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The day I tried the ‘sugaring’ and waxed with sugar at home.

The day I tried the 'sugaring' and waxed with sugar at home


Hot wax, cold wax strips, razor, depilatory creams, threading, laser, pulsed light, tweezers, depilatory machines, etc. I think I have tried them all. But shaving with sugar, never … until now, and all for the love of you, dear readers.

It turns out that the suffering of hair removal is not a matter of the contemporary world and that our ancestors back in 1900 BC, in Egypt, also pointed to torture. But they used sugar and the tradition has continued over the years in some parts of the East and, lately, even in beauty salons, to remove facial and body hair.

I read that sugaring is an alternative to hot wax but with a relatively cheap formula and perfect for this DIY, ideal for sensitive skin, and I’m kind of getting encouraged. If they did it in the time of the pharaohs, how could I not do it, with how well I handle the Thermomix. Total, I get down to work and look for the recipe:

-1 squeezed lemon (I just have one at home, thank goodness)
-2 cups of sugar (I also have)
-A little water just in case (ok)

“More natural impossible”, I think, inclined to illusions. I keep reading.

-The sugar is placed in a saucepan and the lemon juice is poured over it (easy).
-The juice has to completely cover the sugar and, if it does not arrive, it is completed with a little water (bad we go, because with a juice it does not cover absolutely anything … so I complete with water).
-The mixture is heated to boiling, mixing well, and then the temperature of the heat is lowered, and it is cooked for about ten minutes until it thickens and becomes honey-colored (Hello? Where have I lost? At no time and it remains rather light yellow and totally liquid. I think I have put too much water … I have to start over !!!)
(But it will be tomorrow if that, it turns out that I have no more lemons and already shops have closed).
The next day I get the mixture a little more dignified. It stays like a conventional hair removal wax, but a little more runny. You have to wait for it to cool down because you have to use it at room temperature and also during that time it thickens quite a bit.

The sugaring Perth is done without the band’s depilatory. With the help of a spatula (which I don’t have either, but I improvise with a kitchen tool), the mixture is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth so that the paste penetrates well into the follicle. Then you have to remove the sugar wax in the same direction in which the hair grows. This supposedly has the advantage that the pull hurts less (I said less, not that it does not hurt) and also has the supposed added value of exfoliating and washing away dead cells.

However, dear readers, I can not even hold the pull because the mixture does not get to rise at once, since it is not compact enough. It stays more like a gel. I put on some talcum powder to get it to adhere well to the skin and I try again… It seems that the thing works, and that two hairs have come out? Since I am not one to give up the first time, I keep trying, with slightly wider product bands, but there is no way

Final result: Surely my mixture is poorly made and that someone who gets it to stay with more consistency, gets waxed, and the results do not have to be different from those of wax, because the hair is uprooted. But, what are we going to do, I am one of the known bad (and I have been all sticky, not to mention the surfaces that surround me). I start writing this thinking that I should make an appointment to wax. I leave the sugar thing to Cleopatra.