Hair removal methods

Hair removal methods

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Hair removal on the legs, armpits and bikini area worries many women. Which hair removal method to choose? The answer to this question depends on your financial capabilities, body characteristics and what you are willing to go for the sake of smooth and flawless skin.

Inexpensive but tiring. The most budgetary type of hair removal is hair removal with a razor. All you need is a razor and a special cream or shower gel. However, you will have to pay for the cheapness – after a couple of days, the hair on your legs will appear again.
Methods are not for everyone. The result of epilation will last for several weeks if you use a special thread, cream or epilator. True, for some women, the cream can cause irritation, and the epilator at first gives a lot of unpleasant sensations, especially if you do not use special nozzles with a cooling liquid.
Hardware cosmetology is expensive, but effective. If you are seriously worried about the problem of excess vegetation, visit a beauty clinic or salon. Here you will be offered laser and photo hair removal, ELOS hair removal and many other long-term hair removal options. True, for the sake of beauty, you will have to sacrifice a substantial amount.

For several seasons, “maxi” – bright sundresses and loose-fitting skirts have been a fashionable summer trend. This year, short dresses and elegant knee-length skirts have taken the podium. Fashionistas once again have the opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of slender legs. This means that the problem of hair removal has become urgent again.

Until recently, fashion trends allowed women to forget about the need to remove excess vegetation. Leggings, linen trousers and long skirts were at the peak of popularity. However, this summer the “fashionable verdict” is unambiguous – the legs must be open.

Modern cosmetic procedures help get rid of unwanted hair and guarantee long-lasting results. The most popular among them are sugaring and waxing. If the procedure is performed by a master in the salon, it will seem less painful to you than independent home depilation. At the same time, the effect will last longer than with regular shaving, and the likelihood of irritation on the skin is almost completely excluded.

Intimate hair removal: sugaring or hot waxing?

In the modern world, women simply need to take care of themselves. Women literally fight for beauty every day. And how sad it can be when the efforts expended do not bring the expected results.

Epilation of a line or full bikini is one of the most important factors in personal care. Today, most women understand that such a delicate area deserves the same gentle treatment, and the razor and epilator are the worst enemies of a beautiful and clean line without ingrown hairs and red spots. Moreover, after the classic shaving, the hair in this area becomes harder and darker, in contrast to those methods when the hair is removed by the root.

At the moment, there are two effective and safe methods for removing unwanted hair: hot wax epilation and sugaring – “sugar hair removal”.

Women who prefer hot waxing love it for its speed and relatively inexpensive cost. Sugaring lovers – usually women with sensitive skin – prefer to spend a little more time, however, to protect themselves from the risk of ingrown hairs.

These hair removal methods also differ in the way in which hairs are removed: the sugaring technique involves removal according to hair growth. It is customary to remove hot wax against hair growth.

Regardless of which hair removal method you choose, remember that the effect will not be long in coming.

Modern women are familiar with a variety of hair removal technologies. Some of them help to remove hair only for a short time, with the help of others it is possible to get rid of unwanted vegetation for several months, and sometimes forever. Let’s consider the most popular methods of fighting for skin smoothness.

Shaving. An old and tested method, which, however, does not give a lasting result. The first hairs break through on the second or third day.
Plucking with an epilator or special thread. The result will last longer, but the procedure itself may cause soreness and skin irritation.
Hair removal with a special cream. Many women are allergic to the cream.
Bioepilation. It implies a procedure in the salon – sugaring, waxing or enzyme hair removal. Professionalism is important: due to non-compliance with the technology, hairs can grow under the skin.
Hardware cosmetology. The hair follicle is destroyed by light, laser, electrical and other types of energy. This method is considered to be the most effective.