Pros and cons of the different hair removal methods. Part 3.

Pros and cons of the different hair removal methods. Part 3.

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Plucking out the eyebrows

It is more common to refer to this operation as “hair removal by a thread”, but the essence remains the same: the hairs are captured by the intertwined threads and pulled out by the roots. Effectiveness is two to four weeks. Most often, the method is used to correct eyebrows – this process is more effective and less traumatic than traditional plucking with tweezers. The eyebrows acquire an even and beautiful shape. Another plus of the method is that it does not require practically any material costs – only skill. But great skill is required! Other inconveniences of this procedure: to repeat it, you must wait until the hair grows to such a length that it can be captured; only small local areas of the skin can be treated; unpleasant sensations when pulling out several hairs at once, especially in the case of removing the hairs above the lip with a thread.
But many, of course, continue to correct their eyebrows (and some – not only eyebrows) using the old proven method – tweezers. They are attracted by simplicity and affordability – both in terms of timing and lack of financial investments, as well as accuracy in shaping the desired shape, which is extremely important in cases of eyebrow plucking or giving a certain pattern in the bikini area.
For a long time, commonplace tweezers have proven their effectiveness on hair of any colour and type, which makes this depilation method truly universal. But what is bad here is with the period of the achieved effect, which at best lasts about two weeks, and at worst – only a couple of days, depending on the rate of hair growth. The appearance of ingrown hairs, mechanical microtrauma, leading to inflammation or irritation are also possible. Well, in general, plucking hair with tweezers is a long, dreary and painful process. This method is exclusively for small areas. Plucking large areas of the body with tweezers is uncomfortable and tiring.

Soda, iodine, nuts, potassium permanganate …

Well, in the end, we will deal with the mass of home-grown methods of getting rid of annoying hairs. What women do not come up with! Honestly, some “recipes” seem more suitable not for removing hair, but for harassing rivals: here’s a super-duper effective ointment for you, dear friend: take out your hair, put an ointment on this place – wake up beautiful! Sometimes such beauties wake up that it is scary to look at them.
How do you like, for example, depilation with the help of… ash from the peel of three green walnuts ?! Not only do the nuts ring when you fry them to ashes, but after using a miracle ointment based on them, you yourself will get brown spots on the skin that will go away for a very long time – much longer than the hair grows back … It’s good if in addition the skin will not become inflamed.
But if you first pull out the hair, then mix iodine and ammonia and then anoint where they pulled it out! .. Oh! It will be very cheap, very smelly, it will cause itching, burning and inflammation … But, supposedly, in six months the hair in this unfortunate place will stop growing. Want to check it out? We would not risk it. Maybe the hair will stop growing, or maybe the skin will turn green or even come off …
Roughly the same experiment is proposed to be carried out with the help of soda diluted in boiling water – 10 procedures. Of the firm guarantees – only skin peeling and allergies.
Another miracle cure is sold at the pharmacy, called Rivanol. It is necessary to smear it on the skin for 14 days, also having previously plucked the hair. Rivanol does not irritate the skin – on the contrary, it has antiseptic and wound-healing properties; the product does not cause discomfort: the hair falls out on its own, respectively, the removal process is completely painless; Rivanol inhibits the activity of hair follicles, therefore, after frequent use of the product, the hair growth rate really slows down – by one to two weeks. However, a trace of yellow remains on the skin! It is also possible the appearance of an allergic reaction to one of the components of the drug and dry skin.
Potassium permanganate can also slow hair growth for a week or two. But it also stains the skin, and because of undissolved potassium permanganate granules, or it’s too concentrated solution, you can get micro-burns on the skin.
Really slows down hair growth for the duration of use, plus for the next two weeks a lotion of essential oils of mint and tea tree (usually made on the basis of jojoba or grape seed oil). Add two drops of peppermint oil and five drops of tea tree oil to one tablespoon of base oil. Use daily after epilation. But keep in mind that despite the beautiful name, the product has a pungent and not the most pleasant smell.
The smell is better – phyto-resin, which contains natural ingredients that slow down hair growth. It provides smoothness of the skin for a period of two to four weeks; phyto-resin can be applied to the same area of ​​the body several times. But still – this is only a temporary smoothness of the skin; its application takes a lot of time and can cause slight irritation (individual intolerance).
Oddly enough, nettle – a remedy widely known for strengthening hair – can also be used as a depilatory. True, not the nettle itself, but its seeds. There are many ways, but two are the most famous. The first is to rub the areas of the body that you want to get rid of unwanted hair with freshly harvested seeds. Second: mix 100 grams of vegetable oil and 40 grams of crushed nettle seeds and leave for about two weeks to infuse the mixture. Then strain and store in a dark glass bubble in the refrigerator. Apply to the body two to four times a week until hair disappears. Note, not forever, but all for the same couple of weeks. And remember that nettle seeds contain a large amount of iodine and some other substances that can not only destroy excess hair, but also leave burns on the skin.

The next group of “folk depilators” are rather hair brighteners and “thinners”, making them less visible, but not destroying them. These include: hydrogen peroxide; a mixture of peroxide and shaving foam; perhydrol ointment; hydroperite. All these products are extremely cheap and affordable – they can be purchased at any household chemical store or in a pharmacy, are easy to use, give very fast results on any hair, if the concentration is chosen correctly. As a result, you have bleached and almost invisible hair. That is, the hair does not disappear anywhere. And they remain invisible until they grow a little. You can, of course, poison them more often – but then there is a very high probability of itching, flaking, allergies, skin irritation or even a burn.
There is another great hair lightening remedy: lemon with olive oil. But – attention! – this tool is not only useless when removing hair, it helps to strengthen and grow!

For those with strange tastes:
we do hair removal with … with a dog bite!

Do you think this is a bad joke? No. That’s bullshit. But nonsense that lives and lives in the XXI century on the Internet! Two options are considered: rubbing milk from a dog that has just littered, and … her bite! Anyone who believes in this should probably seek clarification from a doctor, but not a cosmetologist …
An equally crazy and equally useless way is to mix euphorbia with slaked lime. And in terms of danger, it, perhaps, even surpasses the “dog method”. You can get seriously poisoned already during the preparation of this product, and what remains of the skin on which it is applied is generally scary to think.
Our little hit parade of cosmological horror films is completed by a decoction of dope! The broth is poisonous! Applying it on yourself, instead of hair loss, you run the risk of getting motor excitement, a sharp dilation of the pupils, hyperaemia of the skin of the face and neck, dry mouth, hoarseness, rapid pulse, headache and severe thirst. And again the doctor. This time even two. First – a resuscitator, and then … well, again, still not a cosmetologist.

Short summary: lovely women! Love yourself, remember, no matter how much money you have, you are queens and princesses, you deserve the best! Don’t torture yourself with cheap and ineffective treatments. As a result, it will only get worse, and even more money will be spent: to correct mistakes, to treat the consequences of incorrect use of certain means, and time is also money. Soberly assess your capabilities, thoroughly study the issue that interests you, and only then choose the hair removal method that is right for you. Good luck and beauty!