Why permanent makeup tattoo service is not cheap.

Why permanent makeup tattoo service is not cheap.

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Having decided on an exclusive tattoo procedure, the first thing the client asks about is the cost of the work. It turns out that this kind of pleasure is not a cheap service and many want to understand the reasons for such high prices.

It should be noted that eyebrow or lip tattoo can be compared to high art, which requires a lot of patience and deep inspiration. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate master should not be dictated by budget savings considerations.

Based on this, there is the following reason for the high cost of services in the beauty studios – training of a tattoo specialist, which has a high cost. Knowledge of the basics of tattooing requires not just passing certain theoretical courses, but special skills and abilities in practical training. Permanent makeup is a long and hard work brought to professionalism.

Also, an important factor is the cost of equipment and materials required for a given procedure. The list of instruments looks like this:

– A good quality machine – the result of the work depends on it;
– Needles that are disposable;
– Pigments – the number of colours should correspond to the tastes and needs of customers, therefore it is inappropriate to use just a few bubbles;
– High-quality anaesthesia – the correct composition of the tattoo cream. Usually, manufacturers offer a small amount of a product at a high price, which is enough for just one procedure. You can’t buy anaesthesia in bulk or in the supermarket.
– Many other small details and consumables such as gloves, face masks, plastic covers, disinfects etc. And it is the problem of the salon if prices of those consumables increased tenfold during the pandemic.
– Registration and consul fees. You do not think that bureaucrats will miss the opportunity to squeeze out every dollar from the small business.

Do not forget about the room where the given process is carried out. By the law, you can not do permanent makeup in a room that is not specially equipped. The consequence is additional costs for the organisation of labour.

It should be borne in mind that any job requires an increase in experience, an increase in the level of qualifications, improvement. This process of acquiring new knowledge by attending various courses, master classes, seminars is also an expensive pleasure.

Receiving income from various types of activities, one should not forget about the costs incurred for taxes, rent, staff salaries and other additional costs. From an economic point of view, the costs must be recouped, otherwise, there is no point in business existence.

Cosmetic tattooing is one of the most important and serious jobs. Errors are not allowed here. You should not look for promotions and discounts in this industry. The last but not the least is the risk.