Sugaring hair removal for hands

Sugaring hair removal for hands

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Sweet that will make your hands even more beautiful?

Sugaring is an effective hair removal procedure

The method of removing unwanted hair using a sticky sugar mass came to us from the Ancient East. Hair removal with sugar syrup and honey was in demand among the nobility and Persian queens. Nowadays, women have adopted precious experience and are happy to use a unique procedure – sugaring. Of course, modern cosmetology has made some amendments to the composition of the mass for depilation. Now several types of pastes are used, mainly differing from each other in the degree of softness. For example, the most plastic paste is used for epilation of vellus hair (upper lip, cheeks); and the hardest – for treatment of the bikini area or armpits, where the hair is thickest.

What is the difference between waxing and sugaring?

5 benefits of sugaring hair removal.

In addition to the most obvious difference – in terms of the main component – it remains unclear how these procedures differ and which one should you give your preference to? Let’s figure it out.

Hypoallergenic. Sugaring mixture, in contrast to modern waxing, does not contain chemical additives, and therefore this procedure will become comfortable for people with sensitive skin or allergies;
Less ingrown hair after the procedure. The fact is that the molten wax on the human body hardens quickly enough and, sometimes, does not have time to capture some hairs well. When the wax plate is removed, such hair breaks off, and the direction of their growth may change due to strong impact. In the future, such hairs can grow, especially if you already have a predisposition to this. Sugar paste has a low heating temperature and melts, just getting on the patient’s skin, so the caramel not only captures all the hairs, but also removes them as gently and without injury as possible;
Relatively low trauma and the possibility of using varicose veins. Again, it’s all about the composition and melting point. Since sugaring paste melts from body heat, therefore, the skin cannot be traumatised by the high temperature, which is sometimes required for more effective work with wax;
Sugaring paste after the procedure is easily washed off with plain water;
Inexpensive price. Although this point is common for wax and sugar hair removal, it should be noted that the price will depend not only on the salon and the promotions held there, but also on the professionalism of the master.

Sugaring – how is the procedure going in salons, clinics and spas?

How long is the effect of sugar hair removal on hands?

The procedure takes into account the preparatory stage, which includes the treatment of a skin area with a scrub at least one day in advance. In addition, it is advisable to grow a little hair in the zone by at least 2-4 mm – this will be more than enough.

The sugaring procedure is carried out in a closed separate room. The expert degreases the skin and cleanses it of dirt or make-up to increase the contact of the epilating composition with the skin. Also, the master can apply talcum or powder to the skin.

Then the master kneads a ball of sugar paste in his hands to the desired consistency and evenly distributes it over the treated area. The paste is applied against the growth of the hair and is removed according to the growth. After that, the mass is reused already in another area.

Thanks to the sugaring technology, which allows you to remove the bulb and part of the matrix cells from the follicle wall without breaking the hair, the effect lasts longer than, for example, with the wax method. So, the effect of epilation lasts from 3 weeks or longer. It is worth noting that the result directly depends on the professionalism of the master, the composition of the sugar mass, and also on whether you are processing the zone for the first time or not.

Sugaring is a great alternative to waxing. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time, but do not risk allocating a budget for more expensive laser and ELOS hair removal, then this option is right for you. Numerous reviews, photos or videos with positive comments prove that the existing disadvantages of sugaring pay off with interest.

Beautiful and smooth skin is a dream, especially when summer and seaside season is approaching. Don’t want to worry about unwanted hair on vacation? Fill out the application now!