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Truths and lies about cosmetic tattoo you should know

Truths and lies about cosmetic tattoo you should know

Today I want to write this post, after a hiatus.

It is not that I have had a break as such, but yes, on a professional level I have had a lot of work and, in addition, I have continued to train, and I was not enough with everything.

With this post I intend to resolve doubts that, no matter how much I repeat and repeat, continue to arise both to my subscribers, as well as to my students, as well as to my patients.

The first is that cosmetic tattoo is NOT a tattoo. They have a similar component, but their fundamental difference is the use of pigments in the pigmentation, compared to the use of inks in the tattoo, and the depth, being the pigmentation at the level of the middle dermis, compared to the tattoo that is the deeper dermis.

The second is the duration. It is not eternal, it lasts between 2-4 years, although it is necessary to review it over time (I recommend every 12-18 months) to keep it in the best conditions. The color gradually fades.

It is very important to review one month after the first session, to guarantee the greatest durability. If the review is not done after a month or a month and a half, it may take less time.

The third is color. The day of pigmentation is more intense, but it will go down, and why will it go down, because because a crust forms that ends up falling off and takes away part of the pigment, also, as the pigment interacts with the melanocytes, they will pick up the color, depending on the skin phototype. The area that is pigmented also influences, if it is skin or mucosa, if the area has been infected. Either you have had extensive sun exposure, or you have or have not performed aftercare of the area. All of this influences how the color turns on.

The fourth is the type of skin. More oily skin, or less oily skin, young skin or aged skin, skin undergoing chemotherapy, skin undergoing radiotherapy (radiotherapy has a lot of influence, especially by cosmetic tattoo areolas, highly radiated skin loses color earlier)

The fifth is pain. Of course it hurts! Although the pain threshold or tolerance to pain of each person, the area to be pigmented and the use of topical anesthesia influence the pain in the first place. Topical anesthesia will be applied at least 20 minutes before the process, to numb the area.

The sixth , which areas lose color first. Well, normally the lips are usually the ones that lose first, especially if the mucosa is made.

The seventh, is that cosmetic tattoo does NOT replace traditional makeup. Micropigmentation CORRECTS blemishes, REPAIRS and CAMOUFLAGE.

The eighth is the benefit of cosmetic tattoo versus tattooing. The main benefit is the use of inorganic mineral pygmies that, as a general rule, are hypoallergenic, that is, they do not cause allergic reactions. The second benefit is the non-eternal durability, which allows modifications over time, without having to resort to laser removal, and being able to modify according to the passage of time is making a dent in the face, etc …

The ninth is that you have to wait, at least 3 weeks, since the pigmentation was done to make revisions, since it is necessary that the skin is healed, and the color stabilised.

The tenth , the same color will be different in two people, because each person is unique, has a certain skin type, a color …

Eleventh , swimming pools, saunas … it is not advisable to enter if you are going to have contact with the pigmented area, as it is a wound and could become infected.

Twelfth, infected cosmetic tattoo, as a general rule, missing micropigmentation.

Thirteenth, if a cosmetic tattoo Perth has been in good condition for more than 4 years, we must suspect that it is either a tattoo, or that instead of MINERAL and INORGANIC pigments, other types of pigments or inks have been used.

Finally, I want to make a reflection: lip lining with pigmentation does not replace the lip lining of makeup. Hair-to-hair eyebrows are NOT a substitute for eyebrow hairs, they are drawings of eyebrow hairs. The areola fades the color over time and especially in cases where there have been several radiation therapy sessions, it is normal, but areolar cosmetic tattoo is a treatment of choice in front of the tattoo, since the pigment does not damage the way in which It damages the ink, and in the case of having to re-operate that breast, it could be re-pigmented without problem and giving a real appearance, while if there had been a tattoo, the tattoo that had remained as a base would have to be camouflaged.

I hope I have resolved doubts, and if you have more doubts, experiences, cases that generate more doubt, write it after this post, or send me an email, which I will gladly answer you.