Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

Let’s talk about the intricacies of permanent makeup, dwell on eyebrow cosmetic tattoo in more detail.
Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is achieved by a cosmetic tattoo. With this procedure, women can look “in full dress” all the time! Similar to a tattoo, a cosmetic tattoo delivers pigments under the skin’s surface to create a long-lasting makeup effect.

Choosing a permanent makeup artist
If you want to wear this kind of makeup on a permanent basis, be sure to find a licensed artist who specialises specifically in the permanent cosmetic tattoo. Explore the portfolio and try to find out if previous clients are happy with your prospect’s job. The main advantage of going to a medical professional (as opposed to a regular tattoo artist) is that you get an experienced specialist in a particular field. Most often, women want to achieve the natural effect of permanent makeup in order to highlight their own beauty.

The techniques associated with this tattoo method have been mastered by qualified medical experts to ensure an easy and enjoyable permanent makeup application. A permanent makeup artist can be a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional. Of course, any procedure, including tattooing and permanent makeup, must be thoughtful and balanced. Be sure to check the portfolio and reputation of your potential healthcare professional.
Before choosing permanent makeup, you need to pay attention to several very important factors:

Choice of colour and shape
The colour you choose for your eyebrow tattoo can be selected from ready-made pigments or custom-made according to your skin tone. Consulting with your regular makeup professional is the best way to determine which colour is right for you. Once you have the right colour, the goal is to create eyebrows that are natural and symmetrical. Your eyebrow specialist will carefully select the correct brow shape to suit your face type in order to ensure that the design meets your expectations. Once you reach an agreement on colour and shape, the cosmetic tattoo process can begin.
The bestseller is the Hummingbird Bronc PEN rotary tattoo machine, which runs on a reliable Swiss motor (5W, 11500 rpm) – it will become an indispensable assistant in the process of applying permanent makeup, and is also suitable for working with cartridges of any manufacturer.

The eyebrow tattoo procedure can take from 30 minutes to two hours. If you experience severe discomfort, pain-relieving creams and ointments can be applied to make the process go smoothly and feel relatively painless. Your artist can use any of three standard methods of applying your makeup: roll, rotary, or manual. Sometimes artists combine the three techniques to create a stunning and natural effect.

Healing period
Once the procedure is over, as is the case with all tattoos, your new eyebrows will need to go through a healing process. Please note that the healing process will be very similar to the healing process for a conventional tattoo. At first, they will become a little “hard”, and scales will appear, but eventually, they will completely heal. The colour will be too dark at first. This is typical for cosmetic eyebrow tattoos. In a few weeks after healing, the colour will become much more natural. If the colour is too light, you can return to your master for re-painting.
The slim and very lightweight Hummingbird Tattoo & Makeup Pen is ideal for permanent makeup, the Swiss motor (4.5 W.) will ensure comfortable work during the process. Suitable for use with cartridges of any manufacturer.
Why is it worth doing permanent makeup?
Your eyebrows can be one of the most attractive features of your face; they silently express your temperament, show your mood and, of course, aesthetically enhance your appearance. Also, eyebrows are great for highlighting the beauty of your eyes, you may want to consider permanent makeup for several reasons:

The eyebrow tattoo allows you to look flawless at any time, without having to tweak your makeup throughout the day.

You will be able to completely redo your brow shape and bring it to perfection.

You can choose between permanent and semi-permanent eyebrows depending on your preference.

It is also a great option for those who are “unlucky” with their eyebrows, that is, little or no hairs.
Choose only high-quality materials for tattooing, and especially for permanent makeup! In the assortment of Elite Look, there are many high-quality machines, and all the necessary materials are high-quality for work!