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What is permanent makeup, how is it done, its types and features

What is permanent makeup, how is it done, its types and features

Permanent makeup tattoo

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a popular procedure, thanks to which girls get a lasting result for several years. It is difficult to underestimate the advantages of this technique, because the pigment is injected under the skin, which means it is not washed off with water and makeup removers. So that there are no negative consequences, and the result is extremely pleasing, you need to properly prepare for the permanent, and after the session, follow the recommendations for skin care.

What is permanent makeup

The dye is injected into the surface layer of the epidermis using a sterile instrument. The end result is an indelible, long-lasting makeup. But a month after the first procedure, it is imperative to make a correction. This requirement is due to the fact that the survival rate of the pigment depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Part of the dye comes out with the lymph, and gaps appear in the color. In some cases, the correction will correct the contour or add saturation to the hue.

Many are interested in the question of how painful it is to make a permanent. In fact, the procedure is absolutely painless, thanks to the use of modern instruments with the finest needles. In addition, before the session, the master applies an anesthetic in the form of a gel or ointment to the skin. You can also use invasive pain relief for more lasting results. But in this case, swelling may appear on the skin, which interferes with creating the correct pattern.

The masters of our studio use effective means based on lidocaine. The time of the procedure depends on the technique of permanent makeup. In any case, so that unpleasant sensations do not appear and the effect of local anesthesia does not decrease, specialists additionally use anesthesia right during the injection of the dye. The drug relieves pain and makes the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Permanent tattooing has a lot of advantages:

masking flaws;
correction of facial features;
saving time for applying decorative cosmetics;
reducing the cost of purchasing cosmetics.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of permanent makeup. Let’s start with durability. Indeed, the tattoo is not washed off with water, it cannot be removed with a makeup remover. The effect lasts for 1.5 years or more, depending on the technique and depth of dye injection, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism. If the tattoo is regularly maintained with corrections, then it will never come off. The main thing is to find an experienced master who will create a perfect image for you.

How can you hide imperfections with permanent makeup? It is unlikely that we will find a person in the world with absolutely symmetrical facial features. Someone’s asymmetry is not noticeable to others, but someone has to hide it behind a layer of makeup. Tattooing solves this problem for a long time.

With the help of correctly selected shades, you can emphasise a healthy complexion, make your look more expressive. If your lips are too thin with an uneven or poorly defined contour, then you can fix it with the help of permanent makeup. The wizard will set a clear line along the contour of the lips and fill the rest of the space with a suitable color, visually enlarging the lips.

The technique of permanent eyelid makeup is popular among clients of all ages – filling the space between the eyelashes. The result is achieved by filling the space with pigment along the line of natural eyelash growth. The technique can be used both independently and by combining it with a small arrow or shadow shading. Correctly selected technique and shade of pigment allow you to get the visual effect of thick eyelashes, painted with mascara, or the effect of shadows (see photo). Thanks to this technique, you can forget about decorative cosmetics, not waste time on makeup in the morning and then correct it during the day.

Some of our clients have too short and sparse eyebrows. This disadvantage is easily leveled with the help of hair technique or microblading. Both options create strokes that mimic real hair. Powdered eyebrows are a light dyeing technique that creates the effect of shadows, adds volume to the eyebrows, and the right color brightens the eyes. With the help of tattooing, you can correct any facial features.

By opting for permanent makeup, you will be able to indulge yourself in bed much longer in the morning. You will not need to get up too early to clean yourself up. With a tattoo, you will always be irresistible, the arrows will not smudge or flow, the lips will have an attractive shade without tinting. If you calculate, then you have to spend a lot of money on the purchase of decorative cosmetics. In some cases, the purchase of pencils, eye shadow and lipstick is more expensive than tattooing. So why not do this simple procedure right away and look irresistible at any time!

The modern permanent does not go over into unnatural tones. Author’s pigments of the EYEBROW studio Permanent Make Up are of high quality and safe for health. If you do not make corrections and refreshes, the pigment will gradually fade, but the color remains natural without a transition to blue or red tones.

