar paste for depilation. This look gives you more opportunities to get a suitable eyebrow shape.
Features of eyebrow sugaring with Diva sugar paste

Although not in a very familiar form, sugar can be turned into a substance that acts like wax. Imagine sugar wax is soft caramel or honey. The sticky and viscous texture of Diva Sugar Paste is very similar to the products mentioned above, but not only has a softening effect, but is rich in vitamins, glucose, and fructose. At the same time, TM Diva sugar paste does not contain any acids that harm the skin, which means that after the procedure there will be no irritation or burning sensation.

One of the important positive aspects of sugaring eyebrows with sugar paste is its long-lasting effect. Hair not only grows back slowly, but also the area around the eyebrows, as well as the arch, becomes more well-groomed. Unlike tweezers or regular wax, eyebrow sugaring with sugar paste is absolutely painless and does not cause skin problems.

Eyebrow sugaring can be done independently at home. The ingredients and preparation of the pasta are so simple that you can make it at home using lemon juice and granulated sugar. When using sugar paste, the pain factor is also reduced because the hair is removed in the direction of growth. The paste can also be applied more than once, which means it is great if you miss hairs. The delicate nature of sugar allows it to be applied several times in a row.

Types of sugar paste suitable for eyebrow shaping

Depending on the type of eyebrow hairs, different sugar pastes are used for sugaring. First, it is necessary to determine the type of hairs and choose the right depilation paste to give the eyebrows a beautiful shape:

Soft sugar paste – for epilation of fine small hairs, as well as hairs from 1-2 mm in length.

Medium-soft sugar paste – similar in consistency to jelly and suitable for moderately hard hairs from 1-2 mm in length.

Coarse Sugar Paste – Suitable for removing coarse hairs from 1 to 2 mm in length.

One of the benefits of sugaring is that the growing hair becomes lighter and thinner. Regular sugaring in the same area will significantly slow down hair growth after a while.

Moreover, sugar can be applied to any part of the body, even sensitive areas.

Considering how sensitive the skin around the eyes is, a big plus of sugar is that it doesn’t cling as much to the skin as it does to the hair.

Recommendations for self-sugaring eyebrows:

If you decide to do eyebrow sugaring yourself, you should adhere to some recommendations:

Always have ice ready to place on the area you are processing. This will help relieve pain and redness in the area.
Check the temperature of the sugar paste before applying. It should not be too hot so as not to burn the skin. Place the drop on your wrist to check the temperature.
Wipe the sugaring area with an antiseptic.
After the procedure, lubricate the skin with an emollient lotion.
Before sugaring, test the skin for allergic reactions of the body. To do this, apply a little sugar paste on your wrist and wait about a day. If redness, the irritation does not appear, you can do sugaring yourself.

How to become a sugaring master? Top 5 professional tips

I would like to become a master of sugaring, but it is not clear where to start? It is worth figuring out how to get the cherished profession and, most importantly, how much it suits you, how much a sugaring master earns and how to start working for yourself – you will learn more about all this in this article.

How to become a sugaring master?

Client starter kit and professional advice

For the office of a sugaring master, you will need:

Comfortable and brightly lit workplace;
special couch;
a sufficient amount of sugar paste and a set of spatulas;
various preparations for moisturising;
necessary hygiene products: disposable medical gloves and slippers, special socks for clients, sterile napkins;
a complete set of disinfectants.

The cost of a starter kit depends on the composition and quality of the cosmetic preparations, consumables included in it, as well as on the amount of paste, and starts from 350 UAH. You can buy everything you need in specialised online stores and salons.

How to get promoted to a novice sugaring master? How much does a sugaring master earn?

The specialist works with the client in three stages:

prepares and cleanses the skin;
applies sugar paste to the skin and then removes it along with the hairs;
soothes and moisturises the skin with the help of special products;

The depilation procedure is equally interesting not only for women, but also for men. After training, a novice sugaring master has three options for starting his career as a specialist:

get a job in a beauty salon
start by working for yourself
regard sugaring as a way to earn money

Most of the sugaring masters prefer to work for themselves, since in this case, the profit from the work depends on the level of skill, the number of accepted clients and the cost of the services provided. A good sugaring master can earn up to UAH 30,000 per month, and this will not be the final limit.

During the day, a novice specialist can comfortably serve 3 clients, an experienced specialist up to 7 people. The most popular procedure is a deep bikini, as well as sugaring of the armpits, face, legs, eyebrows, and other places.

Having gained enough experience, you can start independent training of new specialists – this will be an additional regular income.
Who can become a hair removal master? Personal qualities that a sugaring specialist should have

The main qualities of a depilation specialist are sociability, friendliness, customer focus and communication skills. How a person will be disposed towards you directly depends on these qualities, because not everyone can trust the depilation master. The specialist must be able to work for the result, be fluent in manual techniques, bandages, work with spatulas. A beginner sugaring master is obliged to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of his workplace and should be open to self-improvement and gaining new knowledge.

How long does it take to study to be a sugaring master? How much do sugaring master courses cost?

