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The True Legend about the Phoenix Bird in Tattoo art

The True Legend about the Phoenix Bird in Tattoo art


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The Phoenix bird is a mythical bird known among the Greeks, it is said that it managed to live exactly 500 years. When the time of his death came, his classic and beautiful figure deteriorated by losing his feathers little by little. He made his nest with aromatic herbs and spices. Once the nest was made to his liking, he would lay an egg and hatch it for 3 days.

Ave Fenix Tattoo made in Perth

At the end, on the last day, the bird was reduced to ashes, energetically entering the hatched egg to be reborn at the same moment of its death.

It is said that the tears of the phoenix had the power to heal wounds, even fatal wounds, but they were not granted to everyone. The bird decided who would heal its wounds and who would not, depending on its behaviour.

Being the size of an eagle, the Phoenix bird had extraordinary strength and could carry an elephant. In their mythical accounts, the Greeks commented that the Phoenix could lift a man and carry him in flight with incredible ease.

A human could come to have the protection of this magnificent bird if it had remained in his family, not as a pet but as an ally and friend, but for this the person had to have magical knowledge. A Phoenix would never serve an evil person, as he could quickly notice the condition of the human soul, and know who he should defend or attack, according to his future actions with the magnificent gift he offered through his protection.

Phoenix bird tattoo on man’s arm in Madrid

Some historians say that the myth of the phoenix comes from the East between India and Egypt as it already appeared in Arabic poetry and among the Egyptians for many years before it was adopted by the Greeks.

Another of the legends that are woven around the phoenix is that its ashes had magical powers and could even raise the dead.

Phoenix Bird Tattoo

There are many designs of tattoos of the phoenix from the minimalist ones that only have its silhouette, in black and geometric designs, to the more complex ones with a realistic image in which the phoenix bird is seen in all its grandeur with colored plumage. red orange and yellow mixed with blue-green and purple colors.

Phoenix bird tattoo on side of woman

Some people prefer to do it in large places on their body such as the entire back, thigh or arm, in this way they look absolutely spectacular because it is a design that has multiple shapes and it will always look absolutely fantastic and imposing.

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If you want to get a large Phoenix Bird tattoo, you should keep in mind that it must be done in several sessions, since its details can be complicated and the safest thing is that, for a good tattoo to be achieved, it must be done in several sittings.

The Phoenix bird tattoo on the rib gives a particular movement and allows it to look even more realistic due to the curvature of the body.

Phoenix bird tattoos look spectacular when they are large, their plumage has many details in addition to the fire that is said to give off from its wings when flying, its tail has a long ending in which soft and wonderful waves can be put.
What does the Phoenix Bird tattoo mean?

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The phoenix speaks of human beings’ attempt to reach the top of the universe. The Phoenix Bird tattoo is known to symbolize life that overcomes death and remains in a cycle of eternal transformation in which the bird loses everything to gain a new life for it.

It is ideal for all people who consider that they have gone through too strong processes and that they have risen again to face life with new hope.

Due to its great power the Phoenix bird carried in the tattoo has become a symbol of immortality, physical and spiritual rebirth and many people have adopted it as a protective symbol.

Phoenix bird tattoo on wrist

There are different designs to get the Phoenix bird tattooed on the wrist or on the arm , either in color or totally black. It should be noted that its outstretched wings are used as a symbol of freedom and transformation , and can be accompanied by the phrases Will Rise (I will resurface), or any other that indicates the relationship of being born from the ashes.

Minimalist Phoenix Tattoo

The tattoo phoenix bird minimalist can tatuar both the wrist and the back of the hand, foot, chest, collarbone, neck or shoulder. They are small quite symbolic pieces in which you can see the Phoenix bird either with its wings spread or tucked up.

To do this, it is important that you choose a design according to the area where you are going to use it in terms of size. You can do it only in black, in gray combinations, realistic style, with the traditional orange and red or with black and blue depending on your tastes, in all these combinations they look absolutely beautiful and as they are small designs you can easily add elements and give them a sensational style.

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