Lip tattoo

Lip tattoo

Lip Blush tattoo

Lip tattoo is a popular aesthetic procedure that helps to correct imperfections in appearance without surgery. As women age, the asymmetry of the lips can change. With the help of permanent makeup, you can visually improve their shape and volume.

To keep your lips always attractive and well-groomed, you will need to spend a lot of money. High-quality decorative and care cosmetics are not cheap, besides, good daily makeup will take a lot of time, which is very problematic for modern dynamic women.

Advantages of lip contour tattooing

– your lips become attractive and inviting;
– the result lasts for several years;
– the cost of tattooing is affordable to everyone;
– minimal damage to the skin of the lips during the procedure.

How is lip contour tattooing done?

Before the procedure, an anaesthetic gel is applied to the lips, allowing the client to avoid discomfort and any pain sensations during tattooing. The contour is preliminarily outlined with a thin pencil, the result is negotiated with the client. If you are happy with everything – the master injects a colouring pigment into the epidermis. After completing the procedure, a special healing agent will be applied to the damaged skin. Within a day after tattooing, there may be a slight swelling of the lips, in the place of which a crust forms, which peels off over time.

You can see what the lip contour looks like in the photo, which shows examples of the master’s work. The specialist will help you in choosing the most suitable permanent for the shade of your eyes and hair, will advise you on all the disadvantages and advantages of the procedure.

Alternative lip tattooing methods:

Lip contour tattooing with shading – lips will have not only a clear contour, but also dense shading under the lip line. By choosing a shade close to natural, you will be able to avoid the effect of “eaten lipstick” and make your lips brighter and more expressive;
Lip tattoo with full colour filling – creates the effect of painted lips. Now there is no need to worry that the lipstick has worn off – with the help of such permanent makeup, you will always be at your best, regardless of the situation;

LIP-LIGHT – a light line is drawn over the contour to create the effect of plump and sensual lips.

In order for the effect of permanent makeup to remain as long as possible, you should provide proper care for your lips. In summer, protect your tattoo from the harmful effects of sunlight with a special balm or lipstick.

Lip tattoo is the work of a professional

For permanent makeup to be perfect, you should carefully consider the choice of a specialist to whom you decide to entrust your face. It is not worth taking the risk and using the services of trainee masters. However, the bad master may have 20-25 years of experience with well established presence on the internet and advertisements popping from everywhere.

Bad work is very difficult to correct, as a result, you will lose not only money, but also time. You can read more about tattoo removing on our website.

A permanent tattoo artist at Elite Look have a decent work experience in this area, use high-quality equipment and materials.