Hair removal secrets from Hollywood stars

Hair removal secrets from Hollywood stars

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Stars treatment trends and designs

Have you ever wondered what celebrity hair removal methods are used? There are opinions that, having endless possibilities, Hollywood stars choose only the very best. Thus, a kind of benchmark appears, which gives rise to popular trends in the fashion of hair removal (there is one!). Today we will talk about such trendsetters in the world of cosmetology and tell you which design in hair removal is the most popular today.

A little about the stars
Divas about hair removal and beauticians.

Did you know that in the States there has long been an idea to name the hair removal of the deep bikini area by the name of Lady Gaga and this is not a joke. What a joke there can be when 95% of the singer’s stage costumes are open bodysuits and high-rise panties. Concert numbers simply cannot allow Gaga and her beautician staff to be irresponsible. Speaking of beauticians: the singer has a personal master who accompanies her during all tours. Agree, it’s very convenient.

Choosing a hair removal specialist is a serious matter. For example, singer Rihanna instructs her assistants to find only Russian masters with poor English skills. By the way, in America, there is a certain stereotype that the highest quality procedure is done by Russian emigrants. Rihanna thereby kills two birds with one stone – she gets an excellent result and does not listen to enthusiasm in her direction during the session.

The Kardashian sisters generally solved the problem of hair removal in a very practical way: the older sister, in her own words, has perfectly mastered the basics of the waxing procedure and makes it to her sisters on her own.

There are several rebel stars who deny any methods of removing unwanted hair and literally propagate natural beauty with their entire appearance. For example, Hilary Swank and Drew Barrymore are not shy … or lazy, who knows?

Fashion trends
What is the most fashionable design in hair removal?

Of course, Hollywood stars are not very willing to talk about hair removal, and even more so the design “there” and this emotion is understandable to any girl, because the topic, to put it mildly, is not very pleasant. But certain trends are still developing and there is always a fashion for a certain pattern.

For example, in the 2000s it was fashionable to leave the so-called “triangle”. Now Brazilian hair removal is at its peak, that is, the complete absence of hair in the bikini area. Such a hot name for this type of hair removal was given by dancers at Brazilian carnivals, which are famous for their insanely open outfits.

It is noteworthy that most celebrities who make their intimate affairs public prefer waxing or sugaring hair removal. This is understandable, the stars who have switched to hardware cosmetology do several systematic procedures and forget about the problem of unwanted hair forever, so there is nothing to talk about.

Fashion is the thing: it has its influence even in the most unexpected areas of our life. Hair removal could not be an exception. Of course, the final choice is up to you, so listen carefully to your own feelings, so that later you do not feel discomfort from the fact that you succumbed to fashion trends.

Perhaps the best solution would be to trust exactly hardware cosmetology, which gives a chance to forget about all these cosmetic problems once and for all. Choose a qualified master and a proven clinic, read reviews and enjoy the results.

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