Eyeliner tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo Perth

Who is suitable for eyeliner tattoo?
If you emphasise your eyes with a cosmetic pencil or eyeliner when applying everyday makeup, then eyeliner tattoo will save you not only time, but also money. After the procedure, you will stop thinking about the safety of your arrows, they will not smudge, will not be erased, and even more so will not wash off. Permanent makeup will allow you to confidently visit the gym, bathhouse and other similar institutions, as well as swim in the pool, sea and other bodies of water. If nature has endowed you with thick, black eyelashes, then you are not our client.

The most common myth about tattooing the century
Have you heard that after the performed procedure, your own eyelashes fall out irretrievably? Relax, this is just a myth. Think for yourself, why should eyelashes suddenly fall out? The master injects pigment into the epidermis, and the hair follicle is located in deeper layers. The applied needle injures only the surface layer, but it does not reach the bulb itself.

The makeup technique is somewhat similar to a tattoo, but these procedures are completely different!

In our clinic, masters work with special equipment that is less traumatic. But it must be borne in mind that the skin in the eye area is quite delicate and sensitive, therefore, after the performed cosmetic manipulations or at the end of the procedure, slight edema may form. Do not panic, the swelling of the eyelids will completely subside within two days.

Our studio masters do not work with pure black dye. They create a mixture of different colours, close to black. Shades are selected individually, taking into account the type of skin. Thanks to this simple rule, completed arrows will not turn blue even after many months. A blue tint can be obtained by using the services of an inexperienced specialist who has poor theoretical knowledge.