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4 tips for a good sugaring or waxing hair removal

4 tips for a good sugaring or waxing hair removal

Waxing hair removal can be painful and cumbersome on many occasions. Some tips such as removing hair after showering or exfoliating frequently can save us many problems

For many, waxing is a real bummer. However, it may be because they don’t know how to wax the way their skin needs it. Therefore, today thanks to the tips for good hair removal that we will discuss later, this will no longer be a problem.

We recommend that you take note of the advice that we are going to present below. They will be very helpful.

Tips for good hair removal without problems

We will address only 4 tips for good hair removal that may seem few, but they are enough. Put into practice in the correct way and according to what they want to teach us, waxing can even become a means of enjoyment. Let’s go there!

What is the hair removal method that works best for you?

The first of the tips for good hair removal is to discover which is the hair removal method that works best for you. It could be waxing, sugaring, or something else.

You may not find it positive that after using the razor, the next day you already have hairs and itches. You may also not like to suffer using an electric razor, with which you lose valuable time.

In this first tip, you should discover which hair removal method compensates you the most. To do this, we encourage you to make a list of the pros and cons of each and weigh the results. You may not like any of them 100%, but which is the one that brings you the greatest benefits?

In addition, you also have to take into account your skin type. For example, very fair skin with blond hair should forget about laser hair removal, because it will not work. Likewise, sensitive skin should be especially careful with wax or electric razors.

2. Let the hair grow
Many people would love to never have hair anywhere on their body. However, unless we go for laser hair removal, the hairs will grow back sooner or later.

However, although there are products that promise to remove even the smallest hair, from here we recommend that it be allowed to grow.

The reason is that the skin is irritated whenever you wax. The method of hair removal does not matter. While it is true that people with more sensitive skin may notice this more intensely, people with other skin types, even if they do not notice it, are also irritating it.

In addition, if our main hair removal method is the electric razor, for example, we will realise that the more the hairs grow, the better they are removed. Many times, being so small, the machine does not remove them by the roots but cuts them.

Therefore, it is better that they grow a little more.

3. Better to wax after showering
Regardless of the hair removal method we use, it is always positive to wax after showering. The reason is that with the steam of the water our pores open, our skin is more relaxed and the hair can be removed in a better way.

In addition, we know that it is always better if we use a razor to do it with wet skin, never dry. Also, if we use a hair removal method, it will be much more effective as the skin is clean, dry, and with open pores.

4. Take care of the skin before and after waxing or sugaring

It is not only necessary to hydrate the skin after waxing, but also before. A hydrated and cared skin will be ready to undergo any hair removal process. Thus, it will be irritated much less, and also the hair removal will be much better.

Hydration and care are one of the tips for good hair removal that people with hair encyst problems should take into account.

Among the factors that can help us to prevent the hair from becoming so encyst are:

Exfoliate your skin twice a week.
Hydrate it every day.
Epilate only when the hair is of a certain length.

Which of the above tips for good hair removal have you already put into practice? Has one of them not working for you? What we do recommend is that you take care of your skin every day, not just when you go to wax.

This way, it will look prettier and, also, it will suffer less when it comes time to remove the hair.