Cosmetic tattoo removal

Cosmetic tattoo removal

eyebrow tattoo removal

Secrets to remove tattoos without pain

Are you considering removing a tattoo? Even though you use the best tattoo removal machine, sometimes it can be a bit painful. Therefore, in this article, we tell you what are the 7 best ways to avoid that the removal of a tattoo that is painful to you.
Tattoo removal laser

Cosmetic tattoo removal is a decision that can be considered complicated at first. There are several techniques and the results are different. However, it is currently proven that the best option to remove a tattoo is to use a laser with different intensity depending on the size, the ink used and the colours.

The best tattoo removal machine can be painful in some areas due to the intensity used or the location of the tattoo. In areas near the bones, sensitive or difficult-to-reach areas, it is possible to feel a sensation of pricking or discomfort. Therefore, we recommend that you trust some of these 7 secrets on how to erase tattoos that will make it more than a simple task.
Tricks to erase tattoos without pain

The different tips shown below have to do with improving healthy habits, with the use of some type of anaesthesia or another alternative to numb the area so that it does not suffer during treatment. In any case, these are tricks that are simple and available to everyone. Combining two or more will create a synergistic effect that will reduce the pain.

To start with the first trick, we will talk about the simplest: drink water. By hydrating, the state of our body improves in many ways. In the first place, our cells have a means in which to carry out their metabolism and, consequently, the functioning of the body will be better.

In addition, hydrated skin cells will make the laser treatment less irritating and cause redness or inflammation on the skin. During the weeks prior to tattoo removal, it is recommended to consume approximately two litres of water and use moisturizers in the area to get the skin ready.

Continuing with healthy lifestyle habits you have to bet on exercising. For a few days after tattoo removal, sports are not advised as sweat clogs the pores and can make it difficult for the wound to heal. Therefore, physical exercise before treatment is essential. Thus, it is possible to stimulate the body, reduce fat and promote recovery.

Stimulating the lymphatic system will help improve circulation and effectively remove the tattoo. This is because the function of the laser is to fragment the pigments present in the tattoo. Once these have been fragmented, they pass to the lymphatic system where the macrophages are found, cells that are going to be in charge of eradicating these micro-pigments as they are considered strange.

In turn, as there is a greater risk of infections due to sensitive skin, stimulating the lymphatic system will help prevent them. To do this, it is enough to exercise, apply small massages in the area of the lymph nodes, take care of the diet and hydrate in depth.

The use of anaesthetic creams is one of the best alternatives to completely eliminate pain. These are products that can be used both in cream, ointment or spray and that contain in their formula two components that anaesthetise the skin for a short period of time: lidocaine and prilocaine.

This cream is applied directly to the tattoo area, as it has a local action. It takes about an hour to work, so it needs to be administered in advance for it to take effect. The duration of anaesthesia depends on the amount applied and the area, but it usually takes around two hours. Usually, it is more than enough time for the application of the tattoo removal laser.

Another resource widely used for small tattoos are cold dressings to make the area insensitive. Before starting the laser application, you can place a cold gel or compresses with quite cold water that achieves a sensation of anaesthesia for a short period of time.

For this reason, it is especially indicated in small tattoos in which the laser sessions have a short duration. In any case, this trick is recommended as support along with the other tips, since the laser usually offers a sensation of heat and the cold will relieve it.

In this sense, one of the simplest tricks is to press the skin or make folds with it. This achieves, on the one hand, an anaesthetic effect for a few seconds and, on the other, stimulates the lymphatic system that is close to the area to be treated. Once again, it seeks to reduce pain while accelerating the total recovery of the skin, a situation that will revert to relief in the days after treatment.

Finally, it is worth noting the punctured anaesthesia. Although it is true that it is the alternative that requires more study and prior preparation, it can be very useful for certain people. In the case of large tattoos, with different colours, tones and pigmentation, the laser procedure can take more than an hour.

For this reason, it is possible to resort to punctured anaesthesia in the most conflicting areas of cosmetic tattoo that cover a large part of the skin or in people who are very sensitive to pain. It is an alternative that requires more preparation time but is effective if the person so requests it.

As you can see, these are the 7 best tricks to reduce pain when removing tattoos. The best tattoo removal machine is the one that uses the laser. However, since this can cause discomfort and/or be uncomfortable on some occasions, using these simple tricks will make you lose the fear of removing the tattoos that you no longer want on your skin.