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Permanent eye makeup – eyeliner tattoo.

Permanent eye makeup - eyeliner tattoo.

Eyeliner tattoo

Permanent makeup of eyelids or eyeliner tattoo is used to achieve a few goals at once. The first goal that he can pursue is to imitate the eyeliner. To perform the necessary work, only high-precision modern equipment is used, which is capable of performing such work, close to jewelry. To achieve this goal, a line is created, which is colloquially called an “arrow”. When applying such a pattern, it is important not to overdo it and it is undesirable to use the reduction of the eyeliners of the lower and upper eyelids. The second purpose for which eyelid tattooing is used is to create the effect of thick eyelashes. To achieve this, the space between the eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids is filled with either a toning or a linear method. That is, either the eyelid is toned or small lines are drawn in the direction of eyelash growth to create the effect of long and thick eyelashes. The third goal that can be achieved through eyeliner tattooing is a visual increase in the volume of the eyes, as well as, if necessary, the creation of a compensatory effect for age-related or physiological effects such as a drooping corner of the eye.

When applying eyeliner tattoo Perth, they can use both pure colors of pigments: black, brown, blue, green, blue, gray, and mixed – black-brown or black-green. The procedure is carried out only under anesthesia through the use of an anesthetic in the form of a cream. The creation of a permanent makeup for the eyelids or eyeliner tattoo is a solution to the problem of eyeliners for all occasions – for daytime, work, and for evening, festive makeup. This must be borne in mind when preparing the sketch. In other words, permanent makeup can act as a kind of “semi-finished product” that can be expanded and supplemented with the help of traditional decorative cosmetics.

With all the simplicity of the tattooing procedure and its other advantages, there is one drawback – a slight swelling may persist on the treated area for several days. It is best to use cold compresses to minimise this effect. At the same time, we must not forget that it is extremely undesirable to wet the treated surface, this by no means contributes to early healing. In order not to diminish the beauty with “tear-stained” eyes, you can use dark glasses for going out during the first couple of days.

The use of eyeliner tattoo allows you to significantly reduce the daily time spent on applying makeup, while the eyeliner that a professional artist will make for you will, of course, differ significantly in quality.

At the same time, of course, you can avoid such a fairly common problem as an allergy to cosmetics. This type of makeup avoids possible problems for allergy sufferers.

For those who monitor their health and strive to preserve the youthfulness of their skin, one should think about the negative impact of frequent use of decorative cosmetics. And besides, at least once a day, by removing your makeup, you stretch the skin around your eyes.

And one more fundamental plus of eyeliner tattoo is the fact that no external weather or other conditions can disturb your makeup.

Eyeliner tattoo Perth