“Powder Brow” Experience Before & After.


"Powder Brow" Experience Before & After

eyebrow tattoo

I’m just beauty and I’m going to get in my eyebrows powder brow. is what it’s called. it’s like microblading but it’s like more full shading rather than like the strokes. I’m really excited today. I’ve never really yes.

I’m like so paranoid. I’m going to wax eyebrow, and we’re just going to have our living in those hairs growling right now, yeah so, you see how this one sits a little higher. it’s just from the hair you just have more hair on this one and then here you lack a little bit of hair. You’re right, every little bit just a tiny bit not by much though. Keep in mind when I’m doing the outline and filling in your brows, they’re not going to be that dark.

Right, we did the brow mapping and this is the kind of like stencil for her to be tattooing later on. Just, so I know that I like the brow that she’s going to be putting on my face. Here’s the before nothing at all and then here’s what will look like after. My love even my machine I think, so she has the brows on, and she’s going to do an outline, and then she said it’s called scratching it.  We can apply them in cream so the numbing creams has more tonight to sit in and really penetrate and then so what I’m going to do is do the outline first. We’ll dip this in the ink and everything else and then I’ll start. I’ll try to talk to you as I’m doing it just so that way, you’re not like right okay. 

This is an outline. I’m going to feel a little scratching okay. The outline colour looks a little dark but it’s just for purposes of that way the pain was not that bad.

I just barely felt like anything at all during the eyebrow tattoo. Oh they look so good makeup on. They like supernatural. We’ll see how they heal and then in six weeks that’s when we’ll do the touch-up and then at the touch-up, we can add whatever you want to add. If you want to add more of an arch if you want them a little bit longer or if you want more colour at the front of the row okay. We can have all done with my brows and this is them immediately after getting them done. 

They’re so perfect. I’m just so excited to wake up with brows like never even have to bother with anything anymore. If you guys are looking to get your brows called powder brow so it’s a little bit different than microblading but in my opinion it’s a little better and less painful. If you’re interested to come to that salon and they have an artful beauty section and she has all kinds of facials powder brows and just she’s amazing honestly. I felt so comfortable after meeting her she’s like such a great lady has great personality. Come and check her out for the brows and you want be disappointed. 


Three days later.


I’m just checking in for a little brow update it has been a few days since I’ve shown you them last. I got them done on Friday and it is now Monday. I’ve had two days to fully heal and they haven’t hurt. They were a little sensitive the first two days. I kind of had to get used to not touching them. When I wash my face but I wanted to show you what she sent me home with the aftercare goodie bag and I love her packaging. It’s so cute you all know I love pink.

She sent me home with the instructions for this specially formulated tattoo moisturizer for after you get a tattoo. I have been applying this with these little cotton swabs that she sent me home with.

What I’ll do is I’ll cleanse my face normally just avoiding the eyebrow area like she said and then I’ll go in with this cotton swab and apply little moisturizer and then she also sent me home with a little aqua for just in case I wanted to switch in between you know using the after inked moisturizer and the aqua for. Also, in the bag I asked her for a pen because it was so cute matched my nails. She said that I could have one. If you’re looking for a great place to do your brows, I recommend this salon.

I’m just loving my brows so far and plus I really want to book a facial with her. In six weeks, I’ll go back for a little touch-up. Just to see if I need anything. Donna if I wouldn’t change anything. Like she said you can change the arch or the thickness.


I’m here with a brow update. I just did my makeup and I have nothing on there. Healing so nicely. I want to say they’re already healed. I’m so satisfied with how they look and oh my god this can’t stop saying I’m in love with my brows.

Every time I’m like damn they look so good. Here they are they look so good they look so natural. I don’t have an ounce of makeup on my eyebrows and they look so good. Like before I didn’t wear a lot of brow makeup but now, I don’t need it even. Have any raw makeup because you just look perfect. If you’re someone that struggles with like one day and do your brows good one day do you brows bad which I think we’ve all been there. This is like for sure the way to have them looking the same 24/7.

Since you did map out my brows and correct it like any
kind of minor difference you know they say your brows are sisters not twins. Now my brows are twins it’s like mind blown. When I was doing my makeup I was like my brows look so good!