What is the most harmful hair removal method?

What is the most harmful hair removal method?

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The terrible truth you need to know

The problem of unwanted hair in itself is not very good news for any girl, and if it is also supplemented by unpleasant consequences, then the situation seems completely hopeless. Numerous methods for eliminating excess hair promise a lot, but, is it? Today we will look at the reviews on the forums that hair removal is harmful and, finally, find out what is possible and what is not.

Bioepilation: sugaring and waxing

Is waxing harmful?

Bio epilation or waxing hair removal is a type of superficial depilation in which only the part of the hair that is above the surface of the skin is removed. The epilating effect is achieved by using a sticky mass (wax or sugar), which is applied to the problem area, and then, when the depilation mixture hardens, is removed with a sharp movement of the hand. Thus, along with wax or sugar, hairs are also removed.
To say that waxing hair removal methods are harmful in the broad sense of the word is not entirely correct. In fact, wax and sugar hair removal is the safest treatments on the market in the beauty industry. They are organic, do not cause allergies and the simplest and most understandable ingredients are included in their mixtures.
On the other hand, when waxing, burns are not excluded, and possible trauma to the hair follicle often leads to unpleasant ingrowth of hairs, especially in those who are prone to pseudofolliculitis. In addition, during the process of removing wax or sugar, the skin inevitably stretches, so this method of hair removal will not be very useful for older women.
It should also be noted that waxing hair removal is simply painful. Of course, the level of unpleasant sensations depends on the threshold of sensitivity, but even the most patient girl will not call the procedure pleasant. This fact automatically makes the method unacceptable for pregnant girls, who are contraindicated in excess stress.
Of course, all this is more than pays off in that hair removal methods are the most accessible (even for use at home) and inexpensive.

Depilatory cream
Is it harmful?

Depilatory cream, which has long been called shaving without a razor, has sparked many rumours around itself. The core question is the same: if this cream destroys the hair, then how can it not harm the surrounding skin?
Agree, the question is logical and in order to dispel this myth, one has only to understand the mechanism of this tool. The active ingredient of any depilatory cream is a weak alkali, which destroys hair when applied. However, the percentage of content is extremely small and not enough to somehow affect the skin and cause serious harm to it. All possible consequences – allergies, burns, ingrown hairs, and so on – are just an indicator of disregard for the instructions for use.

The terrible truth about hair removal is that there is no terrible truth. These methods are hardly modern or very effective, but they are popular because they are available. Masters still insist that bio hair removal should be done in the salon. Only a qualified specialist will not only do everything right but also as painlessly as possible. Good service, attitude and quality of services – that’s why women turn to hair removal salons in Perth.