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Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

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Cosmetic tattoo removal

Cosmetic tattoo removal

eyebrow tattoo removal

Secrets to remove tattoos without pain

Are you considering removing a tattoo? Even though you use the best tattoo removal machine, sometimes it can be a bit painful. Therefore, in this article, we tell you what are the 7 best ways to avoid that the removal of a tattoo that is painful to you.
Tattoo removal laser

Cosmetic tattoo removal is a decision that can be considered complicated at first. There are several techniques and the results are different. However, it is currently proven that the best option to remove a tattoo is to use a laser with different intensity depending on the size, the ink used and the colours.

The best tattoo removal machine can be painful in some areas due to the intensity used or the location of the tattoo. In areas near the bones, sensitive or difficult-to-reach areas, it is possible to feel a sensation of pricking or discomfort. Therefore, we recommend that you trust some of these 7 secrets on how to erase tattoos that will make it more than a simple task.
Tricks to erase tattoos without pain

The different tips shown below have to do with improving healthy habits, with the use of some type of anaesthesia or another alternative to numb the area so that it does not suffer during treatment. In any case, these are tricks that are simple and available to everyone. Combining two or more will create a synergistic effect that will reduce the pain.

To start with the first trick, we will talk about the simplest: drink water. By hydrating, the state of our body improves in many ways. In the first place, our cells have a means in which to carry out their metabolism and, consequently, the functioning of the body will be better.

In addition, hydrated skin cells will make the laser treatment less irritating and cause redness or inflammation on the skin. During the weeks prior to tattoo removal, it is recommended to consume approximately two litres of water and use moisturizers in the area to get the skin ready.

Continuing with healthy lifestyle habits you have to bet on exercising. For a few days after tattoo removal, sports are not advised as sweat clogs the pores and can make it difficult for the wound to heal. Therefore, physical exercise before treatment is essential. Thus, it is possible to stimulate the body, reduce fat and promote recovery.

Stimulating the lymphatic system will help improve circulation and effectively remove the tattoo. This is because the function of the laser is to fragment the pigments present in the tattoo. Once these have been fragmented, they pass to the lymphatic system where the macrophages are found, cells that are going to be in charge of eradicating these micro-pigments as they are considered strange.

In turn, as there is a greater risk of infections due to sensitive skin, stimulating the lymphatic system will help prevent them. To do this, it is enough to exercise, apply small massages in the area of the lymph nodes, take care of the diet and hydrate in depth.

The use of anaesthetic creams is one of the best alternatives to completely eliminate pain. These are products that can be used both in cream, ointment or spray and that contain in their formula two components that anaesthetise the skin for a short period of time: lidocaine and prilocaine.

This cream is applied directly to the tattoo area, as it has a local action. It takes about an hour to work, so it needs to be administered in advance for it to take effect. The duration of anaesthesia depends on the amount applied and the area, but it usually takes around two hours. Usually, it is more than enough time for the application of the tattoo removal laser.

Another resource widely used for small tattoos are cold dressings to make the area insensitive. Before starting the laser application, you can place a cold gel or compresses with quite cold water that achieves a sensation of anaesthesia for a short period of time.

For this reason, it is especially indicated in small tattoos in which the laser sessions have a short duration. In any case, this trick is recommended as support along with the other tips, since the laser usually offers a sensation of heat and the cold will relieve it.

In this sense, one of the simplest tricks is to press the skin or make folds with it. This achieves, on the one hand, an anaesthetic effect for a few seconds and, on the other, stimulates the lymphatic system that is close to the area to be treated. Once again, it seeks to reduce pain while accelerating the total recovery of the skin, a situation that will revert to relief in the days after treatment.

Finally, it is worth noting the punctured anaesthesia. Although it is true that it is the alternative that requires more study and prior preparation, it can be very useful for certain people. In the case of large tattoos, with different colours, tones and pigmentation, the laser procedure can take more than an hour.

For this reason, it is possible to resort to punctured anaesthesia in the most conflicting areas of cosmetic tattoo that cover a large part of the skin or in people who are very sensitive to pain. It is an alternative that requires more preparation time but is effective if the person so requests it.

