The main differences between tattoo and permanent makeup

The main differences between tattoo and permanent makeup

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Permanent makeup allows you to correct facial features and make your appearance more attractive. With the help of the procedure, you can model the shape of the eyebrows, emphasise the natural beauty of the eyes, make the lips more expressive and bright.

Many do not dare to use permanent makeup, as they mistakenly consider it to be a tattoo on the face. This opinion is erroneous because there is a significant difference between the two procedures. The main differences are as follows:

The difference is in pigmentation materials. For the permanent, natural dyes are used, which stay in the layers of the skin for up to 3 years and eventually disappear without a trace. When performing tattoos, synthetic dyes are used that penetrate deeply into the skin and remain for almost a lifetime.
The procedures differ in the depth of the pigment setting. With permanent makeup, this parameter does not exceed 1 mm, for a tattoo it is 2 mm or more. Therefore, the tattoo is much more difficult to remove, and remains forever.
Differences in tools. The cosmetic procedure is performed with disposable needles with a special sharpening and has a much smaller diameter than when applying a tattoo. At the same time, modern European rotary equipment is used. For tattoos, thicker needles and induction-type machine nozzles are used.
Permanent make-up is performed more delicately, as the skin of the face is very thin and delicate. The procedure requires pain relief with special creams and other drugs. The tattoo is performed mainly in not particularly sensitive areas and is easily tolerated without anesthetics.
Cosmetological tattooing requires special skill and professionalism. The master must have extensive experience in this area, when performing the procedure, take into account the shape of the face, skin type and other parameters in order to ideally choose the most suitable pigment color and correct the features as naturally as possible.

Features of permanent makeup

A qualified specialist will always advise his clients on the best options for correction and choose the right materials. Performing the procedure, the master takes into account the properties of the pigment to change its shade over time. If a slight change in the colour of the tattoo does not have a significant effect on its appearance, then changing the colour of the eyebrows to greenish or purple shades will be a disaster.

A permanent makeup artist must have good taste, creativity, mathematical precision in every movement. He must be able not only to make the features more attractive, but also as symmetrical as possible. Workers of tattoo parlours should also have an artistic taste, but such jewellery accuracy in the geometric shapes of the drawing is not required of them.