Hair removal is not that painful if done correctly

Hair removal is not that painful if done correctly

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Understanding which type of hair removal is less painful.

Ingrown hairs, inflammation and small pustules with regular shaving sooner or later begin to irritate not only the skin but also the nerves. And we are starting to pay more attention to the proposals of beauty salons and cosmetology clinics in search of the best way to get rid of vegetation. The main question that interests everyone who is going to part with the razor is whether it hurts to do hair removal.


What is the most painless hair removal method?

To begin with, hair removal for a longer period is done in different ways.

Mechanical types of hair remova – sugar and wax – involve the seizure of hairs pulled out by a sticky mass from the root.
Hardware methods act on a small area of ​​the skin surface with bursts of different types of energy that penetrate the hair, destroy the follicles and ultimately kill them forever. Electrolysis stands apart here, during which a small discharge of electric current is supplied to each individual hair through a special needle.

It is logical to assume that the stronger the impact, the more expressive our sensations will be. However, it is worth remembering that each person has their own threshold of sensitivity. And the fact that very painful to one person is not felt by the other.

We distribute the types of hair removal according to the degree of pain (in decreasing order):

Elos hair removal;
Laser hair removal;
Photo hair removal.

Actually, wax and electricity as different techniques can divide the first line of the hit parade among themselves. And taking into account the fact that during electrolysis each hair is processed separately and the time of suffering stretches for hours – she can safely be awarded the palm. During sugaring, the hair is removed in the direction of growth, so the pain sensations decrease.

The sensitivity of the laser and elos hair removal is caused by the fact that during the procedure the skin around the hair itself absorbs some of the energy and heats up slightly. But these techniques have a number of nuances: a lot here depends on the manufacturer of the device and the experience of the master who will remove hair, as well as the type of your skin and hair. For example, diode laser hair removal is very comfortable thanks to a special built-in skin cooling system.

Pain and hair removal in differentzones

The perception of pain during hair removal is also associated with the part of the body that you are going to clean from hair. If we talk about the zones of hair removal according to the degree of pain, they can be distributed as follows (from larger to smaller):

Bikini area, especially intimate bikini;
Upper lip, face;

Actually, this gradation is also very conditional and depends on individual tolerance. It is believed that in the area of ​​the bikini and genitals we have many nerve endings, and our legs are more “patient” and from a young age are accustomed to hair removal. However, to some, hair removal on the legs may seem more sensitive than hair removal on the face, and vice versa.

The devil is not so terrible as his baby …

Personally, for a long time I could not decide on a salon removal, after reading reviews on the Internet. It seemed to me that the forums, with their detailed descriptions, with videos and photos of real users, accurately described the present state of affairs. Nevertheless, the reviews were diametrically opposite, and I had to sort it out myself.

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by my feelings. Honestly, now, with hardware influences, I instinctively twitch more from bright flashes of light than from some kind of pain syndrome. Although I admit: after the first time waxing, tears gushed out of my eyes. Out of surprise. And already in the second session everything was wonderful.

To understand if hair removal hurts, try the simplest test. Take a pair of tweezers – and pluck a few hairs.

Painfully? Yes, in principle, sensitive, but:
First, it’s not the kind of pain that cannot be endured.
Secondly, no one will remove one hair at a time, if we are not talking about electrolysis. You just have to experience these sensations only a few times, but the result is even and smooth skin.
Thirdly, after a few sessions, your skin will get used to it, and the discomfort will almost disappear.

So, let’s summarise.

1. “Pain” during hair removal cannot be compared with pain, say, during an injury. Rather, it is a sensitive sensation.
2. The pain threshold is different for everyone, and it may well happen that you will not feel anything at all, except that some manipulation is being performed on you.
3. If you still dream that hair removal would be like a relaxing spa session for you, try pre-anesthesia with Lidocaine spray or EMLA cream.

In fact, you can only understand how painful this or that procedure is from your own experience. If you are so afraid of unpleasant sensations, do not rush to purchase a coupon with an attractive discount or redeem the entire course for a promotion. It is better to sign up for one procedure and understand which hair removal method is right for you personally.