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Why is alcohol not compatible with a tattoo session?

Why is alcohol not compatible with a tattoo session?


Very often when contacting our tattoo shop, clients are confused by one of the points of the rules for preparing for the session – the prohibition on drinking alcohol. It turns out that not everyone understands the connection between the quality of the tattoo and the alcohol consumed. Therefore, today we will explain how it works.

6 main reasons for quitting alcohol before a tattoo session

When preparing for a session, it is not recommended consuming alcohol a few days in advance. The reason is that alcohol is scientifically proven to thin the blood. This means that having drunk the day before, you can ensure yourself more abundant blood flow during the session. This, in turn, will lead to the fact that the pigment, during the injection of the needle into the skin, will be diluted with your blood. Thus, you can get an image filled with only 50% density. And this will become noticeable after the swelling and redness disappear, that is, after the session. This means that you will have to correct this tattoo.
Alcohol can lead to swelling and excessive redness of the skin. This will visually darken the shaded area and the master will be less able to see how well the pigment is painted.

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Effects on the nervous system. The fact is that not everyone is equally affected by alcohol consumption. It relaxes someone, but on the contrary, it excites someone, which means it can intensify painful sensations and complicate their experiences.
Alcohol intoxication can affect the adequacy of decisions made, from the decision to get a tattoo to the choice of a sketch. After sobering up, you will be surprised how much you might not like your tattoo.
You can create discomfort with your behaviour for the master and guests of the studio.
Alcohol can create misunderstandings with you when discussing and choosing a sketch.
In any case, most of the studios and craftsmen, focused on the quality of their services, refuse to carry out tattoo sessions for people who are intoxicated. They also warn their guests about the rules for preparing for a tattoo session, where they clearly state the impossibility of drinking alcohol on the eve and during the procedure.