Lip tattoo

Lip tattoo

Blush lip tattoo Perth

Why do lip tattooing?

-Increase in the volume of thin lips
-can visually raise their lowered corners
– correct asymmetry
-Give brightness to pale lips
– less time will be spent on daily makeup
-Many women look younger and more well-groomed
– traces of lipstick on glasses, clothes and skin remain in the past
– you can swim, walk in the rain, touch your face without fear of smearing your lipstick.

Lip tattooing is a safe procedure. It is performed on special equipment to minimise the risk of edema and redness.
We recommend that you strictly follow the recommendations of the master for preparation for the procedure and lip care after it. And also drink a course of antiviral drugs that are prescribed by your doctor – he chooses the right medicine and dosage for you.
Important: the master cannot recommend a drug for you.

Refuse the services of a master if he promises you lips like Jolie. We cannot help you if you want to significantly increase their volume.

If you want to resort to injections, we recommend that you make a lip tattoo BEFORE these procedures: the colour is evened out as much as possible and the shape is given. And then, with the help of injection cosmetology, volume is given, if, after all, it is not enough.

After the injections, refrain from lip tattooing for six months: when the gel dissolves, asymmetry may appear and, possibly, even intensify.
The lips look vulgar if the master goes beyond the natural border and introduces pigment. The most natural permanent makeup looks during professional work

Be sure to follow these basic care tips:
1. Wipe your lips with wet, alcohol-free wipes on the first day. Apply the Rescuer ointment and wipe with chlorhexidine after eating.
2. Next, for about a week, moisturize the lips with ointment so as not to feel dry
3. Before the crust appears, exclude the sauna, swimming pool and solarium.

How to prepare for lip tattooing?
In order for the result of the procedure to meet expectations, follow our recommendations: consult your doctor about the selection of drugs for the prevention of herpes.

And at least 3 days before the procedure, regularly moisturize your lips with hygienic lipstick.


Tell the master about the existing medical contraindications for cosmetic procedures.

the master will stop working if they appear during reception.
As a result, you will get unfinished work and symptoms of exacerbation of latent pathologies.

Lip blush tattoo is a safe procedure. But the final result depends not only on the professionalism of the master, but also on the client himself.

If you responsibly approach the preparation and strictly follow all the rules for lip care, we assure you that you will not be able to deny yourself this procedure next time.