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Micropigmentation or Eyebrow tattoo

Micropigmentation or eyebrow tattoo

Why not get some micropigmentation tattooed eyebrows ?

It is a way to keep them always in their place, always beautiful, without grey hair, without problems when getting up, which sometimes get messy and you don’t know how … Many people, both men and women, opt for tattooed eyebrows.
The proposal that we are going to make in this article are tattooed eyebrows, simple and simple, for another article, we leave the eye-catching eyebrow designs. And, so that you can have all the possible information, we will talk about tattooed eyebrows: prices, advantages and disadvantages .

Does tattooing your eyebrows hurt?

The vast majority of people who think about getting a tattoo, regardless of the size or shape of the tattoo, ask the same question about the pain that a tattoo can cause.

In this case, the most common description of the eyebrow tattoo is to describe it as a slight stinging sensation , like a tingling that is somewhere between pleasant and unpleasant. Of course, it all depends on the sensitivity of each one but the area can be anaesthetized so that the discomfort is minimal.

First they put on a cap, so that no hair escapes, they sterilize the eyebrow area , draw the eyebrows so that you can see how they will look and one can make suggestions about them. Finally, the anesthesia is applied, which is in the form of a gel and they begin to work on the eyebrow.

Advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow tattoo

Of course, there are many advantages to tattooed eyebrows.

You save time in fixing your eyebrows
It is not a very painful tattoo
It is not aggressive
You will have a much more defined and deep look, thanks to the character that the eyebrows will give you


Not everything is rosy. Here come the downsides.

If you want to remove them, because you don’t want the colour pigment, or you want to make them finer, and you can’t, because it’s tattooed, it’s super complicated and also twice as expensive.
You may encounter a process in which, in the end, you regret it, because it takes a long time to remove

Technique of tattooing the eyebrows hair by hair

It may sound painful, but it is perfect for those women or men who have lost a lot of hair on their eyebrows and want more expression on their face.

Thanks to this technique that, of course, has to be done by a professional, an eyebrow can be tattooed, defining each hair to make it natural and thus thicken, fill and define it as we like best.

In this way, you will have beautiful eyebrows with a natural effect.

How to correct eyebrow tattoo

The first thing to keep in mind is that, whatever process we choose, “tattooing” the eyebrows will cause a reaction on our skin that will be visible for at least 3 or 4 days. From that moment on, that reaction should start to disappear. In some cases, there will be those who feel that the swelling is going down, but the body will probably continue to reject the pigment, so even if we do not see it, that reaction will persist for a few days. Then the normal thing is that the effects of this reaction begin to disappear little by little.

Before going into a state of alarm, we must be aware of the following: the process of settlement and fixation of the pigment in the skin is not instantaneous but is a slow process, which takes time. However, if after a total of 20 days we continue to have a visible reaction, we will have to consider the possibility that something has gone wrong.

How to erase tattooed eyebrows

Until relatively recently, the only way to correct a pigmentation that had not gone well was through a laser erase. In principle, if there is really no way to correct the error, it is best to erase the tattoo and, for now, the only way to do it is with a laser.

However, today there are more options if we want to correct the eyebrow without erasing the pigmentation. For example, if the ink is not permanent, there has been the option of sifting the eyebrows relatively recently (giving it a more natural colour). You can also try, if it seems to you that the colour has been very artificial, with a lightening of the eyebrows using a specific pomade. We will see some of these options later.

How to lighten tattooed eyebrows

As we mentioned before, there is a very novel sifting effect that can help us to lighten our eyebrows in a very natural way. However, there are a series of requirements that we must meet in order to choose this option:

-Only the entire brow sifting is offered. This is so because the technique is not hair by hair.

– The pigments to sift the eyebrow must be of very good quality for the result to be optimal.

-You must not have tattooed your eyebrows with permanent ink before.

You can also lighten the eyebrows with a series of specific creams for it. Many clinics recommend precisely this type of product to gradually remove tattoos, although there are also those that lighten the eyebrows. This cream will remove micropigmentation because it contains trichloroacetic acid. However, it should be noted that if it comes into contact with the eyes, it can be very dangerous. Therefore, it is a somewhat risky option whether you want to lighten or remove the tattoo little by little.
How famous have tattooed eyebrows

There are many rumours and speculations around the eyebrows of the famous and if they are natural or not. An actress who came out of the Disney Channel, Bella Thorne, is one of the few who has revealed her secret, admitting that she gets her eyebrows tattooed. This is quite relevant, since, in a way, it demystifies that image of perfection and natural beauty that celebrities must maintain. This way he also gets those little beauty tricks closer to all women, famous or not.

In this way, many more women will be encouraged to try this type of practice without complexes. In a way, the famous ones are normalised, and it is within everyone’s reach to have movie eyebrows , don’t you think?

Among the celebrities who supposedly get their eyebrows tattooed we have Michelle Obama, the Kardashians, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus …

Also among the famous Spanish women who have tattooed eyebrows, or we suspect that you have them, we can mention, for example, the actresses Blanca Suárez, and Paula Echevarría , and many other “celebrities” of this country such as the “princess of the people”, Belén Stephen.

The price of the tattooed eyebrows depends a lot on the place where you get them done, because it is not the same price in a luxury and franchise beauty salon as the one you get in your own beauty salon. There are also dermatology centers that do them and also, of course, tattoo centers, which are very specialized and professional, since they can leave everything in great detail and get much closer to the natural color.

The price is around $350 at least, depending on who and where you get them tattooed, but as we say, depending on where you get it, the price will go up to 300 euros. In some of the most expensive centres in the world, the service can reach 1800 euros.

