Getting My Lips Tattooed.

The story of the real woman.

Getting My Lips Tattooed

Lip Tattoo

This is the story of the real woman who went through the lip tattoo and wanted to share her experience with others. It gives a good insight what to expect after you have done you lip tattoo and how lips will heal during the next 6-8 weeks.

Good day guys! Today I am going to get my lips tattooed. Something completely different for me, something I hadn’t really planned on but one of my best friends is a beauty therapist. Yes, I’ve mentioned her before and she is in the process of learning how to do cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner and things like that and she asked me to be her model for lip tattoo. So, on Wednesday night we went, I went to the salon, her salon and I had a little test of all the food and the settings and things that they used to make sure I didn’t have a reaction to it. I also with her and her trainer, sort of, looked at the colours that they were mixing together to try and get a lip colour that I wanted. And we came up with a combination that I like and today is the day that we actually that I actually go and get my tattoos. I’m not going to lie I’m a little bit nervous. I’m getting full lip tattoos. So, it’ll be like a colour. You can just get lip liner as well.

But I really want it to be quite natural and to sort of look like my lips but better. That’s what I’m going for my lips but better but on my actual lips. So, I just had a shower and washed my hair as per my little sort of pre-treatment instructions. I’m going to blow dry it and then we’re going to go get our lips tattooed. Well, I am. I’m going to take you guys along with me. I’m just brushing my teeth because I figured that I’m going to have anybody working around my mouth. I don’t want to have stinky breath and did I mention that I woke up with like the world’s largest pimple right there why. So, just arrived in the car park. I guess this is one last look of my lips this way.

I’m here now and I’m going to go start the process which has been throughout studies and pictures of before and after. I kind of know what to expect and I guess it’s going to start. I think that we’ll try and take a little bit of footage showing what happens and then I’ll speak to you guys once I have new lips. This is Jess she’s going to be doing the treatment today. She’s also my friend so what could trust being numbed right now and I feel decidedly pop yet it’s very busy cooking really funny do they look. Pop here is that just me they supposed to look puffy okay. It is a machine that’s going to be tattooing me a little bit. Like a mad scientist with lily potions mixing something together, it’s obviously going to look a bit different on my lips been on there but don’t get a general idea the want and I’m going to pretend that there’s not a needle at the end of that. Can just be blissfully ignorant of it and they’re different types of machines that you use to do. There are different ways that you can use this one’s a digital machine.

A digital machine yeah Wendy the trainer digital machine there is also rotary machines out there, which you can normal tattooist booth, which is a coil machine and this one is actually digital. So, it’s a lot more precise and it moves very very fast into the skin okay and not as deep and you can also go by hand lading is very okay and that’s slicing through the skin and then applying the ink for the mean soak into the skin. Slight tap is another method. That’s been around for around about 20 years and that’s almost weaving the ink by hand into right okay.

Putting in the nominee thing right now more lemon cream breaking the pitch to Cepeda penetration like instantly and Scratchy. Okay, so we are done. I’m sufficiently swollen at the moment which obviously. Who won’t last forever but some of you might really enjoy that aspect of this.

I’ve just been through all the aftercare stuff and we’ve just finished up down here. A little bit more makeup on because I kind of had it right off a little bomb I know you’re probably thinking price. So with price generally and so it will be $800 for lips but you pay a hundred on your consultation and then you get that back so when you actually come in it’s only the 700. Yeah and in terms of a time for an appointment about two hours. All right she’s been here for two hours and that includes all the numbing time, designing the shape for you and yeah and then the consultation. Was pretty quick. Yeah so there’s also a retouch that Rachel will have to come back into in about maybe six weeks time. And then that’s all included in the price as well. So we can just see because I think the way we’re might we might wear away in some patches and yeah we do lose out 60%

of the colour. Yeah and yeah, they’ll lighten up to this year and colour that they go into. I think but now they look like max during that pencil you know what you think our mixture of star in and well they’re actually already changing colour. I feel like from my mix of different life. I felt like a little – yeah Brown like two seconds ago and now it’s going a bit more. I don’t know we shall say this will be this is your true colour. If you want to put someone you can think it’s going to Noel looks just a little bit so you can see how much lighter they will be. Yeah there we go so that’s the colour and this is kind of what we’re starting at. You can see so what I will do is I’m going to feel a little snippet sort of over the next week or so. Just so you can see how it goes through the process of changing and I guess the final colour one thing we work and talk about with pain because I know a lot of you probably thinking that as well honestly it didn’t hurt too bad. Just put a ton of numbing stuff throughout the entire process.

