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Sugaring, homemade fondant hair removal: reasons to try the most durable, natural and affordable method

Sugaring, homemade fondant hair removal: reasons to try the most durable, natural and affordable method


We give you ten reasons to try a depilatory method with things you have in the pantry.

Hair removal with sugar paste and lemon or sugaring (for its name in English) is a depilatory method used for centuries by Muslim women in Africa and the Middle East to remove hair from arms and legs. Until sugar came, honey was used. Then it turned to sugar, which is easier to find and more affordable and a lot less sticky. The popularisation of ecological or natural beauty has brought this type of body hair removal to the West. And the best thing is that you can prepare it and make it at home with ingredients from the pantry. Here are some of the reasons why it is a good time to try it.

1. Lasting effects

The sugaring, also known as depilation or epilation fondant to candy, is uprooting body hair with a sugary and slightly sticky paste. “In centres specialised in this type of hair removal we only apply it to large areas with medium-thick hair: legs, arms and, in the case of men, back and chest as well. For armpits and English, it can be used, although I prefer natural waxing. And, of course, do not apply it to the face, since the pulling movement weakens the tissues and ends up causing flaccidity ”, explains Ana Hernández, owner of a Sundara establishment and member of the Treatwell platform.

2. 100% natural origin

As well as mixing two cups of brown or white sugar, a quarter cup of lemon juice, and another as much water. That is, if you have normal hair. If it is very fine hair, or you have sensitive skin, reduce the stickiness of the mixture to a single cup of sugar. “In cases of very sensitive skin, you can add shea butter or rose hip”.

3. It can be done at home

Despite being a lifelong depilatory method, the rise of natural cosmetics has given new life to this depilatory procedure. “In our centers, we use a mixture that is already made from the headquarters, it is not that we do it in the back room. But if the client made it at home, the pasta would not be very different ”. In this case, you just have to bring the mixture to a boil (in a saucepan) and leave it bubbling for a few minutes until it thickens and turns caramel color. Remove it from the heat and transfer it to a glass container. Be careful: so that the jar does not burst when you add the mixture, make sure you heat it beforehand. If it has a lid, you can reuse what is left more times. “To apply it safely, you have to wait until the mixture is at body temperature, at most 37 or 38ºC. If it is very hot there is a great risk of burns. If it is cold, it will be difficult to achieve a thin and manageable strip ”.

4. It is easy to apply

The first thing is to clean the area that we are going to waxing well so that there are no oils or dirt that hinder the adherence of the paste. Next, apply rice powder, talcum powder, and even cornstarch. In this way, the paste will stick to the hairs, but not so much to the skin. “In specialised centers, we spread a very thin, almost transparent layer with a kind of spatula. It is applied in favour of the growth of the hair and it is plucked with the help of a strip and against the grain ”. At home, wet your fingers so it doesn’t stick and apply it to the skin, making sure it sticks well. If you become fond of this method at home, it will be useful to purchase waxing strips. You can also reuse old strips of fabric, for example, the bottoms that we usually cut from jeans.

5. You can reuse what is left over

Nothing is thrown away here. “Since you wear it, you can mix more and have it left for another time. To do this, you just have to put it back in the microwave or heat it in a water bath. In authorised centers we only use it new ”. If you use strips of fabric to remove it, don’t throw them away. Just wash them and you can use them again as many times as you want.

6. It is hypoallergenic

The ingredients are few and 100% natural. Unless you have an allergy to sugar, lemon, rice powder, or talcum powder, you shouldn’t have a problem.

7. Sugaring Perth is inexpensive

The ingredients are essential and cheap. If you do it at home, the cost is practically non-existent.

8. Softens the skin

The poultice doesn’t just remove hair. Its ingredients perform other very beneficial functions. “Unlike wax, which leaves the skin very irritated, sugar paste leaves the skin very soft. The sugar performs a gentle exfoliation and the vitamin C of the lemon, when applied topically, acts as an antioxidant and stimulates the production of collagen ”.


9. Less irritating

Because it doesn’t stick as much to the skin, the pull erodes much less. “The application temperature, similar to the body temperature, also helps this type of hair removal to be less harmful,” says Puja Ghale, from Puja Hair Removal with Thread and Sugaring. Does it hurt less than wax? Pain is subjective. It sticks less to the skin, so the pull is less strong. But we are pulling out the hairs by the roots, so something does show. “

10. Little stain

If you have ever waxed at home, you will know what we are talking about: those depilatory remnants that are difficult to remove from the floor or clothes if you accidentally stain yourself. With the sugar paste, just wipe it with a damp cloth, put it in the washing machine (if it is rop) or take a shower and that’s it.