Permanent makeup. Eyebrow tattooing methods.

Permanent makeup. Eyebrow tattooing methods.

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In the 1980-s there was a popular belief that “the eyebrow should be something-oh-so-little, like a thread raised in surprise”? Unfortunately, many ladies took this guide into action and, armed with tweezers, created the perfect (as they think) image. However, the world of fashion has presented us with another surprise – beauties with sable eyebrows are pacing on the catwalks, and makeup artists of all kinds of reboots beat Cinderella’s hands, taking away tweezers.

Perfect curve – instant eyebrow tattoo effect.

Of course, every self-respecting woman got a cosmetic bag for her eyebrows (at the very least – a gel, pencil, brush, special shadows) and signed up for art courses (have you tried to draw two symmetrical lines in 5 minutes?). The most advanced ones went to beauty salons: why waste time on morning torments with dubious results, if a couple of hours – and permanent eyebrow makeup is ready.

We immediately warn about possible questions

Eyebrow tattooing does not require prior shaving. Only hairs that do not fit into the shape are removed. On the contrary, the master will recommend that you do not interfere with the natural process of eyebrow growth for several weeks.

Hair will not stop growing or fall out. Permanent makeup does not damage the hair follicles – the colouring pigment remains in the upper layers of the skin.

There will be no surprise! Perfect eyebrows are drawn only after preliminary agreement of the sketch.

No one faints from pain – the latest generation of anaesthetics will allow you to enjoy the procedure. Some women fall asleep actually.

The effect of a cosmetic tattoo is instant, but still refrain from a victorious march through the streets: even a thorough makeup will not hide redness after micro-rings – Perth may not be ready for such stunning beauty.

What is hidden behind professional terms? Eyebrow tattooing methods.

A good master will definitely advise the technique that suits you, but it will be useful to find out in advance about the possible options:

Shading (shaking) or Powder Brow – a classic of the genre – involves the application of smoky, blurry lines – as a result, the eyebrows look like tinted with a pencil or shadows. Suitable for both a radical change in shape (drawing bright lines), and to improve the appearance of insufficiently thick eyebrows. The eyebrow watercolour technique will require correction in 2-5 years (depending on individual characteristics).

Microblading, looks more realistic: in addition to its own, thin hairs are drawn, ideally complementing the shape of the eyebrows. Master makes cuts on the skin which filled with pigment. One of many drawbacks is that the pigmentation begins to creep after 3-6 months, giving the effect of shading. For oily skin, correction may be required earlier. May lead to unpredictable results, regrets and eventual eyebrow tattoo removing.

3D eyebrow tattooing (volumetric method) combines both techniques – the drawn hairs effectively reconstruct the natural shape of the eyebrows, and the swaying imitates the cannon growth and creates the effect of voluminous thick eyebrows. Unfortunately, this technique has inherited all drawbacks of microblading. It is hard to guess about outside interference even from two meters – eyebrows, retouched using the 3D technique, look natural.

The choice of the method depends not only on the wishes of the client. Be prepared for the fact that the master of the makeup studio, Elite Look Elena, may not approve of the eyebrow shape you like or the technology of applying tattooing. Skin type and its ability to perceive pigment, hair colour, the direction of their growth and thickness – all these nuances play an important role in the selection of the optimal technique.