I just felt a lot of the time like pushing really really hard with like a little bit of a scratchy feeling at the end. Maybe a bit like somebody’s like a tiny little needle by the end of it. I really couldn’t feel that much at all. I think it kind of hurt them. Rose colour around the Cupid’s bow and at the end of the lips but by the end of that that sort of hour and a half or whatever hour that I was laying down I really couldn’t feel that much. And we will go through the actual light touch up plate. Thing is basically you’re doing almost the same to me again.

Wendy just brought up another point about how the colour will change over the next couple of weeks. We’re going to talk about that briefly. It’s so Rachel’s going to experience then getting quite crusty. I suppose over the next week or so and then all of a sudden, it’s going to seem as though the colour will totally disappear from her lips. It’s just a defence mechanism on the lips. And then the colour will reappear around about sixty percent lighter than what it currently is now. So that’s the reason why we live it around about six weeks for retouching for lips. Whereas with eyebrows and eyeliner it in about four weeks.

The next day.

Here we process now the next day after my lip blush tattoo and I just wanted to give you a quick update of my lips 24 hours after I had the procedure. So, I’m not going to lie yesterday afternoon it was pretty painful once all the anaesthetic stuff off. It’s definitely kind of had a burning feeling it was very uncomfortable. I just kept on putting on my balm and kind of having to wipe away any of the excess blood I saw. This coming through you. Can see what I mean here by this crusty Ness that’s kind of developed there you can see kind of the colour that I think it will be peeking through. But for the meantime they look kind of gross. I’m assured that this is all normal and they will go back to looking really nice soon ish. I don’t know. I don’t know how long was feeling supposed to last for. We’re not supposed to pick at this at all or rub it away as much as I kind of want to. So, I’m just leaving it and trying. Must not to touch it too much and just keeping my lips hydrated. It almost holds a pencil underneath it.

Two days later

Quick little vlog update for you guys. It’s now Monday evening. So about two and a half days since I had my lips tattooed and I’m getting some pretty severe feeling. Like trying to keep my lips really hydrated with the balm. I think the instructions were like every half an hour. I’m honestly finding that I think like my lips have absorbed it in sort of half an hour to an hour max. I’m applying and fairly regularly but I’m losing some on my lips. I’m trying really hard not to pick and just let the skin fall off naturally. If it does although, I don’t know what I’m going to do about this. But yeah that’s what they look like I think. The swelling is pretty much completely gone down which is good. I’m happy to have my lips back to relatively a normal size. Yeah kind of gross. What is probably not recommended, but I’m actually going to see you some little tweezers to trim off the skin. Rather than to actually like pull. I don’t want to yank anything off that shouldn’t come off. 

One week later.

Quick lip update since it’s been about a week since the permanent makeup procedure. My lips or the flaking has gone thankfully. They basically all kind of came off, sort of. By the fourth day now my lips are just pretty dry. I’ve been basically just keeping them with lip balm on pretty much constantly. They’re kind of I guess the colours a little bit sort of greying as you can see there. It’s kind of hard to tell. It’s a little bit splotchy, but I’m interested to see how the colour will develop over time. Ignore that that’s just a blemish. But yeah, this is what they look like at the moment. I’ve used all my balm up. So now I’ve just moved to using pop ointment and just some other sort of natural lip balms that I have. I’ve generally been wearing pretty much nothing for this whole week since I’ve had them done. Just no other kind of lip liners or lipsticks. 

Two months after.

I’m just about heading for my lip tattoo touch-up. it’s been about two months since I got my lips tattoos or maybe a little bit longer. And the colour is pretty much settle to where it’s supposed to be. It’s just like a natural kind of neutral pink colour. I’m really happy with it but we’re just going to go in fix up the lines. I think basically go over it again which is part of the cost of doing it. That you have your lips tattooed ones when you go in for a perfecting session. This is what they look like at this point. I unlike them. It’s good. It’s a natural colour. It’s not too over-the-top but it’s just it looks like I’ve got a little something extra without being too obvious that I’ve had my lips tattooed. Second lip tattoo session is done and dusted I have really large loops at the moment. Obviously. But the swelling and the colour will change and will go down and all that kind stuff over.

