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Lip blushing in Perth

Lip blushing in Perth

Lip Blush tattoo
'Lip blushing', the new makeup trend with which you will not use lipstick again

It is a new form of lip tattoo to naturally add volume and enhance tone.

Since the beginning of the world, lips have been a central part of any makeup. They are, along with the eyeshadow, those responsible for providing the note of colour and without making up those that elevate a natural look, enhancing its colour and juiciness. For this reason, more and more techniques appear to make our lips look fuller, juicier and, ultimately, be the centre of attention. But far from new trends and tricks to make up the lip, the latest technique to give it a plus is lip blushing. Or what is the same, bring a blush to the lips.

But no, it is not about adding a pink roque or bitten lip effect to any of our beauty looks, but about tattooing the lip, but not as we know it, used to outline the lip. In this way, a more pink and semi-permanently illuminated tone is given to the lip, which creates a more natural result as the ink is made without a carbon base, which ends up turning blue: “Lip blushing or lip tint tattooing is a more natural approach. Topical and natural of the traditional lip tattoo of the past. The natural shades of organic pigment are used in the desired colour and applied with a cosmetic tattoo machine “, has granted Elena, an expert in the technique to us.

Thus, this lip tattoo technique not only improves the colour of the lip making you forget your lipsticks in the toiletry bag, but also improves the shape and creates a sensation of more volume and juiciness thanks to the pigmentation. This, as the expert also points out, should be chosen to compare it with the tone of skin, hair and how dramatic our makeup usually is, making sure that it is a natural tone so that hyperpigmentation does not occur.

Although this also depends on whether we want to change the shape of the lip or give it more depth since there is not only one way to apply it: “Any related problem can be addressed, such as asymmetry or adding width to the thin lip or concave lips. Also, you can opt for a stronger contour with a graduated colour, which will fade in the centre of the lips to give the illusion of greater volume, “Amy tells the middle.

Even so, this pigmentation will have to be retouched from time to time, since it will be lost and one session will not always be enough. In fact, it is advisable to let four or eight weeks pass and repeat the tattoo. And it is that the tone will settle and will become more natural when the tattoo heals and the outer layer of the skin of the lip falls off.

Although, as we have already said, our lipsticks die with this technique, the result can be enhanced by applying gloss to add juiciness or lip balm to hydrate them.