Lip tattoo is an easy way to achieve perfection. Part 1.

Lip tattoo is an easy way to achieve perfection. Part 1

Lip Blush tattoo

Plump and beautiful lips are the object of desire of many women. This is what drives men crazy, makes girlfriends jealous and makes them look attractive. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such a zest, but this does not mean that fillers are the only way out for owners of thin lips. Today, high-quality tattooing will help to give your lips volume and brightness.

This cosmetic procedure will visually enlarge the lips, make their colour more expressive and help hide imperfections without painful injections. Such a solution is a great option for those who are tired of wasting time on makeup every day, who are dissatisfied with their natural data, and who also want to correct the existing asymmetry. Moreover, nowadays you can perform tattooing in different techniques: from light outline drawing to creating the effect of lips completely painted with lipstick. You can learn about the features of this service, advantages, disadvantages and its description from this article prepared by Elite Look.

Lip tattoo is the introduction of natural pigments into the uppermost layers of the skin using a special device with the finest needle. The introduced pigments do not contain flavors, artificial preservatives and other dangerous additives. Manual lip tattooing involves the introduction of coloured components into the epidermis to a depth of 0.3-0.8 mm, which allows you to achieve the most natural look and colour, and also not to worry that this is forever. The shade gradually leaves the skin over 1-2 years.

Permanent makeup of the lips is performed for the following purposes:

Correction of the size, shape, colour of the sponges, enhancing their brightness, expressiveness;
Visual correction of scars, various defects;
To create the effect of painted lips for girls with an allergy to decorative cosmetics;
In order to save time and money for daily makeup.

The modern lip tattooing procedure helps you to look perfect in any situation and not worry about the durability of the makeup during outdoor activities or sports. This is an indispensable solution for women with thin lips who dream of seductive volume. In addition, this service is an excellent offer for women over the age of 40, whose lips lose their pronounced contour, rich colour and cherished plumpness.

Modern permanent lip makeup is a painstaking and accurate work that requires certain skills, as well as the experience of a master. In addition, the key to the successful implementation of such a procedure is the correct preparation for it. A week before going to a specialist, it is recommended to give up alcoholic beverages, blood thinners and antihistamines. Also, before the procedure, it is not recommended consuming too salty foods, energy drinks and coffee. Another important point is the treatment of herpes manifestations, in which tattooing is contraindicated.

The process of introducing pigment itself consists of the following stages:

Consultation with a permanent makeup expert;
Drawing a sketch and coordination of all aesthetic nuances with a specialist;
Antiseptic treatment of the skin, application of anaesthetic;
Direct introduction of coloured components;
Application to the pigmented area of the healing agent.


Today you can choose the following types of lip tattoo:

Contouring technique, which involves drawing the contour, increasing the brightness of the lips, which is especially important after forty years;
    Contour version with smooth shading, giving expressiveness and volume to the lips;
    Lip blush tattoo, which is a soft, contour solution, performed in muted pastel colours. This creates the effect of lips painted only with balm or gloss;
      3D tattooing performed in five or more shades. This procedure makes the mouth visually plump, brighter, masks the fuzzy contour and asymmetry;
     Permanent lip makeup with a special light kayal, with the help of which the areas above and below the lips are highlighted, which visually enlarges them;
    A tattoo with a natural effect that allows you to achieve greater expressiveness without changing the natural shape of the lips. When performing the procedure, the specialist uses only natural shades;
      Lip tattoo imitating makeup with lipstick. In this case, the entire surface is filled with coloured pigment and the need to use decorative means completely disappears.

   Each technique for applying a permanent lip tattoo must be performed by a real pro, and then the result will delight the owner for several years.

Lip tattooing: pros and cons

   It is possible to answer the question that worries many women – lip tattooing, yes or no, after studying all the advantages, disadvantages, as well as contraindications to a fashionable service. After reviewing them and consulting with a specialist, it will become clear for sure whether this solution is suitable or it is advisable to refuse it.

Excellent durability of coloured pigments, the ability to look spectacular in any situation;
     Creation of the ideal shape of the lips, adding volume and rich shade to them;
      Aesthetic correction of imperfections, asymmetric areas, small scars;
      Visual facial rejuvenation.

 Considerable cost of the procedure. Disposable materials, high-quality equipment and regular professional development of the master affect the price of tattooing, however, it also acts as a guarantee of the safety of pigmentation;
      Too bright shade immediately after a visit to the salon and a long recovery period. The skin healing process takes 2-3 weeks, at which time the colour of the pigment will be more saturated, crusts will form on the lips, due to which this period may be accompanied by some inconveniences;
     The likelihood of catching the herpes virus due to the vulnerability of the skin after permanent makeup. However, you can increase the body’s resistance to infections by first drinking antiviral drugs and a course of vitamins;
      The need for periodic correction. After a tattoo, one cannot do without a second visit to a specialist, but these visits will be quite rare – about once a year.

    Despite the listed disadvantages, this procedure is the choice of many modern women who want to achieve a flawless appearance with a minimum of time and money. However, before visiting the master, you should familiarise yourself with the contraindications for tattoos, in which it is better to refuse the service altogether.

Important contraindications:

Acute form of dermatological diseases;
    Oncological, immunological diseases;
      Blood clotting problems;
      Tendency to develop keloid scars; Disorders of the psyche, nervous system;
    Lactation period, pregnancy.

  If you have any of the listed diseases, you should consult your doctor before performing the procedure. Only a specialist will tell you about the possible harm of lip tattooing and tell you whether it is possible to get a tattoo in a particular case. In addition, some health conditions can lead to the fact that the pigments are not taken, or have acquired an unwanted shade.

Expert opinion.
Before carrying out pigmentation, it is imperative to inform the specialist about the presence of health problems that are a contraindication to it. A professional will always tell you whether to make a lip tattoo for each particular woman. A qualified craftsman always prioritises the comfort and safety of customers visiting the salon.