I can say that the pain this time was like a thousand times better. I think we like totally sorted the numbing situation. I think even if you’re a real wolf you can have your lips tattooed you just need to like really numb the calf. Either my barely felt at this time so definitely gets a thumbs up for that.

I’m home now and the ice is helping so much with the pain. Makes you feel a lot better. The swelling has gone down a lot too. 

24 hours after touch-up.

It’s being about 24 hours since I’ve had my lip liner tattoo for the second time and they’re feeling pretty good. They’re not to sore, unless I like move them funny like go like that and then they kind of sting a little bit. I’m just keeping them hydrated. Most of the swelling’s gone down. There’s still a bit puffy and they’re starting to look a little bit weepy which will kind of eventually turn into sort of flaking. I’m just keeping the bomb on and other night they seem to be doing pretty well. I think the ice definitely helped last night and like once I woke up this morning all the pain was gone, which was great because last night they were hurting quite a bit. But nothing a little bit of neurofen and some ice cream fix.

The quick lip update for you guys. it’s Sunday I’m currently binge watching making a murderer and my lips are feeling pretty good. I’m kind of losing bits of my lip everywhere. They’re kind of peeling at the moment which is gross and you have to be careful. I would recommend if you get your lips tattoo to either have white bedsheets or at least white pillows or a dark one because at least white you can bleach or a dark colour hopefully you won’t see it. I’m just I noticed that there’s a little bit of staining probably just a little bit of colour coming off my lips onto my pillows even though I don’t do it on purpose obviously in my sleep. I must rub my lips see you know. Other than that, they’re going pretty well you can see this sort of a little bit of dark skin left. I mean most of it is peeling off or has peeled off. I’m trying not to pull it or rub it or do anything.

I sometimes get like little nail scissors and chop it off if it’s like hanging there don’t necessarily recommend that. Don’t know that’s what you should do but that’s what I have done. I actually think is probably better than because then if I leave it there and I eat or do something it gets pulled off and it might not be supposed to come off or at least the end part might not be. Anyway, that is what it looks like a few days on this is kind of the colour they are. I don’t think this is the colour that they will end up as if it’s anything like the last time I got my lips done. I went through a whole variety of shades on my lips before the final colour set into place. I just want to show you guys where they were at the moment. I did also want to quickly say that I have some flaking around the edge of lip as well. You can kind of see some like darker marks there I think I may have gotten a little bit of ice burn when I put the ice on it definitely was a good thing, it definitely helped with the pain, but you just have to remember that because your skin is numb you can’t feel it and I may have just had it on a little bit too long.

That’s why it’s a little bit red and that skin around my mouth is peeling a little bit. I’m just putting stuff on it and I think it should heal up fine. It seems to be going away now you know what I’m experiencing. I haven’t experiencing it.

Six weeks after touch-up.

It’s now been six weeks since I had my lip tattoo touch-up. I had that on the 7th of January and is now mid-February. Everything seems to be settling really well. My colour is pretty much all come through. I still have a little bit of what I call bruising. Which is kind of where it’s a little bit darker in certain patches. I had this the first time I had it done as well and it seemed to fade probably around the two-and-a-half-month mark. I’m sure that that will go again this time. I’m really happy with the colour and I just thought I would check in and show you guys one last time what my lips looked like. Overall I’m really happy with the process and I think for those of you out there who maybe either have a blurred lip line and want it more defined. Whether you may be like the idea of permanent makeup. Maybe you don’t like wearing a product on your lip and you like the idea of being able to have something that’s always there. Or maybe you want your lips to look a little bit fuller because you can adjust the shape of your lip maybe if one side of your lip is a little bit higher and one side is a little bit lower like they can even it out it’s kind of what we did with my lip one side of my upper lip is a little bit higher so we just kind of sort of evened both sides out perfected. That lip line you can certainly do that with lip tattooing. Like I said you can almost over draw them slightly to make them look bigger. They can still look natural. I’m definitely a I guess poster child for the natural lip colour really this is my lip colour sometimes it looks a little bit darker sometimes looks a little bit lighter but it’s still very like some people wouldn’t even know that I’ve had my lips tattooed. The other night I was actually watching something on cosmetics tattooing and bad dodge jobs.

I know that I talked about price through the vlog and from what I’ve seen a general price range is generally around like 700 to 900 dollars. I just decided to make this video purely for you guys because I figured that some of you would probably be interested with this whole thing.
I think that is pretty much it for me.