There are almost no drawbacks to permanent tattooing, except for the cost and the need for additional care after the procedure. However, this disadvantage can be easily leveled if we take into account that the correction costs half the price of the first session. And if we compare how much money is spent on decorative cosmetics, it immediately becomes clear that making a permanent at a price is much more profitable.

Permanent makeup

Preparing for the procedure

It is not recommended to visit the sauna, pool or go to the beach a week before the session. Refrain from alcoholic beverages the day before the session. On the day of tattooing, do not drink coffee, as it stimulates blood circulation. If you plan to make lip tattoo, then a week before the session, start taking “Acyclovir” or other drugs against herpes. A week before the tattooing of the eyebrows, you do not need to pluck them so that the specialist can see the natural shape of the arch.

Permanent makeup techniques

There are several tattoo techniques depending on the area of ​​influence.

Lip tattoo

Lipstick effect – dense filling of the lips with pigment, in which their natural color is not visible through the pigment layer. Thanks to this technique, the effect of lips painted with lipstick is created.
Ombre. The specialist uses several types of dye, which are laid in a gradient from the outer borders to the inner ones. This technique allows you to visually make the lips more voluminous.
Watercolor technique – in this technique, the pigment is applied evenly and not densely, your lip color is visible through the pigment. Such a tattoo looks natural and refreshes the image.

Eyebrow tattoo

Hair method. The hairs are drawn individually or in bundles with strokes of pigment.
Powdery technique. The pigment is injected pointwise, the effect of shadows is created.
Mixed technique is a combination of powder and hair techniques.

Eyeliner tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo – the dye is applied in the form of a continuous liner of various lengths and thicknesses.
Eyeliner tattoo. The pigment is brought into the space between the eyelashes, giving expressiveness to the look.
Feathering. The Smoky eyes effect is achieved due to the point distribution of pigments of different intensities.

Care after the procedure

You must not wash your face immediately after a permanent tattoo session. Treat the affected area with a cotton pad soaked in chlorhexidine. The product eliminates unpleasant itching and has an antibacterial effect. You can apply a cold compress to relieve swelling.

After three days, a crust forms, which cannot be removed. Peeling will disappear naturally, and excessive brightness of the pigment will disappear with it. For two weeks, do not visit the pool, sauna, or sunbathe. Apply sunscreen to your face before going outside. If you’ve done lip tattooing, use petroleum jelly to soften your skin.

Correction frequency

The correction should be done one month after the first session. The specialist will fill in the gaps in the dye, correct the shape and contour, and will also be able to make the shade more saturated if it seems to you that the color is not juicy enough.

After a year and a half, you can repeat the correction. By this time, the contours usually begin to blur, drawing a clear line is required. This procedure not only corrects the shape, but adds saturation to the color. Refresh is a great upgrade opportunity when using a watercolor permanent.


Women cannot be tattooed during pregnancy. List of diseases for which a permanent is contraindicated:

renal and hepatic impairment;
autoimmune pathologies.

Is it possible to remove permanent makeup

You can remove low-quality or boring permanent makeup by using the services of cosmetic tattoo removal of a professional. Specialists use a laser and a remover for this purpose. The laser acts on the structure of the dye and destroys it, and the remains of the substance go out with the lymph. In this way, predominantly cold shades can be removed. Remover is a special agent that is injected under the skin with a manipulator pen or machine and promotes the removal of pigment.

When removing permanent make-up, it is necessary to apply application anesthesia to the skin as well as for tattooing. In order for the remover to remove the dye, it must be injected subcutaneously. Even the microscopic needles of the maniple handle injure the epidermis, so after the remover there will be the same manifestations as after the tattoo procedure: peeling will appear, slight itching may bother you. Discomfort is easily relieved by chlorhexidine. The main thing is not to peel off the formed crusts, because scars may appear.

As for the laser, it does not affect the skin and only destroys the pigment. The procedure is less traumatic, but it will take 4 sessions to significantly and noticeably get rid of the dye. After each procedure, the pigment will become paler. The procedure can be repeated only after complete healing of the skin and reaching the maximum effect after the procedure: as a rule, 1.5–2 months after the previous session.

Permanent makeup removal techniques can and should be combined. Gray, black and red shades are well removed by a laser, and blue and green shades are removed by a remover.