Absolutely everyone can become a master of depilation and for this it is not necessary to have a medical education. There are 3 types of training courses for a sugaring master:

Basic, consisting of theory and practice on models;
advanced – in addition to theory and practice, it includes professional advice on creating your brand;
additional, which includes a deeper study of important issues, for example, the prevention of ingrown hairs.

The cost of the depilation master’s courses starts from 2000 UAH and includes all the necessary materials and practical work on voluntary models for the procedures. Graduates are issued special certificates of the master of sugaring. You can start working right away, but experts recommend servicing the first customers free of charge to gain experience and gain a positive reputation. For starters, you can work out for reviews, likes or reposts.

How to attract your first customers to sugaring and keep them?

It is necessary to actively work in social networks. Create professional pages, constantly publish interesting posts and upload various stories. You must constantly declare yourself as a good specialist. It is worth doing an internship with relatives and friends, at the same time gaining new clients for yourself.

But the most reliable and productive channel is customer reviews, thanks, and wishes to the sugaring master. Thanks to such word of mouth, there will be a wide recommendation of a good specialist to a large number of relatives and friends.



Sugar paste for sugaring

Sugaring is a common alternative to waxing and is now often used in salons and at home. If you do not know how to use sugar paste for depilation, but did wax depilation at home, then this procedure will not cause much trouble. It should be noted that the features of the application depend on which type of paste is used.
Preparing the skin for depilation

Prepare the skin for depilation. Ideally, hair length should be between 4 and 8 millimeters. However, this requirement is conditional, you can perform the procedure with hairs 2 millimetres long.

Before proceeding, use a body scrub (preferably without oil). As a result, the stratum corneum will be removed, hairs that have grown, if any, will be released.

Just before sugaring, you need to take a hot shower to steam the skin. This is necessary in order for the sugar paste to more easily penetrate the hair follicles.

Degrease the skin with an alcohol-containing solution, wipe dry so that the sugar mass grabs the hairs.

Talcum powder can be used to remove excess moisture, although some women find the powder interferes with adhesion to the skin.

How to do sugaring

At the moment, there are 2 sugaring techniques:


For the first, special strips are used, sugar paste for sugaring in cartridges. The technique is more suitable for those with no experience. The manual technique is more complex. Strips are not applied, all actions are performed by hand. Sugaring paste is in cans.

The manual technique is usually used to remove hair from small, uneven surfaces:

The paste is applied to the skin in the form of a small lump and spread.
The fingers are held perpendicular to the surface of the body, they do 2 comb, the paste is sharply removed.
It should stay on your toes. You can proceed to another area of ​​the skin, do the same.

Bandage technique where the paste is removed using bandages or strips:

The paste is applied from a heated cartridge.
A sugaring strip is applied, a tip is left for tearing off.
The strip is smoothed several times, pulled slightly, and quickly torn off.

The final stage of sugaring

After the procedure, the residues are washed off with warm water. The skin is treated with an antiseptic or thermal water. For some time, you should not use lotions, scrubs, be in the sun, or visit the pool.

Sugar hair removal at home

Is it possible to carry out a quality procedure yourself? Our article will answer these questions.

Sugaring at home

First, let’s decide on the indications for sugaring. The hair length should be at least 4-5 mm for the first time; the skin should be clean and free of visible damage (abrasions, cuts, dermatitis) in the treated area and the room temperature should be comfortable (22-26 degrees).

A good result depends on two things: the quality of the sugaring materials and the skillful hands of the master. If you do not know how to properly apply and remove the paste, then you simply will not succeed. But now there are a huge number of training videos on youtube and on our channel, from which you will learn the basics of working with pastes.

For home sugaring, you will need nitrile gloves, medium to firm sugar paste (especially if you are a beginner), talcum powder, and a soothing lotion after the procedure. Choose gloves according to the size of your hand, it is desirable that they fit tightly around your fingers. In most cases, XS size gloves will work. Sprinkle talcum powder on the area of ​​the body that you are going to epilate and spread it over the surface of the skin so that it evenly lays in a thin layer. This is necessary in order to absorb excess moisture from the surface of the skin.

Take a small piece of pasta. Start with a Medium paste. Apply it against the growth of hair, without pressing hard on the skin, slowly. Start by capturing an area no more than 5-7 cm long. This will make it easier for you to tear off the paste. Before pulling off, relax the brush and get ready to make a sharp jerk. Tear strictly according to hair growth with a biting, sharp movement.

If you succeeded in this movement – congratulations, this is already half the success. If some of the paste remains on the skin, reapply your piece of paste to this place (strictly against hair growth) and pull it off again with a biting motion. Perhaps you will feel that the skin and hands are very hot, the paste seems to melt in your hands. In this case, add some Hard paste to your workpiece. The paste will become denser and during application, you will have to exert more effort, but when removed you will definitely not “stick”. The quality of the procedure will be obvious – you either remove hairs from the skin surface or not.

And of course, try not to leave “sticks” (pieces of paste on the surface of the skin). If sticks remain, remove them with warm water, take a shower or wipe with wet wipes. The paste dissolves easily in water. And don’t forget to apply a sedative after the procedure. It will help the skin recover quickly and relieve pain.

Should you do sugaring hair removal at home?

