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Lip tattoos: the pros and cons of this makeup technique that celebrities love.

Lip tattoos: the pros and cons of this makeup technique that celebrities love.

Lip Blush tattoo
Tania Ruiz showed her lip blushing treatment on Instagram, verifying that this aesthetic treatment is becoming increasingly popular.

For celebrities, looking good all the time is very important. That is why they try to take care of your face and pamper your skin with a wide variety of aesthetic and skin care treatments. And now, some of them are betting on semi-permanent makeup, to achieve a perfect look in less time.

Microblading is one of the most popular procedures, but now a new version of cosmetic tattoos has also arrived for the lips, lip blushing.

Tania Ruiz, the girlfriend of former president Enrique Peña Nieto, recently shared through her Instagram stories, a video and a photo where she shows how this procedure is performed, through which a touch of colour is given to her mouth.

Lip tattoo treatment consists of injecting a semi-permanent ink with the tattoo technique, on the lips. And, since it is becoming more and more popular, here are the advantages and disadvantages that it can have.


Specialist Amy Jean Linnehan told that one of the great benefits of lip blushing is that it can last up to six months, and it will give your lips the look of freshly painted all the time.

In addition, you can create a plumping effect, like the one Michelle Salas achieved, which was even compared to the use of tensioning threads or Botox injections. To achieve more volume, the makeup technique is followed in which the lips are outlined on the outside, with a slightly darker tone, and then filled with a lighter colour to make a contouring effect.

Likewise, the expert assured that an effect of up to a couple of years can be achieved, using other types of inks. And, in these cases, it is necessary to carry out a couple of sessions to touch up the treatment in a short time.


“Like traditional tattoos, there are some risks associated with the treatment, including skin infections, allergic reactions, hyperpigmentation, and cuts,” said the expert.

Another challenge with this technique is that the skin of the lips acts differently from the rest of the body, so it is likely that the ink will fall off more quickly, or unevenly.

The pain could also be inconvenient for some people, although previous local anaesthesia can be applied to eliminate the discomfort. And, many times it is necessary to also apply a gel to reduce inflammation as it could be a little hurt after the treatment.

However, if you want to try lip blushing you could start with something simpler like semi permanent lip liner tattoo, just like Pamela Anderson did. In these cases, only the lip line is drawn, but it can help you save a few minutes from your makeup routine, and it also serves to increase the size of your mouth.