Eyebrow tattoo Removal

Eyebrow tattoo removal

eyebrow tattoo removal

We specialise only in permanent makeup. We are professionals in our field and set high quality standards.
Each specialist strives to achieve them and improve the quality of their work.

The desire to correct a low-quality tattoo is understandable. I don’t want to appear on the street with blue eyebrows or clearly asymmetrical lips.

The task of tattooing is to be like natural makeup. Nobody should notice that you made it. If you have become a victim of poor-quality work of a master, sign up for a free consultation about eyebrow tattoo removal with us.

We are ready to help in solve the problem, but the master may refuse you to apply a new tattoo over the old one. Get ready for this.

Why can a specialist refuse a new tattoo?

The master independently chooses the pigments for work
A poor-quality result may indicate that the specialist chose a pigment of not the best quality. Such a tattoo is often difficult or even impossible to cover.

The shape of the old tattoo is made poorly
When the question concerns the correction of the tattoo of another master, even a highly qualified specialist may refuse you the procedure if he is not sure of the possibility of a high-quality result.

It happens that the shape of an old tattoo cannot be corrected. And in this case, the master will certainly refuse the client.

The master does not want to risk his reputation
Masters value their reputation. Individual work is carried out with each client. All specialists have artistic skills – otherwise they simply won’t be able to make you a beautiful tattoo.

If a cosmetic tattoo master undertakes and ready to correct the mistakes of the previous master and does not live up to expectations, he will receive negative feedback, which means that his reputation may suffer.

Is there a solution to the problem?
Low-quality tattooing is not a sentence. This is an experience. There are no problems that cannot be solved. It just might take longer to fix errors.