As you can see, these are the 7 best tricks to reduce pain when removing tattoos. The best tattoo removal machine is the one that uses the laser. However, since this can cause discomfort and/or be uncomfortable on some occasions, using these simple tricks will make you lose the fear of removing the tattoos that you no longer want on your skin.

Tattoo removal Perth

Tattoo removal Perth

Eyebrow tattoo Removal

Removal of a tattoo or low-quality permanent make-up tattoo such as eyebrow microblading is currently one of the most pressing problems in the beauty industry. The number of masters who have learned this craft has grown hundreds of times, thanks to the opening “one-day” courses on every corner. Not surprisingly, the quality of the tattoos in general worsened a lot.

Only ten years ago the procedure of permanent make-up (tattooing) was not so widely available and tattoo specialists were monitored and were responsible for the quality of their work, working with a permanent customer base.

According to statistics, about 70% of our new clients (who have not done any procedures in our salon before) are clients with the correction of a low-quality permanent make-up tattoo, usually with eyebrow tattoo correction and about 38% of them require removal procedures.

There are two effective ways of tattoo removal – pigment reduction using a neodymium laser and a remover made from natural ingredients. Below are the pros and cons of each method.

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

The laser beam precisely affects the skin areas with pigment, destroying the pigment, but without injuring the skin around. The device works on the principle of selective photothermolysis: pigment particles absorb light energy, split and gradually removed. The process of removing the pigment after each of the sessions is 27 – 35 days, the tattoo pigment fades within a month, then the result can be assessed. You will not achieve complete removal of the pigment in one session.

A laser removal specialist controls the duration of the session (it usually ranges from 1 to 8 minutes on average), the number of pulses, the beam length – all these parameters are selected individually, depending on the shape and colour, the depth of the pigment and the age of the tattoo.

Eyebrow tattoo removal non laser

Tattoo removal with a remover has a lot in common with the technique of applying the tattoo. Remover application require the same equipment as used for a tattoo (a device for permanent make-up or a manual handle), but instead of pigments, a special composition is introduced under the skin in the tattooed area. The work is carried out just above the depth of the pigment.

We use in our work only removers made from natural ingredients which is considered safer than those that contain an acid base. The number of procedures required for complete removal or for partial clarification also depends on the level of complexity of each specific tattoo.

Eyebrow tattoo removal

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal

If the microblading eyebrow tattoo procedure have been done superficially, the tattoo will fade and disappear after 2-3 cycles of skin restoration (2-3 months), since the epidermis is renewed every 28-30 days. The pigment will be pushed out of the skin by new epidermal cells growing from the bottom up.

In this case, the tattoo (and microblading is nothing more than a kind of tattoo) will NOT fade. Not in a month, not in a year, not in three years. Because the pigments sit tightly in the skin and will not go anywhere.

Many victims of microblading eyebrow tattoo are considering laser removal. Sometimes it even works. However, often attempts of laser removal fail, and even more often even exacerbate the problem.

If the pigments used for microblading tattoo contained acrylates, they can melt under the laser beam and lead to intradermal burns and further scarring of the skin.

Synthetic / organic pigments are often not “readable” with a neodymium laser. And worst of all, the micro scars sometimes reopen and bleed under the laser beam, which leads to additional trauma and new scar formation.

Eyebrow tattoo removal non laser

The most effective way of bad eyebrow tattoo removal is the use of an IQ remover, which gently removes pigments across the skin surface without unnecessary trauma to existing cuts / scars.

In Elite Look we use a special technique for removing results of an unsuccessful microblading tattoo. The special removal system removes pigments from the skin in a gentle way through the skin’s surface, without opening any existing cuts. The removal procedure is accompanied by specially formulated home care products that promote the speedy recovery of the skin and improve its structure.

The scarred due to microblading structure of the skin improves, becomes softer, smoother and more uniform, as a result the scarring becomes almost invisible, and this is a huge relief for those who have been affected by these negative transformations.

Tattoo Removal Price in Perth

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Price


Price is for one appointment.
Tattoo removal may require more than one appointment. The Number of required tattoo removal procedures will be determined on case by case basis and depends on many factors.

eyebrow tattoo removal

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Why do you need eyebrow tattoo removal before you get fresh powder brows tattoo?

