Pros and cons of the different hair removal methods. Part 1

Pros and cons of the most famous hair removal methods. Part 1

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If you think that only sexy revolutionaries who boldly went to the beaches in bikinis in the middle of the last century wanted to have smooth skin for the first time, then you are mistaken. Both Cleopatra and Nefertiti, long before our era, tried to get rid of unwanted vegetation and become even more beautiful and attractive for their beloved. Of course, not only the queens dreamed of seducing men, but also simpler girls. Since then, many centuries have passed: Galileo proved that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not vice versa, rockets flew into space, doctors invented an artificial heart – but the lady’s hair was torn out by all means available to them – and they are pulling it out! Not that science has completely failed in this matter: hair is removed with electric current and even a laser nowadays, but the cost of this operation is not yet available to everyone. Therefore, a host of ancient home-grown ways to shed the burdensome fuzz continue to flourish.
Today we will try to figure out how many methods of hair removal exist, and most importantly, what is their real effectiveness and negative consequences?

Maybe, if you really want to feel like a queen, you just need to save up some money and do a modern procedure? Or – on the contrary – all these newfangled “Elos” are ordinary publicity stunts, but in reality, a grandmother from the Two Rocks will help you and me?
Well, let’s start, perhaps …

From simpleton to queen –
we all had to shave …

Let’s immediately decide: there are two fundamentally different approaches: depilation is the removal of only the hair itself, which is above the surface of the skin, or the removal of hair from the root, but without damaging the hair follicle (the hair follicle from which it grows); epilation – removal of hair along with the root part, in which damage to the follicle occurs, which gives hope for the final cessation of hair growth.
Most of us are not the most famous princesses in the world, and therefore we most often use depilation – that is, we remove the hair itself, which then grows back (moreover, sooner rather than later).
The most common type of depilation is shaving. He, of course, has a number of undoubted advantages: it is simple, quick and easy, almost painless (if you are careful and not get hurt with a razor). It’s cheap, takes little time, and no preparation is needed: you can shave in your favourite bathtub. But shaving also has a lot of disadvantages: an extremely short-lived result, because cutting off hair provokes their rapid growth, and they grow back in one to three days. Everyone knows: the more often you mow the lawn, the thicker it grows – it’s about the same here. In addition, frequent shaving causes irritation (it can also occur if the blade is slightly dull) and often leads to ingrown hairs.


What to choose – sugaring or wax hair removal?
The question, believe me, is not so simple!

With the help of wax or sugar (the latter type of depilation is also called sugaring), hair can also be removed not only in the salon, but also at home.

The advantages of wax hair removal can be considered as follows: with regular repetition of procedures, the hair becomes softer and thinner and does not grow so densely; wax does not irritate the skin, does not cause itching and redness; the cost of this method is quite reasonable. But the disadvantages are also obvious: painfulness of the procedure; risk of burns due to improper preparation of wax; when self-waxing, it is difficult to achieve uniform hair removal. This procedure will get rid of hair for two or three weeks maximum.

Sugaring is an absolutely natural method of depilation, does not cause allergies or irritations and is suitable for sensitive skin; with its help, even the smallest hairs can be removed, over time the hair becomes thin and sparse and practically does not grow in – but how much time must pass – it is not specified anywhere. After one procedure, the skin remains smooth for two to four weeks. The disadvantages of the procedure include the following: soreness (although less than with wax depilation); difficulties in choosing the correct consistency – and this can lead to completely different consequences: from the complete ineffectiveness of the procedure to damage to the skin. In the cosmetic tattoo salon Elite Look we are providing both services – sugaring and wax hair removal

Sometimes, among the home-grown methods, you can find depilation with the help of clay: the method of preparing the mixture is similar to sugar, and all the pros and cons are the same. Only it is even more difficult to prepare the mixture … But who is looking for easy ways here?

In the same section, it is worth mentioning enzymatic depilation, since in fact it is close to the two methods listed: here also a wrap is used, only with a special composition in which the hair seems to “dissolve”. The procedure is painless, suitable for any skin colour and hair structure, both for women and men. Enzyme depilation makes it possible to treat a large area at once and therefore does not require much time. It is suitable for sensitive skin, and the effect after a full course can please you for up to four months. The main disadvantage is the likelihood that thick hair may not completely dissolve, and there may also be an individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition.

Epilators and creams

It is no coincidence that we again mention science, because electric epilators and various depilatory creams have practically not changed since their inception, except that they have developed epilators that can work under water, which supposedly reduces pain – but it became painful to look at the price of these devices. However, epilators have their advantages.
They are suitable for all types of hair: grey, blond, villus and even coarse hairs, the growth of which is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Such home depilation is suitable for treating absolutely any area of the skin, including the face, back, armpits and bikini area. With regular use of the epilator, hair becomes thin, weak and sparse and has to be removed less frequently. And the process itself does not take much time. The biggest disadvantage of the electric epilator is extreme soreness, and it is almost impossible to get used to this pain … especially if you are more of a princess than a heroically staunch partisan. There are other disadvantages: the epilator can break off fine hairs and cause ingrown hairs.
Depilatory cream is also suitable for many types of hair, it can be used even outdoors. Everything seems to be simple, completely painless, and inexpensive. However: there is a very high probability of allergy to the active substance, therefore, before the first use, a test should be carried out in the wrist area. And in no case should you use a cream to remove facial hair! Well, to tell the truth, not all hair is removed with the help of the cream: after the procedure you will probably have to sit with tweezers looking out for minor “flaws”, especially for those with coarse hair. There are also creams for bleaching hair: here we are talking about the fact that the hair actually does not disappear anywhere, remains on the body, but becomes almost invisible. That is, the result will last until the paint is washed off or new dark hairs grow back. This method is not suitable for those who have skin prone to allergies and irritations, and if used incorrectly, there is a risk of burns.
The effect of the above procedures lasts from one to three weeks.