What is needed for a hair removal procedure?

What is needed for a hair removal procedure?

sugaring hair removal

What do you need to do hair removal at home and in the salon or what you should not forget so as not to regret later?

Have you finally decided to part with excess vegetation? Tired of cuts and shaggy, stiff stubble from a razor? Just decided to try something new in hair removal? Looking for the best hair removal method?

So any advertising article of a cosmetology centre or a hair removal studio could begin. But you probably first want to try to do the hair removal yourself and understand how difficult it is. In this case, you need to know how to prepare for hair removal so that the procedure is as effective as possible.

What do you need for waxing hair removal?

If you decide to try wax hair removal yourself at home, you will need:

Wax strips, wax cartridges or canned wax;
A special wax heater or glassware for heating wax in a water bath or in a microwave oven;
Cloth strips if you decide to use can wax;
A spatula for applying and prying such wax;
Scrub for skin preparation;
Antiseptic to pre-treat the skin and avoid infection in open follicles;
Baby powder or talcum powder so that the wax adheres well to the hair and does not stick to the skin itself;
Spray Lidocaine or EMLA cream if you want to give pain relief. You can also drink a pill for pain half an hour before the procedure;
Any cosmetic or vegetable oil (olive, almond, peach, etc.) to remove wax residues;
Body cream or moisturizer for finishing.

If you are already confused by such an impressive list, and you immediately changed your mind about messing with wax, sign up for a salon to a good master. For salon waxing, you only need courage and preliminary skin preparation.

What do you need for sugaring hair removal?

The list of attributes for homemade sugaring hair removal is not much different from the previous one:

Sugar paste that you can buy or make yourself;
A light scrub for preliminary preparation to cleanse the skin of dead cells of the upper layer of the epidermis;
Strips of fabric, if you decide to master the bondage technique of sugaring;
Final care product.

Please note that the skin must be perfectly dry before the sugaring procedure, so you cannot apply body cream, spray and other cosmetics to it!

Sugar hair removal is more painless than waxing, so pain relievers can be used at will.
What do you need for permanent hair removal?

Permanent, or hardware, hair removal includes:

laser hair removal.

Doing it yourself is not recommended at all. The proposed devices for home use, despite wide advertising, are rather ineffective, require constant replacement of lamps, so getting rid of hair “forever and cheaply” will never work. Rather, you’re just throwing your money down the drain. All that can be achieved with their help is that the hair will grow thinner and lighter.

Plus, the unprofessional use of the equipment can lead to dire consequences such as burns and subsequent scars. Therefore, hair removal should be carried out only in a cosmetology clinic, which has all the necessary certificates for equipment and licenses for such hair removal.

It would still not hurt to ask what kind of installation you are going to remove hair with. If you are offered to buy a course of laser hair removal at a too low price, it is worth considering. It is quite possible that you will be treated with an outdated apparatus with lamps that have passed the expiration date, or a clandestine laser.

And the last piece of advice for those getting ready for hair removal. Armed with everything you need, do not rush to act. Study all the information well, watch the video with lessons on waxing and sugaring. And before you become your own beautician, try your hand at a small area.