Many clients have done tattoo in the past and want to cover it up without having to remove it first. What are the consequences of this? ⚖️

First of all, imagine the glass full of water . To be able to fill it in with fresh water you need to pour some of the water out of it. The same analogy works with our skin. When there is a large amount of pigment in the skin, it always interferes with a good overlap, skin can’t take more of it.

Second of all, good powder brows tattoo should be a bit transparent and airy. This can be compared to watercolors, if you overlap a bright color with another even darker, you get a dirty, dense color that can hardly be called beautiful. 😢

The new covered up brows will be too bright and defined – and this is not about modern techniques. Those kind of eyebrows were popular in 90s.

With the modern techniques your permanent makeup doesn’t look as decorative make up anymore, it’s purpose only to improve and enhance your natural beauty 🍃.

Many are afraid of tattoo removal, but why?
Definitely this is not a quick process, yes, it can take quite long time. But doing it with expert you can do it in the shortest time possible. The good tattoo removal specialist will discuss with you all possible options and help you to chose one.
I would definitely recommend to do it slowly but steady, giving your skin adequate time to heal. REMEMBER! You should not be bleeding during tattoo removal sessions!

You don’t have to remove old tattoo to the clear skin, just to the point it’s airy and transparent. It means it can be covered with the new one and will look beautiful.

If you chose to proceed with cover up anyway without removing the old dark brows tattoo first remember that the result will not be perfect and over the time at some point you will have to do it anyway, and it will be even harder to do so, as you will have a lot of layers of ink in your skin.

Don’t save time and money on your face.

Photo of eyebrow tattoo removal before and after

Permanent makeup correction

If you have permanent makeup that has changed over time and is now reddish, bluish, or greyish, or if you don’t like the way it looks today.

Using “the correction technique”, the permanent makeup artist can reshape it and give it spectacular colour.

Give new life to your eyebrows, lips, or eyes. During the first consultation, experienced cosmetic tattoo master will analyse:

Your skin type
The shape of your face
The colour of your hair
The colour of your eyes

It will allow correctly select the colour to apply and the appropriate shape according to the desired effect.

permanent makeup correction


What is permanent makeup correction?

This is a treatment which purpose is to recompose the permanent makeup carried out in other cosmetic tattoo salons that have not had a satisfactory result in both design and colour. Corrections can be made on
– eyeliner tattoo correction,
– eyebrows tattoo correction,
– lips tattoo,
This treatment will correct colour and / or design of your cosmetic tattoo.

What kinds of cosmetic tattoo corrections can be made?

Permanent makeup orrections are made to:

– Very dark eyebrows.
– Eyebrows that have changed colour
– Eyebrows with a design that does not frame the eye at all, without shape of any kind.
Lips tattoo, in colour and shape
Eyeliner tattoo in colour and shape.

This type of cosmetic tattoo correction requires at least two sessions depending on the type of correction that we have to make, the depth of the pigment … etc.

To do this type of treatment you not only have to master the colours but also be an expert in permanent makeup since you have to compensate both the shape and tonality for a cosmetic tattoo that is not well executed from the beginning.

What steps do we follow during the permanent makeup correction procedure?

When a client consults us, the first thing we usually her of what can or cannot be done. It is not the same as performing a cosmetic tattoo where this type of treatment has never been performed than where it is necessary to correct the colour or shape because the relevant revisions have not been made, or that have been poorly formed in the first place.

Secondly, we need to analyse the problem and the different reasons that may have caused it.

Third, to achieve the neutralisation result, we have to study the colours that make up both the problem colour and the possible antidote colour.

Lastly, we have to decide what intensity is necessary for the colour correction treatment that we want to apply and search for the most suitable chemical composition among the pigments that we have preselected in the first step.

What colours can be corrected during permanent makeup correction?

The correction of an unwanted colour on eyebrow tattoo is carried out by applying tattoo remover and then the necessary neutralising colour on the colour that we want to correct, obtaining, as a result, a tone that makes the client happy.


What is the cost?

The value is determined by the area to be treated, as each treatment and customer is unique and has specific needs. To determine the cost, a prior consultation must be made.

Eyebrow tattoo removal

Can eyebrow tattoo be removed?