If you decide to do them, you need to take into account some tips, so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

Do not immediately expose yourself to the sun, after the tattoo or the skin, which will be very sensitive, it will burn and your eyebrows, could get worse. Wait a couple of weeks.
Don’t panic if you see excessively dark eyebrows for the first few days. The eyebrow tattoo is like any other tattoo on the skin in this regard; That is, at first it will look blacker and little by little it will lose some intensity to end up wearing the eyebrows of the colour you thought at first.
Always keep the area very hydrated, at least two weeks, until it heals completely.
Don’t pluck your eyebrows for a couple of weeks. It is true, it may be complicated, but it is the best, so that the skin is not irritated: depilatory creams, razor, tweezers, wax … None of that.
When it heals, do not put any product on them . With a little water and a brush, it is enough.
Micropgmentation will eventually fall out, so you will have to review it in a few years , so that although it is a technique that claims to be permanent, the truth is that at five years old you may begin to see your eyebrows much clearer than at the beginning (the sun and the passage of time are two of the factors why micropigmentation gradually loses colour).
And try not to put them in a colour that you like, because you may end up getting tired. Always stick to your natural colour since it will be the only way besides that the tattoo looks natural, and you can wear it without a problem every day and with hardly having to re-fix the eyebrows in a long time.

Tattooed eyebrows: Results

There are different ways to make tattooed eyebrows, on the one hand you can shave the eyebrow and draw the perfect design based on your face, although most of the time it is about performing a micropigmentation that is applied throughout the eyebrow area, filling holes and leaving it well outlined, so that when the time comes to fix them, they don’t need to be touched up.

Tattooing eyebrows is an art because a face changes a lot depending on the chosen eyebrow and it is not necessary to not have eyebrows or have bald spots in them to opt for this solution, it is simply to be interested in creating something different on your own face.

Well tattooed eyebrows


It is essential, essential and urgent that one look for an experienced professional with an aesthetic style to recommend the most suitable type of eyebrow according to the face.

As you can see in this first image, it is an eyebrow that adapts very well to the features and enhances the look, makes it appear that it has a larger eye. You may see it as something artificial, but the truth is that this is due to what we mentioned before. The photo above is from when the model just had the eyebrow tattoo technique, so it looks too dark. In just a few days, that intensity will be reduced with the scar that appears, and it will remain of a much more natural color.

Badly tattooed eyebrows


In this other photograph we can see what would be some eyebrows not recommended for anyone, since they seem completely unreal and generate a strange sensation when seeing it, as if the person were constantly surprised.

Ideally, the tattooed eyebrows look natural as it is not a decorative tattoo, but a functional and aesthetic one.
Alternatives to micropigmentation or tattooed eyebrows

Many of you may think that eyebrow micropigmentation and microblading are the same, but the truth is that it is not, since while micropigmentation, as we have explained, is a permanent eyebrow tattoo, microblading consists of an eyebrow reconstruction technique as a manual technique. It is done with an extremely fine blade that deposits the pigment in the epidermis, recreating the precise and very thin hair structure. The pigments used match the natural eyebrow color. Initially, the brow may appear dark, but the intensity of the colour diminishes in the following two weeks, leaving a natural, full and flawless effect. It takes up to three hours and the effect is supernatural with a duration of drawing stability of 3 to 5 years, so that unlike micropigmentation it is not permanent and would have to be repeated after that time.

Eyebrow pencil

Everything that we have mentioned supposes the fact of tattooing the eyebrows in some way, either permanently or temporarily (although for several years), so that if these methods seem too excessive or you are not sure of the results , You can resort to other alternatives that allow you to see yourself with much more beautiful, dense and arranged eyebrows and one of the simplest and in fact oldest is to use an eyebrow pencil. This is a pencil that our mothers and grandmothers have already used to fill in the eyebrows, or directly to paint them because in the past the eyebrows were very shaved and then outlined with the desired shape.

In this way, it is enough to buy an eyebrow pencil that is the same color as your eyebrows , fill in where you see spaces or outline with the desired shape and little by little go “painting”, so to speak. An easy and cheap alternative that can also be a good option for those who want to see yourself with a different eyebrow shape from time to time and not permanently.

Another alternative that we can recommend to avoid having to undergo the micropigmentation technique, will be to apply a trick as simple as eyeshadow. To do this you must do something really easy and with a result that, even if you don’t believe it, will surprise you.

Take an eyeshadow color that matches the color of your eyebrows and apply it evenly across the eyebrow with the help of a brush that has a fine tip. You must proceed so that you can fill in the gaps that you see through the eyebrow, and you will see how your eyebrows look much more dense without it being noticed that you have applied the eyeshadow.

You can try to apply this technique or alternative to draw another shape of eyebrows, but in this case it may be that something artificial will be seen since the shadow will be blurred and it will be noticed that you have made up where you do not have hair or the hairs of eyebrows.
Eyebrow tint

In recent months, cosmetic companies and brands have wanted to launch many products dedicated to the care and beauty of the eyebrows, and perhaps inspired by the micropigmentation technique, we can resort to eyebrow tinting.

This type of dye, which you can find in various brands such as L’Oréal or Maybelline , works as a gel that is applied to the eyebrows (you can buy it in different colors so that you can dye your eyebrows in your natural color) Once it has dried, we have to remove it carefully, resulting in your eyebrows looking dense, and with the way you have previously placed the gel.

If you do it right, the result of the eyebrow tint can be really surprising, so much so that it can be quite compared to that obtained with microblading. In addition, this type of dye is not permanent but has a limited duration of several days, perhaps a week at most. Anyway, for what it’s worth (depending on the brand the price may be around 15 euros), it is perhaps the most recommended alternative for those of you who want a real change “before and after” in your eyebrows.