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Moon tattoos that shine in your imagination

Moon tattoos that shine in your imagination


It has always had a magical symbolism, not only in moon tattoos, but in human history. The Egyptians already considered it a symbol of feminine energy and it is in many of their representations of the goddess Isis. For the Nordic tribes such as the Celts and Druids, the moon represented the feminine aspect of nature and under its light there were meetings full of magic and invocations to the elementals.

In the East, the moon is representative of the Yin force, which is negative in the complementary sense, the positive force is that energy that is needed to achieve a great flash of light and balance in the cosmos.

Small moons tattoo Perth

For the natives of America, the moon is the creator of the universe, along with the father sun. The Mayans included it in their calendars when they learned of its cyclical influence on human beings, particularly in terms of the movements of the sea, and even the sowing and harvesting seasons.

Throughout the world and its different cultures, moon tattoos have been used as a deep symbol of mysticism and conscious belief in celestial powers, in addition to being the symbol of:

Femininity, fertility, creativity and mysticism.

Combined with other designs, it tends to increase its symbolic meaning, and it is a fairly versatile tattoo, since moon tattoos can be done from very small to large.

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Small, Subtle and Delicate Moon Tattoos

The tattoos of small moons minimalist generally show some phases of this, they are beautiful and can be tattooed in unexpected places, some people like this type of back tattoos ear, wrist, on the side, neck, and if, also in those sexy places that only your partner can discover.

The crescent moon symbolises the beginning of a phase of positive energy of spiritual and economic growth, the moon in its waning phase signifies the exit of negative energy from both personal, spiritual and work life …

The moon is immersed in the world of emotions, it is a protection tattoo, depending on its phase, and you can accompany these small moons with a tiny star, which gives it a very cool touch.

Small moon tattoos are a good idea if it is the first time that you get a tattoo since being small and simple in design, they are done easily and quickly.

Moon and star tattoos

At Elite Look Tattoo Perth we know that moon and star tattoos are not only beautiful, but also represent two elements that are always together.

The combination between moon and stars will always be a good choice, they can be made realistic or in super fine lines, depending on your taste, we here in our Tattoo Studio in Madrid, we have a team of tattoo artists who will be happy to assist you and help you with The design you’ve always wanted.

Tattoos of moons and stars in Perth

The preferred places to get a moon tattoo are the upper and lower back, many girls like this tattoo on the wrist, others prefer to have it on the ankles, neck, and waist.

In them, you can make excellent and original combinations, for example, you can tattoo a line of stars culminating in a crescent moon, this tattoo can be used both on the inside of the arm and on the neck, in the area that connects the head to shoulder, down the side of your neck, is an elegant, delicate and sexy tattoo.
Combined Moon Shaped Designs

That’s right! You can have the shapes you like the most like flowers, some people add the popular sea ​​wave tattoo , while others use twigs, arabesque designs, abstract geometric designs and many more inside a moon, which gives it a special and unique touch in the world of tattoos even within the moon shape you can make a mandala, or fill it with jewels such as diamonds, rubies, flower tattoos and many more designs, absolutely beautiful.

Floral moon tattoo, in Perth

You can also combine them with other elements to give it greater visibility such as butterflies, fairies, cats, wolves, angels…. The limit is your taste and imagination.

What do moon tattoos mean?

The meaning of each tattoo varies depending on the person who has them, however, it has always represented a cycle of birth and fertility. It reflects a dreamy personality but also that believes in the mystical.

Although it is a tattoo more related to the feminine, men usually accompany it with tattoos of wolves, bears or eagles as a symbol of strength. They also look pretty good in the middle of a mysterious forest, symbolising a new birth.

Moon tattoos in Perth

In a traditional way, the moon is considered a symbol of the past and of the Mystical child that we all carry inside, the truth is that moon tattoos will always be associated with mystery and magic.


The full moon is a symbol of inner strength and fullness, if it is in a crescent quarter it symbolises the arrival of birth and light, in a last quarter it is really related to the paranormal and if you make a tattoo that includes all the phases of the moon it indicates all the processes in life from birth to youth and maturity.
Summing up the meaning of this tattoo:

Femininity and fertility.
Harmony, soul and body, balance and tranquility.
Mystery and mystical connection.
Well developed intuition.
Tenderness and material well-being.

The moon is also related to motherhood since it is associated with the cycles of women, many men tattoo the moon as a symbol of strength and it also means that there is a woman present in their life who has given them a son or daughter.

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