Fortunately, there is now an opportunity to get rid of annoying or unsuccessful tattoos and micropigmentation  in the face area (permanent makeup / tattooing, microblading). What seemed impossible a few years ago is becoming a common procedure and is gaining more and more popularity and demand. Perhaps, at the moment, the most famous method for removing pigments is laser.

eyebrow laser tattoo removal

The laser beam breaks down the pigment particles. At the same time, a fairly large part of them remains in the body. With each cleavage, the particles of pigments gradually decrease and sooner or later cease to be perceived by the human eye, become “invisible”. It looks like the tattoo has really disappeared.

The most finely split pigment particles are actually removed from the skin through the lymphatic channels. Basically, all pigmentation undergoes this process, so tattoos and permanent makeup tend to fade and look “washed out” over time. Small, unstable pigment particles are “torn off” and excreted from the skin with lymph.

Laser tattoo removal procedures can be done with 1.5-2 months intervals so that the skin has time to recover. The number of required removal procedures depends on the amount and density of the pigment introduced into the skin. On average, 5-10 procedures are required. That is, complete laser tattoo removal lasts 1-2 years on average.

Despite the popularity and fame of the laser method of tattoo and permanent makeup removal, this method is associated with certain risks that need to be known to the masters and clients.

Eyebrow tattoo removal before and after

The thirst risk of doing laser eyebrow tattoo removal is toxic substances.

Toxic compounds may be formed when organic / synthetic pigments are broken down with a laser. These compounds are excreted from the skin through the lymphatic channels, and along this path they can accumulate and remain in the lymph nodes. The same thing happens with the pigment particles that are removed from the skin through the lymph and “get stuck” in the lymph nodes if their size is not small enough to pass through the narrow lymphatic channels and finally leave the body.

The decay products formed when exposed to a laser beam have not yet been sufficiently studied. It is only known that they can be hazardous to health (carcinogenic) and cause allergic reactions.

The second risk of doing laser eyebrow tattoo removal is skin burns and scars.

Particular attention should be paid to the risk of skin burns, often leading to injury and subsequent scarring. With a professional procedure, the neodymium laser beam does not damage the cells of the skin, selectively affecting only the pigment particles.

To do this, it is necessary to correctly select the laser settings not only for different skin types, but also for each individual case. This requires a lot of experience and professional flair. If the procedure is carried out incorrectly, it is very likely that burn blisters will occur and, as a result, scars.

The removal of acrylate-based pigments and similar synthetic compounds requires special attention. These types of pigments are often used for microblading eyebrow tattoo procedures.

These pigments can melt in the skin under the laser beam, which can lead to internal skin burns and, naturally, subsequent scarring (see photo).

In addition, the laser often does not recognise such pigments in the skin. It turns out that instead of removing or lightening pigmentation, the client receives only additional skin trauma and scars.

Unfortunately, clients rarely know what kind of pigments were used during the tattoo procedure. This only complicates matters, as it is impossible to predict how the skin will react to a laser removal procedure. Before working on the entire surface of the pigmentation / tattoo, it is always advisable to carry out a trial procedure on a small area of ​​the skin.

eyebrow tattoo removal Perth

The third risk of doing laser eyebrow tattoo removal is colour change and inversion.

Quite a few colours are not recognised by a neodymium laser and, accordingly, cannot be removed with it.

However, it can be even worse: some pigments are not only not removed, but also change colour under the laser beam. First of all, this applies to white and beige pigments (based on titanium dioxide). After laser treatment, they become green or dark grey. Sometimes it is possible to remove them during subsequent deletion procedures, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

It is especially difficult to deal with pigments that have turned green due to laser exposure. They firmly “sit” in the skin and can only be removed by other means, for example, using a remover. The laser does not see many other shades (mostly organic). These include red, orange, green and violet colours.

The fourth risk of doing laser eyebrow tattoo removal is vision damage.

If the laser removal procedure is not performed professionally, there is a serious risk of eye damage.

Laser removal uses wavelengths of optical radiation that enter the retina. Therefore, in case of bad handling of the laser and / or lack of eye protection, damage to the retina is possible. This primarily concerns the removal of pigments on the eyelids. The eyes must be very well protected, for example, with special metal lenses that are placed over the eyeball before the procedure.