So, it is possible to make sugaring at home without special skills, but the result may be far from high-quality. And without knowing some of the nuances, you can spend a lot of time and simply get tired. But you can quickly and easily acquire the skill of a Sugaring master. All the subtleties of this procedure can be mastered in just 1 day. At the same time, you will significantly save materials, effort, and time. And you will become the same pro as your salon master.

How is this possible? Why doesn’t everyone become Sugaring masters, you might think? Everything is simple – this procedure gained popularity not so long ago and still many women do not know about it. And not everyone wants to become a master after being trained. So we wish you success in your endeavor!

How to choose the right sugar paste for sugaring?

Today, the Internet is replete with a variety of brands of sugar pastes from different manufacturers. To figure out what to look for when buying, you need to know a few simple nuances. They will be discussed in this article.

The first and most important difference between sugar pastes is in the composition. There are two ways to make a quality sugaring sugar paste: with or without citric acid.

If sugar paste is made using citric acid, then it will differ in its viscosity and stickiness. The more citric acid there is in the paste, the more plastic it is, but to the same extent it is more allergenic. Why is citric acid used in the production of pastes? Sugar and water are used as the primary ingredients in the production of such pastes. In this case, citric acid acts as a catalyst for the breakdown of a sucrose molecule into a molecule of glucose and fructose. Without the use of citric acid, the sugar will simply dissolve in the water and turn into candy. This method of making pastes is cheaper in cost and faster. At home, you can independently make such a sugar paste for sugaring. But the difference is that at home it is very difficult to make this product with high quality, so that it has a long shelf life and the paste remains homogeneous. The technology of each brand is the secret proportion of ingredients, production time, and pasta cooking temperature.

If the paste does not contain citric acid, then initially glucose and fructose are used in the production, which do not require the participation of citric acid. Such production is more expensive and labor-intensive; special equipment is required. It is impossible to reproduce such a production process at home. This paste is 100% hypoallergenic even for sensitive skin. It can work with dermatitis and psoriasis.

Also, pastes differ in the degree of density. In the line of any manufacturer, there are three basic varieties: soft, medium, dense consistency. They are designed for different indoor temperatures and hair quality. More details about the purpose of each type of density:

In general, the range of densities may differ between one manufacturer or another. The country of origin matters. Depending on the specific climatic conditions of the given power, the line can be either denser or softer. Therefore, either ultra-dense or ultra-soft paste is added to the assortment.

For example, a line of pastes produced in Israel will be quite dense, given the climate of a hot country similar to Perth. Or a line made in Russia and Italy will be as comfortable as possible for colder climatic zone.

Also, sugar pastes differ in different additives. May contain plant extracts and oils. This is neither bad nor good. There is no particular need for this. The purpose of the sugar paste is to remove hair from the body qualitatively without harming the skin. It is desirable that it is a hypoallergenic product, then you, as a master, can be sure that your client will leave without irritation and injury. As for additives, sensitive people may have a reaction to oils or extracts. Additives have an aroma effect and can affect the shade of the paste, but no more.

Finally, pay attention to the color of the paste. The too dark paste is most likely burnt (boiled for a long time), it contains toxic aldehyde and furfural compounds, which are produced during prolonged boiling of sugar. It will not give an instant allergic reaction, but it gives a cumulative effect (when the skin gradually accumulates a tendency to allergic rashes)

Sugaring Perth - Hair Removal

Sugaring technique

Sugaring must be performed in compliance with certain sequential actions and nuances. The first and important rule is that the procedure should be done in nitrile gloves, tight-fitting fingers. This is necessary so that the moisture of the fingertips does not come into contact with the paste and does not thin it, and this is basic hygiene.

The second is to choose the right consistency of the paste. The choice of density depends on the room temperature and the temperature of the skin in the treated area. The master selects the paste “by eye”. It should be easy enough to apply and not stick when removed. It is recommended to start work on a paste of Medium consistency and gradually add Soft or Hard to it.

The technique itself is performed as follows: we hold the paste in our hand on the tips of our fingers, while all fingers are closed. We place our hand under a perpendicular to the surface of the skin and, with light pressure, stretch a piece of paste against hair growth. We reapply over the applied piece 2-3 times (in order to improve the adhesion to the hairs). Now we relax the hand and with a biting, sharp movement we tear off the paste in the direction of hair growth. Tear should be kept parallel to the surface of the skin. The first couple of jerks, passing through the same place, the direction of hair growth should be observed. The third time you can apply and remove the paste by changing the angle of application in relation to hair growth.
To reduce pain immediately after removing the paste, you need to apply the back of your hand to the treated area and the pain will dissipate. When applying the paste, it is imperative to keep the skin on the treated area in tension and do not loosen the tension until the paste is completely removed.

So that the brush does not get tired in work, the fingers must be kept half-bent, periodically redistributing the load from the index finger to the little finger (as if waddling from the fingertips to the edge of the palm). This hand position is similar to holding a round object in your hand. Be sure to relax your wrist as you lift off – this will help compensate for the load and add crispness to your snatch.

The technique is not complicated, having mastered these basics you can easily carry out the procedure.

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